California is on fire, and Scientology naturally sees a golden recruiting opportunity

Discussion in 'Tony Ortega' started by RSS Feed, Aug 5, 2018.

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    California is on fire, and Scientology naturally sees a golden recruiting opportunity

    Rod Keller has another sobering look at what Scientology’s “Volunteer Ministers” are really up to…

    The Carr fire has been burning in Northern California since July 25. It’s a large and destructive fire, and despite the work of thousands of firefighters it’s no more than 37 percent contained. Redding, California remains at risk [...]



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  2. Type4_PTS

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    Crossing a post from the comments section of the Bunker:

    Andrew Robertson • 3 hours ago

    There's no need to trouble the VM's. Just get a couple of OT's like Barbara and Brian Zwan to put the fires out with their Intention Beams and Postulates!

    From Advance! magazine:

    One evening Bryan and I went up on the roof to watch a fire that was raging a mile away as we'd seen the fire trucks go by an hour before. We were twelve stories up and we couldn't actually see the building that was burning or the street below but we could see the large column of smoke and the red glow of the flames. As we watched we could "feel" the frenzy of that area. As the flames appeared higher we decided we had to do something. So we both put ourselves into that space and postulated the fire going out and located the confusion and frenzy of the firemen and other workers. There were also many counter intentions from the crowd who wanted to see the huge blaze continue, and we discovered that that was what was keeping the fire going.

    We kept our postulates in and handled the pictures and mass circulating around the area. We also got the firemen not to be so frazzled but to work together. As we watched and did all this the flames disappeared and smoke lessened. We congratulated ourselves and looked around at the spectacular view of the city. When we returned our attention to the area of the fire the flames and smoke had come up again. We'd quit too soon! So we put our postulates in and within a few minutes the fire was completely out - no smoke coming up.
    The firemen had been working for over an hour when we started in and it took us about twenty minutes. And we didn't use any water!

    Barbara Pease Zwan - OT III
    Bryan Zwan - OT IV
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  3. Dave B.

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    But the important question - did she use her super powerz to get a parking space?
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    If there are any 'never ins' reading this, let it be an example of how delusional otherwise fairly intelligent, decent human beings can become once under the influence of this dangerous cult!