Breaking Story- Help Wanted, Wikipedia vs: CoS, Legal, Editorial Help Badly Needed

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    For anyone who might be able to help us with this breaking story, we are in much need of help from anyone with Editing/ Programming skills, or Legal training to assist us in breaking this story. Did you know that the CoS has an infiltration plan ongoing to take over Wikipedia? Would you be able to help us stop it? If you think you might be able to help, you are welcome to follow our story over at: Wikipedia vs CoS. Post #19 shows specifically what types of help are needed.Thanks for your patience on this....Please post any followups to this message over at the other thread, as I will not have the time to be checking back on this thread.Thanks,Scott Perry
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    Re: Breaking Story- Help Wanted, Wikipedia vs: CoS, Legal, Editorial Help Badly Neede

    Thank you for posting about this!

    Ever since the church itself was banned from editing Wikipedia, individual scientologists have been doing any infiltration when they can get away with it. Over time, unless exes are vigilant in keeping an eye on scientology related entries there, the infiltrations efforts rise up again and information gets edited without anyone realizing it but them. They edit things to eliminate the facts, so as to prevent readers from getting them. Blind scientologists would be told by CoS that the information is false, hence there would be no belief they were doing anything wrong by editing an entry out, or rewording the information using less than valid sources. Even though the above page shows that the church was banned, most scilons will never see that.

    For those who did not know the history of the banning...

    Black Box note on the above page:
    As exes, we are not an organized group. All we can do, as you have demonstrated in your OP here, is ask for HELP. I am not alone at being dismayed at the general lack of interest many exes have in taking on a volunteer project to help expose the church to help right the wrongs -- the past tactic consent -- in contributing to the growth of this cult. Some of the most helpful volunteers we have are not former scientologist. Take our wonderful tech admin here, ethercat, for instance. She is a never-in who lost a good friend to the cult. She has been a critic, protester and volunteer in helping expose Scientology and Narconon since the mid 1990s! She owns and runs 2 sites about Narconon, one for information and one a place for victims of the program, former staff and critics of the program to speak out, to provide current information or past experiences and to meet others with the common objective of seeing justice done for the terrible scams perpetrated by the church and this program. She spends her own funds and time to maintain her websites.

    Ethercat is one of a few a volunteers at ESMB who help as they can so the forum can be here for exes and lurkers. She's on call for any technical needs and problems happening here.

    Like ethercat, like the couple of handfuls of active volunteers, I don't have time to keep an eye on the church Wikipedia entries to help expose what trolls for the church are doing. That doesn't mean they are not important and I don't care. The problem is that I am already busy volunteering on other projects. However, many here at this forum and on Facebook are not actively working on anything in particular except speaking out in conversations here. To have told one's story on ESMB is certainly important and helpful. But could some on ESMB do more to help? Absolutely. Will they? Remains to be seen. I can't blame most exes for feeling entitled to a break on the HELP issue. God knows all those years of being abused and taken advantage of in HELPING by the church, it's not any wonder why anyone wouldn't want to jump in and get involved in something that would be considered a commitment of sorts, even those there is no one forcing one anymore by threat or implication that their eternity would be at risk, or they would wind up in the EO's office. But I wonder if readers here have ever considered that the cult relies on exes to not help. That Scientology benefits from any lack of attention to what it is doing to derail, detract and deny it's activities to stop the facts from getting out there to aid others in knowing what a bad organization it really is?

    In the past, any efforts by critics to be particularly organized were targeted by the church. By organized I mean groups of people publicly posting about organized projects, organized in form or activities that they could target. Look what happened to the The Lisa McPherson Trust Anonymous protests of 2008 and 2009 after they outed and sued a bunch of mostly never-in individuals who banded together in Clearwater to take up the cause to protest there; took at what happened to F.A.C.T Net, Cult Awareness Network, They shut down AOL newsgroup, sent OSA, spammers and trolls into alt.religion.scientology to try and shut it down, and failing that, make it almost unreadable with troll posts. They sued critics for copyright violations... But these wars were hard fought and even if some were lost , most were won by people helping out over the years. The fruit of those efforts of others in the past has made it possible for many of the successes of today.

    The efforts of exes, loved ones of those who live ( or died ) in Scientology, the never-in sympathizers and multitude of anons have been the mainstay in exposing Scientology, organized or not. Critics being organized and having the church know there is an organized effort drives them to attack, so if any organizing winds up being done at all, it's behind the scenes. And that's good. Except it gives the impression that one's help is not needed when it really is.

    I would encourage those with 10 mins a day to spare to volunteer as you have asked. Or to PM me if they prefer to do something else to help. the Wiki entries mainly require reading and checking for recent edits. Posting about and asking for help on a particular edit issue will often bring lots of information, as exes like to share what they know from their Scientology experience and 'education'. So it's not hard to help on the wiki matters if one picks one or two entries there to focus on. If we had enough people working on one or two, the problems there would be corrected fast and the cult would back off, knowing that their edit & misinformation trolls have been spotted.

    I am also going to post most of my comment here in new thread because, understandably, some will avoid a thread with a request to help in the title. Certainly most exes feel they have already done their share of HELPING and where help is probably now a word to avoid after years of betrayal and abuse of one's good heart. Most have had enough with Scientology and calls for help.

    I help in exposing Scientology and it's front groups now because I spent many years and efforts in helping them. This is my payback. This is my obligation to myself, to make up for that, and try to do more now, when possible, then I did when I was a member. I enjoy using all I know and learned about the organization AGAINST the organization. I do what I can from where I am, just as other exes who are out there, those doing more than the average because they believe it's needed, that it's the right thing to do and they have managed to make the time and put in the effort to chip in -- doing what they can, not anywhere near on par with the past misguided commitments and efforts made in the name of Scientology.

    However, there just isn't enough help on the outside to match or exceed the degree of HELP the church is sucking out of members, be it SO staff, org staff, FSMs or general public. They aren't growing in membership but they are demanding more of each member these days, besides their money. They are pressuring members to HELP infiltrate the 'wog' world and part of the scam to Clear the planet.

    End note: There is a lot that needs to be done and not enough people to help get it all done. Any help people can give is much appreciated
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    Re: Breaking Story- Help Wanted, Wikipedia vs: CoS, Legal, Editorial Help Badly Neede

    I don't understand how this one got by unseen, unanswered for so long!
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    Re: Breaking Story- Help Wanted, Wikipedia vs: CoS, Legal, Editorial Help Badly Neede

    Gee, I see now that it didn't, after all. Another thread was started by the day before by the same person, ScottPerry--sp--not-xscn, on May 30st, after he began it and got lots of responses to this one. Not sure why he did that but, never the less, here is his first thread with comments and updates on the problem at wikipedia.

    The CoS and Wikipedia
    started by ScottPerry--sp--not-xscn on 30th May 2015, 07:13 PM #1

    Apparently the emergency matter is corrected now but I know that help is still needed on a regular basis to keep an eye out for changes and edited wording. AS well updated references, as they come out, would be needed to add to the articles. There are many pages at wiki that include the word Scientology or Narconon the title. See this search link to see some 0of the many.

    That ongoing thread should be merged... with this one