Complex Trauma: Talking, Tears and Time

Discussion in 'Life After Scientology' started by Free to shine, Oct 13, 2016.

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  1. Free to shine

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    Knows posted this video in another thread, thankyou! I think it's worthy of it's own thread.

    This video is very interesting to me as I seem to fit like a square peg into a round hole of current categories. Not that one needs a label, its just that it helps a treating psychologist to understand the scope of whatever issues you turn up with. And this is apparently a new way of coming to understand and deal with longstanding abuse.

    Although this lady is not talking specifically about the abuse that happens in cults, it still applies. Understanding Complex Trauma; Talking, Tears and Time. So true, and I found this a very powerful video indeed.

    I hope it helps others as well, the silent ones as I once was. I went to hell and back when I first started posting here, believe it or not. Many tears, and a lot of time now and I am finally starting to put the pieces together in way that lessens the impact on my current life. When the trauma is so complex, as mine was, those who want to help don't know where to start. This talk explains so much.

    (I watched a second video of the same talk as well which is great too, although at the end it morphed into talking about God - the audience was a religious one. Just so you know.)
  2. prosecco

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    Thank you. It's a LONG video, but have watched about 10 minutes, and it's really interesting and applicable to anyone who has been affected by scientology
  3. This is great.