Casey Kasem's Daughter Fights for New Visitation Law at AR Capitol

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Miss Ellie, Mar 2, 2017.

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  1. Miss Ellie

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    I though some might find this interesting... given the history. Kasem Cares

    "LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - The late Casey Kasem's daughter traveled to the state capitol Wednesday to fight for a bill in honor of her father.

    Kerri Kasem said her stepmother kept her and her siblings from seeing their dad the year leading up to his death.

    Legislation filed in Arkansas by her nonprofit, Kasem Cares, should keep that from happening to others.

    The bill would let a judge to decide who gets to visit an incapacitated person. There's currently no law in place in Arkansas, and many other states, for a judge to rule on visitation.

    During Kasem's testimony, she said she spent eight months and about $350,000 fighting to see her dad during the last year of his life.

    She called this a common sense law, saying her dad wanted to see his children so he should have been able to.

    "We were extremely close," Kasem told lawmakers. "I am who I am today because of my dad. We were told straight out, 'You're never going to see your dad again,' and no one could help us."

    Several others who have gone through the same thing testified in committee. A Benton man said he didn't even know his children's grandmother passed away until they saw it in the newspaper.

    Lawmakers concerned parts of the bill would punish good guardians urged its sponsor, State Rep. Rick Beck, R- Center Ridge, to pull it down Wednesday.

    Rep. Beck plans to bring the bill back to committee with some changes next week.

    He said 15 other states have already passed similar laws."
  2. Churchill

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    I'd be a lot less suspicious of her motives if she wasn't a $cientologi$t. I dunno if she's the loving daughter she claims to be, or a participant in a failed big bucks inheritance reg cycle who's now doing an OSA handling.

    It should also be noted that fellow Scientologist Greta van Susteren did a powder puff interview of Kerri a couple of years ago without any disclosure that they were both members of Scientology.
  3. Miss Ellie

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    It PASSED Committee!

    "LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Kerri Kasem, the daughter of the late radio legend Casey Kasem, testified Monday morning for a bill that will honor her father.

    Kerri said her stepmother kept her and her siblings from seeing their dad during the year leading up to his death.

    We spoke with Kerri after the bill passed through the Committee Monday...

    Kerri and several others fighting for the bill came out full of emotion after the Committee passed her bill.

    House Bill 1678 is aimed at giving the power back to the family. It states that if a relative or family member is incapacitated, the caretaker cannot refuse the family to see their loved one.

    After Kerri Kasem lost her father, she passed a similar bill in California.

    And now, it's her mission, as a part of Kasem Cares, to make it a law in all 50 states.

    "Right in the middle of talking about the bill, they passed it out of Committee. I had never seen that happen. I'd never seen applause in a Committee hearing before and I think everybody was just understanding how simple and important this bill is to Arkansas," Kerri said.

    The opposition to the bill argues there are some family members that have ill intentions to their incapacitated family, and that's why the current law is in place.

    The bill now goes to the Full Senate for a vote."

    I don't think it will have any trouble passing all the way... no reason not to. BUT if you want to disconnect from a sick family member that is ok. If you are dying and WANT to be in contact with family/friends but are an SP you are shit out of luck I guess.

    Does this post make my ass sound "bitchy"??

  4. Churchill

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    The champagne corks are popping in Reg offices everywhere over this.

    Something tells me that Casey Kasem wasn't thrilled about her being in Scientology.

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