Case Cracking Rundown? WTF?

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Idle Morgue, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. Idle Morgue

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    Has anyone done this ridiculous RUNDOWN? My case got cracked when I read Debbie Cooks email! :happydance: What is it? CASE CRACKING RUNDOWN AT FRAUD LAND BASE???
  2. GoNuclear

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    Fraud Land Base ... I love it!!!!


  3. Hatshepsut

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    I believe it starts with a CS 53. One looks for Out Int, Out lists, ARC breaks. A folder error summary is done looking for any possible incomplete cycles on the case.

    I did the rundown. I was given the LX lists. These are assessments lists already prepared. Searching for attitudes, conditions, and duh, something else I cannot remember.......that the person may be 'frozen' in or stuck in barring his progress. It was all the rave back in 1981 and 1982. I went to Flag to get mine in March of 1982. Handling PTSness or ethics might end up as part of the person's cycle. I think my tech estimate for it was three intensives. It is different for different people. The senior C/S looks over the folder and sends it back to the D of P to tell you how much dough you have to come up with. I was at Flag for two weeks and 3 days with mine. I was given a NOTS auditor and he was very busy fitting people in. This is when the Sandcastle was reserved for Solo NOTS and the HGCs were still in the inner perimeter of the Fort Harrison flanking the back pool area.

    I would have to say that the rundown took the 'edge' off of my case. The senior C/S, Jeff Walker noticed that a lot of charges had been stirred up and left to dangle during the 150 hours of processing after Clear attest. What he did was tell my auditor NOT to DIG....just get the first release and F/N and validate. We did a lot of rehabbing and we did INT with NO digging around for major cogs and persistent F/Ns. We went lightly across everything just to destimulate what should not have been awakened in the first place. That was what I unmocked a lot of my prepaid bridge to get_____the smoothing out of shit that should not have been stirred up unless 'ownership was checked.

    Clearbird has something similar
  4. Claire Swazey

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    That's really interesting, Hats.
  5. TheRealNoUser

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    I think you all have an M.U.

    The Case Cracking Rundown is done at Flag after somebody is dead.

    Once the PC croaks, the Case Cracking Unit goes up to the person's room in the Fort Harrison Hotel, and cracks open their suitcase to see what they've got of any value, eg underwear, socks, jewelry, food, cash, diaries, etc.

    It is simply following the tech from HCOB December 25th 1982 - "Waste Not, Want Not".

    I won't reprint the entire HCOB, but Ron essentially sums it all up in the final line:

    "Take anything of value, and dispose of anything incriminating"
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