Breaking the Sea Org Contract is now a Crime

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  1. Blown in ANZO

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    Apart from Daniel Montalvo 3 others who've recently blown the SO in the US have also had police reports put in on them for theft, including JB, the theft charges are being automatically filed whether they know if anything was stolen or not. Obviously the extremely disturbed David Miscavige has decided that it was too much win to stop after the first time. I think we're going to see some new SPDs come out soon on the subject of criminality and departure justifying and supporting this purely insane development.

    In the Scientology world it's at least an acceptable truth, sort of; they are actually stealing Sea Org property, themselves! Slave trade anyone?

    So far Daniel has been the only one to need any back up in defense but the psychotic terror midget is still trying to nail others for their crime of leaving his little navy.

    Maybe he thinks he can exhaust the critic and Indie community's will or means to help victims of his abuse. Only time can sort you out on that one Davey boy, NOTs won't help with that misconception!

    This new tactic will only work with law enforcement for a short time too and then the backlash will look like Waco when the scam filters through the network of the normally malleable and less than razor sharp police force. The FBI is already aware of the cults human rights abuse even if the local desk sergeant in Keokuk isn't.

    The Sea Org is a journey through the looking glass now.

    In this group where you are lauded for forcing people to give up all the money they may ever own by using deception and where succeeding in coercing a newly wed couple to abort their babies brings you commendations. Forcing your juniors to work all night or denying staff a libs day for years on end makes you a *good* exec. Things like verbal tech, non compliance, down statistics or communicating with your family are signs of utter criminality. Leaving is as evil as a man can be.

    They're in another world, and the Mad Hatter is running the show.

    Sea Org members, especially those recruited while they were young buy this inversion of morality in it's entirety. Older, wiser people who shouldn't be so easily fooled still are. I know, I was one of them.

    The current Miscavige use of this is that the Danial Montalvo arrest is being broadcast through the SO and RPF especially to all those wanting to leave and even those that might have a flicker of doubt in their eye. The message is clear; Blow and the church will put you in Jail we did it to Daniel and we'll do it to you.

    Already, thanks to the long term indoc leaving and breaking an SO contract carries the worst punishment imaginable, not only are you likely to be declared and be damned for all of this lifetime and all others to follow it but you're also cut off from everyone you've known, your family and friends, who will despise you, and the whole world that you know.

    Add to that you will now be wanted by the police, a fugitive wanted for a crime. No future in the the SO and a fugitive outside.

    Welcome to David Miscavige in extremis.

    The copulater.

    Cop ya later!
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  3. Doom

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    Loading even bigger footbullets, this tactic will backfire badly,
    law enforcement wont put up with being *used* to harrass people over bullshit charges.

    This will only bring the police knocking and asking uncomfortable questions.

    Boy who cried Wolf, anyone?:duh:
  4. Dulloldfart

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    Well, they have so far, for what, 50 years?

  5. Free to shine

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    BIA, do you think a WACO scenario is likely or probable?
  6. Carmel

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    Yeah, agreed Paul......It's all fine in theory, but in practice it's often a different story.
  7. Enthetan

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    I think a Waco scenario is unlikely at this time, despite disturbing items in the Tabayoyon affidavit:
    I don't think even DM is insane enough to have his security open fire on law enforcement if they decided to raid the compound. Even if he was able to have the initial force gunned down so that he could escape arrest, he would be hunted down anywhere on Earth he went.

    The Waco raid was a special screw up. The raiders came in shooting in an assault-style raid. They did not really expect return fire, and quickly retreated. After that initial assault, the fate of the Branch Davidians was sealed, because the feds could not risk a jury deciding that the BRs were acting in justifiable self defense.
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    I don't doubt that there are contingency plans to 'defend' the compound (or other compound) long enough to allow for the destruction of evidence. And, for 'escape' for some if possible. It's not an 'ideal scene', but, it'll be planned for.

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    SO Differences

    I can see it's an absolute hellish nightmare for staff at INT. I know from personal stories of people that FLAG is very rough too.

    My experience with CLO EUS staff is not the same. They don't seem to be full of anxiety, frazzled or unhealthy. How are they insulated? Is there anyone who recently left CLO EUS that could shed some light?
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    Well written post!

    The Sea Org has sunk to even lower levels of out exchange! It used to be that even if you served 20 years, averaging 80 hour work weeks and $20 a week in pay, when you left you got an enormous Freeloader bill, perhaps over $100,000. A lot of things you were charged a "free loader" debt for were things which you were mandated to study so as to know your post. Despite all your service at slave rates, you still had to pay in full for all courses which you took. No credit or discount was given.

    Now it seems DM is progressing from wanting your work effort with virtually no exchange to simply wanting your beingness and essence for 1 billiion years at almost no exchange.

    I can see the day coming when the S.O. can simply comb through a college campus or a mall with a team of staff with E-meters, offering pinch tests to unwary youth. A few questions will be asked of a youth and then suddenly, the youth will be handcuffed and led away and placed on the RPF of a Sea Org facility.

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    Scn is the government's idea model for a police state.
    Police sensibility depends on what they're paid, no?!
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    Yes, I've thought about this too and it freaks me out.
  14. Happy Days

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    /\/\/\ this ... there will definitely be a plan for sure
  15. Mest Lover

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    I left there 20 years ago. From what I have read about similar scenarios that happened there vs INT or FLAG, they seemed to do things differently there back then and not as harsh or abusive as the upper mgmnt.

    Lots and lots of yelling, in 2.5 years 1 RPF with about 4 members, Lower condition assignments alot, 1 attempted restraining of potential blow of 2 people but after the police got involved they were allowed to leave. MEST work assignments.

    I thought most of the crew were screwups anyway, they seemed very ignorant of basic information on stuff that didn't directly effect their current post. But that was back then, and I wasn't really much of an aware person of almost anything SCN.
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    Thank you, BIA.
    This is very valuable information.

    A few years ago, I was advised from a very reliable source that ASIO were at the time very interested in the CofS. I am not at liberty to say anything more, other than I am sure that they are monitoring ESMB and particularly threads such as yours. As well, there can be little doubt that the FBI after their experience with the GO, would be too, as indeed would be the CIA.

    In fact, I wouldn't at all be surprised if they are tracking trolls on threads such as this.