Central & West US - July 12th Spy Vs Sci pickets

Discussion in 'North America Pickets and Protests' started by Free to shine, Jul 13, 2008.

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    We had one protester, our ex-sci guy. We were supposed to do a march again down Beale street since the "moved" to Collierville. I know some of us missed due to health reasons, I think most lost interest when the mission was sold. I wasn't able to attend because my back has gotten a lot worse over the last 2 months. I have some good days when I'm mostly normal, but have a lot more bad days when it's really difficult to get around. I've spoken with "Joe" and his daughter and we are discussing protesting at the applied scholastic/WISE building. Joe did some recon for us after he'd been downtown for about an hour. At the former Memphis mission the now have no parking signs at the old entrance to the parking lot. The "new" location in Collierville is also a chiropractors, he's been by there multiple times and it's been dead every time. I'll keep y'all posted on any new developments.
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    Ok FTS, as per your request here's a little copy pasta about our protest!

    Well, our protest here in Albuquerque went well. I got there and no anons! So I protested by myself for about 45 minutes till some anons showed up. Yayyy! I was lonely!

    Only saw 4 $cilons practically running into the org. They didn't even have their regular security guard this time. There was a news report last night that a security company was caught unlicensed and therefore illegal...it was the company the org was using! Now they're gonna have to spend some REAL money on a rent-a-cop. lol

    We got a lot of people stopping and telling us that we were doing a good job. One guy came walking up and told us he lives in the hood and everybody, including all the businesses, want the Co$ gone. We even got a reporter who took our picture! He also said we were awesome and to keep it up.
    So the word's getting out there.

    Oh, I forgot to tell you that we had only 7 protesters this time. We usually have 10-12. People on vacations and stuff. I am hoping we pick up more when school starts again. Lots of anons in our university.:)
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    Re: Boston, MA

    This was posted by Pirate Anon on enturb. I thought you might get a kick out of the third paragraph. I think this was in Boston.

    "It was pretty decent, we noted a few interesting things at this raid.

    First off it seems they can't afford air conditioning, every room had a window open. The only two rooms that were closed up were the org head's and the hubbard room.

    Second off they had a bunch of folks coming in and out, however several times i noted the same people coming out within 15 minute intervals, they were walking out, going in the back door, changing shirts and coming out again.

    Third, they really don't like people with binoculars. They REALLY don't like them."

    How stupid do they think anons are?

    :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:
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    Wow byte, I'm very impresseed!!
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    Thanks quietheart! Nice new name, btw! :)
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    aww ty :bighug:
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    (Good photos)

    A group of Anons had arranged for a double decker bus to be hired to drive us around Hollywood with banners over the side. Unfortunately, Fail Scifags found out and
    BAWWWed to the owner of the bus company who called to complain. The owner didn't want to end up Fair Gamed so he canceled the contract and we all had to get off the bus.


    http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/...ly 12 2008/?albumview=grid&mediafilter=images


    Zoro's speech
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    (pics too)

    Today an elderly gentelman in a small red pick-up drove up to speak to us. This is not unusual,people stop to talk to us all the time. What he said to us was the most amazing thing....I will make a few inquiries to validate his claim, but I believe him.

    He said his ex-wife owns the building and runs this org. He was an OTVII but has been out for several years and has been the subject of several lawsuits with them. He has been following Anonymous and wanted to say thank you and to keep up the good work.

    We shat bricks!

    At the close of our raid, I was reading some inspirational words written by voiceless849 when we were interrupted by a nice young man. He asked what was going on. A few Anons took him to the side and spoke to him. This man told us he was ex-$cilon. He has been following Anonymous and proceeding in telling all of us about HIS experiances in Scientology. Even though he was in only 4 years, he was very open and vocal about the abuses he witnessed, wanting to keep his back to the org so they would not photograph his face. Then he thanked Anonymous for doing this, he said that we are removing the fear from $cientology so ex-$cilons CAN speak out.
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    Awesome, FTS! :thumbsup:
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    Coppypastaed this from OCMB..
    protest of Scientology 7-12-08 in Rochford, South Dakota
    Mewhaha.. Wasn't there a western movie in which Clint Eastwood shot a hole right though a bloke (a criminal and unwholesome horsethief surely!) while he took a crap in that Scientology Org?

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    Oh I needed that laugh! Wonderful. :happydance:

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