Featured Child abuse in the Sea Org

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Bea Kiddo, Sep 23, 2013.

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  1. vumba

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    When I was locked up in the chain locker, the chains were cold and wet. It was very dark, and dank and stank of wet metal. When I climbed out after three days, I was covered in red residue from the chain. The girl who was in there with me, and I were absolutely terrified. We were not to know that the anchor would not be dropped whilst we were still sitting on the chain, and if anyone has seen how fast and furiously a huge anchor chain moves when it is being lowered will know what I am talking about.
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    Vumba thank you for speaking out. No child should ever be allowed to be abused. It shows that Hubbard was a monster and the whole world needs to know this.
  3. vumba

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    There is one other thing to note here, having referred back to Gerry Armstrong's web page is that at the same time Bruce Welch was having a breakdown, and was locked up in the cabin at the front of the ship, was the same time I was locked in the chain locker aged 11, with another girl called Lisa. We heard everything going on in that cabin above us and Bruce ripped up the mattress with his teeth. We heard him ripping something off the walls and screaming out, and the heard him being subdued. It was truly horrendous, and I will never forget it. Poor guy.
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    Who is (or was) this sadistic bastard Wally Hanks? I would love if this poor kid, Marco could do something about this. It sickens me.
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    Certified Pedophile protected of course by the cult. Supossidley he brought in enough cash for the church. sam old same old

    last spotted at an Org by Anonymous in Seattle I believe, there was a video but i have trouble finding it.


    Thank you for reminding me


    And here is an ESMB thread on the matter at hand

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    And here is the "Modus Operandi"of that Scientology style


    More to be found on that by clicking the link, you are not alone
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    Maybe Hubbard should word clear what he wrote. Truth be told if you have a society like the Borg there is no need for the first or second dynamics. It doesn't exist in the SO. I know because I had two kids in there. :angry:
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    I am using your genuine rightious indignation for posting this,.


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    Hi Bea,
    Physical, sexual or emotional abuse can lead t o depression, obesity, stroke and cardiovascular disease. Drugs used to treat high blood pressure, personal disputes, death of loved ones,social isolation due to mental illness and reaction of long serious illness are also major factors of depression.
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    I just saw this on the Underground Bunker comments:

    Honestly, it is just awful.

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    You have to wonder whether there was some kind of accident or the child has been struck. I'm not sure whether there were any trained medical people on board - I had the idea that there might have been but it occurs to me that I really don't know.

    Edit: She just looks so little!!

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    I had friends for dinner last week-end
    (old sccientologists not practicing anymore that I enlightened with true stuff I found here)

    We discussed the ''true LRH'' aboard the apollo VS the false ''great humanitarian'' LRH -
    I told stories about His cruelty

    (I took here)

    and I still felt, inside me, very much anger and disdain and couldn't hide it.

    I did apologize to him for these very negative emotions I can't control - especially when I see the photograph with Hisself, putting a hand on Annies shoulder and looking at her with so much ''theta''...

    Now I see this photograph - and it's even more difficult :duh:

    Am I alone to have such disdain that I can't get rid off ?????
    I can't believe, that people on Apollo, didn't find anything wrong with him and his abusing behavior and child slavery :bigcry:
    There is no explanation for me to understand this blindness!

    It's a mindfuck cult
    AS IT WAS A MINDFUCK CULT & LEADER THEN - no matter some said it was so great...yes...the small child lokk so happy and tetha tone 40! She migh be productive though in her small fake navy uniform!

    Abuses are radical scientology ?????
    No! 100% Scientology - 100% LRH - 100% KSW tech!
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    How did they taste?

    (I kid the Lotus.)

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  16. lotus

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    I eat tall meat body for dinner
    never small ones! :biggrin:

    Since out of of the cult they taste better :thumbsup:
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