Caberta to host next event in Hamburg, March 26th 2010.

Discussion in 'Legal and Government Actions Involving Scientology' started by Ackerland, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. Ackerland

    Ackerland Patron with Honors

    Crossposted and translation from
    Thank you MJ for posting.

    This is going to be BIG. Our very own Markus Stuckenbrock as well as Jesse Prince will attend! Here is the translation:


    We cordially invite you to the educational event on the Scientology-Organisation:


    on March 26th and 27th 2010, Handwerkskammer Hamburg, Holstenwall

    March 26th 2010

    Fates in Scientology from Hubbard to Miscavige:

    People reporting from the center of power in the USA

    Hana Whitfield, USA: L. Ron Hubbard, the founding years of the Sea Org
    Jesse Prince, USA: David Miscavige assumes power
    Bruce Hines, USA: Living in the Sea Org, the total control, the role of prominent members
    Marc Headley, USA: The current situation, working conditions in the Sea Org elite unit, forced abortions for statistics, etc

    Fates of Europeans

    Wilfried Handl, Austria
    Markus Stuckenbrock, Germany
    Lino Bombonato, Germany

    With discussion afterwards

    March 27th 2010

    10.00am Rightless individuals in ideologically closed systems - a comparison

    Account of the situation in the former GDR:

    Deputy of the federal commissioner for the files of the state security service of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR):

    The surveillance practices of the state security service (Stasi) and its impact on the people.
    Forced adoptions, reasons and consequences in the system of the former GDR
    The role of prominents in the system of the former GDR, PR-strategy.

    Portrayal of the Scientology Organisation

    Ursula Caberta

    Ideological principles, control system, government as a concept of an enemy

    Graham Berry, USA: The effect of image on politics and justice




    Panel discussion with all international and national guests on the midmorning event, expanding of the discussion the previous day.

    Focus on: individuals after the escape - how does life go on?
    What kind of assistance is needed to carve out a life in newfound freedom? Why do so few celebrities detach themselves from the system Scientology etc.

    Discussion with the audience.
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  2. Markus

    Markus Silver Meritorious Patron

    Thanks for posting

    Thank you for posting this here Ackerland.
    By the way what do you mean by "our very own Markus Stuckenbrock":nervous::)

  3. Ackerland

    Ackerland Patron with Honors

    Well, the "our" referred to this board, this community and the fact that you are a regular poster here. I can edit it out if it offends you :)

    I am also looking forward to your speaking there. I gathered from other posts that your calls for information on your brother have not been in vain and you have a pretty clear picture of what happened to him in the last years. It is time that the world knows at what cost membership in this organisation can come to each and everyone of those who are enthralled by its promises.
  4. Markus

    Markus Silver Meritorious Patron

    No it's fine!

    No I was just joking. I understood what you meant. This board is like a second family for me. So you were very right by saying "our very own...."

  5. skollie

    skollie Silver Meritorious Patron

    Thank you for the heads up, Ackerland. Will this be taped for our viewing pleasure?

    Yes you are "ours" Markus:bighug:
  6. Ackerland

    Ackerland Patron with Honors

    Most likely. I can't imagine it's possible that it's not gonna be taped.
  7. byte301

    byte301 Crusader

    Yes Markus is ours whether he likes it or not.:D

    A lot of names we haven't seen for quite some time!

    This is going to be awesome.:happydance:

    Ursula Caberta rocks!
  8. Markus

    Markus Silver Meritorious Patron

    Thank you. I will try to do my best. And I will use all the new facts - and there are a lot of them - which I found out at my journey to California by talking to so many very nice people who knew Uwe personally while he had to suffer in the RPF and by getting hold of some very important, interesting documents which can help to proof the guilt of the Church of Scientology in the cruel suffering and the much to early death of Uwe - thank you Papa....

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  9. Markus

    Markus Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hey I said I like it Byte!:whip::thumbsup::yes:

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  10. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Oh this is such good news - bye-bye, Davey boy.:yes:
  11. Ackerland

    Ackerland Patron with Honors

    Speaking of which... I think we can be pretty confident that Miscavige is going to be reading this very thread here. If you want to send him a message directly, go right ahead.
  12. Spirited

    Spirited Patron with Honors

    JESSE PRINCE!!!!!! is back!!:D
    Markus speaking about his brother and the rest of the guys involved makes for one great line up of speakers. :)
    OSA will have to pour themselves a big stiff drink over this one!!:coolwink:
  13. xseaorguk

    xseaorguk Patron Meritorious

    new Talks on the Cult

    I bet the cult will be demonstrating outside the place where it takes place with the very few members left in Germany, and probably some kids who dont really know what they are doing there holding signs.

    I'm looking forward to the videos of the talks.
    Hana Whitfield should be very interesting as she was on one of the very first SO ships in the 60's and as far as I know had a relationship with Hubbard, so she have known him very well.

    More and more people are speaking out now.
    This is great news :happydance:
  14. TG1

    TG1 Angelic Poster

    Jesse Prince, wow! Isn't this his first public appearance in a long, long time?
  15. Kutta

    Kutta Silver Meritorious Patron

    This sounds totally awesome! I'd love to be there. What a line-up. Congrats and thanks to those who are organizing this and to those who will be speaking.
  16. He-man

    He-man Troll under the bridge

    Wicked cool!
    Is anyone welcome to come?
  17. Spirited

    Spirited Patron with Honors

    Yes! I think his last public involvement was the Lisa Mcpherson case..... I think.
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  18. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    As well as all the other reasons this makes me so happy is that "Our very own" Markus will have a place to put his issues out there re: Uwe, and also the others who have suffered and are suffering from the L. Ron Hubbard Cult of Scientology cruelty and abuse in dealing with people with physicals ailments and conditions.

    It seems that this area may be a vulnerable area for the cult since they have taken upon themsleves in 'treat' medical conditions with 'spiritual technology', thus denying real medical treatment, leading to short and long term bad health, suffering, and death. But the area does seem to be overlooked by exes, IMO.
  19. Carmel

    Carmel Crusader

    Awesome stuff!!! Can't wait! :happydance:

    Good on those who have and are putting this together. :thumbsup:
  20. byte301

    byte301 Crusader

    I know you did Markus. I was just teasing you.:p I can't wait to hear your speech. We are all bursting with pride for you.

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