Clinical Therapy IRL and Through Books + Expectations and Costs

Discussion in 'Life After Scientology' started by EZ Linus, Apr 29, 2017.

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    I did not want to add this to the Rachel Bernstein thread because this is not about her. I am hoping that this can be an overall resource and discussion. I just hope I don't cause a firestorm or anything. Please note that my intention is to help.

    I just wanted to say that I personally have received more free therapy than I have from paid therapists and have found it to be, in most cases, just as useful. I was on my own after I first left Scientology and was in a terrible way the moment I realized I was duped. I didn't yet know there was any sort of specialization in this field, and I probably wouldn't have cared because you couldn't get me to see a psychologist if you paid me all the rumored treasures hidden under Oak Island. I was terrified of all of them. A little less than I was the day before I found out I'd been scammed, but still.

    I read books first. All the ones online that were written by ex-members that were FREE. ALL of them had something key to offer me. Baby steps out of the muck. And once I debunked Flubbard, I wanted to read anything and everything HE studied and plagiarized from. That turned me onto social psychology, so I guess that was how I eased into reading about the psychology of mind control.

    Somewhere along the way, an ex-Scientologist mentioned the Crowd by Gustov LeBon. No doubt, Flubbard knew this book/experiment well. Remember he got his very first followers in those Dianetics demonstrations in front of crowds of people.

    Eventually I devoured everything Dr. Singer wrote, Janja Lalich, Lifton, Michael Langone, and more. At the time Steve Hassan's book was out, but (deleted) I'm not going to get into that.

    It took a year before I went to the free clinic and got hooked up with a therapist (an intern). They are good and overseen and supervised by a real doctor. It was free and I saw one for a long time. I gave her Captive Hearts Captive Minds and that was all she needed to understand enough to help me through the feelings. I realized she didn't need to know every little stupid detail about the cult, just how it worked.

    All the while I was reading everything I could on ARS and I was able to meet good people there that also helped me.

    Then, I started to see Rachel and go to her group meetings. I did that for a year and went back to another free clinic.

    You can also use your local LGBTQ center, as they often have free counseling there. I have used them before and paid a small donation, but didn't have to.

    Now I see someone who specializes in childhood sexual trauma. She is a Ph.D/Psy.D and this is very specialized ($150 per hour -- though she does not charge me that. We have an arrangement). The more specialized any field gets the more money it costs, (or you make) if you work in that field. In the mental health field, you do a ton of pro bono stuff, but you don't wear it on a t-shirt all the time or list it on your website of something. That's just tacky. As for cults, that is an extremely specialized field. Because of namely, Scientology! It then becomes potentially a very dangerous job for you and your family, especially if you are an expert witness in a court of law (which I'm not sure it's okay to say so), but there are not too many experts out there willing to put their neck on the line.

    As for Medicaid, if you do not have money, you will qualify for it. I can specifically speak for California and there aren't too many shabby doctors when it specifically comes to mental health with Medi-Cal. All managed care automatically turns into ALL doctors signed to the county. You just have to be very proactive in finding your own doctor, where he/she studied, and maybe do a lot of trial and error until you find the right fit.

    I'm sure I'll think of more stuff, but that's about it for now.