Conny and Ing-Marie Lundberg have left the Church of Scientology

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Kha Khan, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. Kha Khan

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    TL;DR version: Conny and Ing-Marie Lundberg left the official Church of Scientology. They are now Independent Scientologists. Further:

    1. CO CLO Walter Kottrich said there were no excuses (even if you were sick, financially depleted, had millions in debts, etc., none mattered) everyone was expected to donate to the Ideal Org Building. Those that did not donate were not ethical. All scientologists that weren’t already on staff also were out-ethics. All people on planet Earth were out-ethics if they weren’t scientologists.

    2. The COS is using Disconnection despite the fact that LRH canceled Disconnection in his policy letter of November 1968 and the fact that Tommy Davis has repeatedly said that the Church does not use Disconnection.

    3. Five Swedish Scientologist committed suicide, and many more died early or are ill. Of the 40 Scientologists they know, 30 are ill and only 10 are healthy.

    4. When they were in Scientology in Sweden in the 70s and 80s the course rooms were packed with students and new public flowed in every day, and there were 115 to 120 staff members. Now, not so much.

    5. PDC tape 20 was edited to delete LRH stating that the world of George Orwell's 1984 "would be... could be the palest imagined shadow of what a world would be like under the rule of the secret use of Scientology with no remedy in existence." Jeesh, we wonder why?

    6. "We then realized that ordinary people outside the Church knew more about the Church than its members!"

    The entire post a worth a read.

    From Scientology cult: Conny and Ing-Marie Lundberg:

    Conny Lundberg in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists

    WWP Thread: Conny and Ing-Marie Lundberg have left the Church of Scientology

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  2. Kha Khan

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    Conny Lundberg in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists

  3. dianaclass8

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    How sad that people comitted suicide. It truly makes me very unhappy. Please if anyone is thinking on killing themselves contact me in private, I am willing to listen and there are others willing to help as well.

    When I left 15 years ago we could not announce it publicly for fear of retaliation from the very group who now runs the blog where these big announcements are coming from.

    Nevertheless it is always good news when someone leaves. The best news would be if the ones who have proof of the crimes speak up.

    Aida Thomas aka Diana Class 8
  4. Magoo

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    Yes, Suicide is a horrific problem within members of the "church" of Scientology.

    I personally know of 7 young Scientologists (Under 21) who took their own lives.
    Tragic, truly. If you're lurking and want out---know this: It's no more difficult to leave
    than literally walking across the line in the middle of the street. JUST DO IT.

    Conny and Ing-Marie Lundberg Stockholm, Sweden Whistleblowers.......
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :happydance::dance3::hifive:

    Great write up! :pixiedust:

    Welcome!! :thewave:

    My love to you both :arose:

  5. AnonyMary

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    Very sad to read about what is happening there but I am glad they both are out and speaking up publicly.

    Well written. :thumbsup: It will help many lurkers make the choice to leave as well.

    Best wishes to Conny and Ing-Marie.

    Mary McConnell
  6. Zinjifar

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    If I remember right, U-Man has gone into bankruptcy due to both civil and criminal prosecution for its fraudulent practices. Here's why:

  7. Carmel

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    "Whistleblowers"? Not in my books.
  8. He-man

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    1. Tomas Ahrne (age 50+, died 2007)
    2. Jonathan Nydahl (Helena Nydahl och Björn Öhmans son) (Age 19-20, died 2003)
    3. Tommy Jonsson (40+, earlier Bookstore-officer at Stockholm Org)
    4. Dan Lööf (earlier CO at Stockholm Org, 40+)
    5. Anette Westphal (40+)
    6. Torbjörn Regnell (55+)
    7. Per-Ola Lindberg (70+, earlier staff and auditor)
    8. Kerttu Lemmetty (75+, earlier staff and artist)


    I had no idea that Dan was dead. When was this?
  9. Lurker5

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    Bravo, Diana

    Way to say it, Woman. :yes:
  10. SuperPowers

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    I used to know Conny

    before I got out, I remember him as a nice and honest person,
    many of the details brought forth are a part of my past too.
  11. Lurker5

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    Lots of folks here seems to use the term 'lurker' for evil intended people, like osa, or for scn'ists on the fence, or trying to get out, or for an ex newly out and fearful. It makes me feel weird - because I am none of those things.

    Well, OK, I own the fearful bit. I am afraid of being targetted and fairgamed by sea of $hit - thus my 'name' :whistling:

    But I want everyone to know, I am not an ex, I have GOOD intentions, and I have my own personal reasons for being here and supporting what is happening right now.

    Please don't lump me in as a bad guy because of my 'name'.

    Lurker5 :eyeroll:
  12. SuperPowers

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    Lurker Number 5

    I have no problem with your chosen name - to lurk here is an acceptable thing. If you're name is inconvenient to you, why don't you ask Emma to do a rename operation. I have seen that happen. :yes:
  13. Jonathan is dead ?!?!? WTF, he was only 21 or 22 then (I know it says 19/20 but I remember his 21st B-Day late the year before since his B-day is ~ the same time as mine so ...). Crap this makes me so sad :bigcry: if he's grown up in anything else he would have been a famous artist. He was amazing and funny too! Thanks for letting me know at least.

  14. lkwdblds

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    It's great to see that long time members have the capacity to "look" at what the C of S is doing and, despite all the PRO to the contrary, realize that Int Management's actions are all destructive. Their write up is great. There are dozens of outpoints, any one of which would be grounds to leave and yet the Lundbergs have identified upwards of 50 such items. Amazingly, a lot of parishioners and staff are too cowed or too blind to see what is going on and stay involved in this destructive "church".

    Many of us have discussed nearly all of these items, here on ESMB and on other sites. It is very useful to have the majority of the important outpoints all in one place. Rather than having to do a Google search each time to find things, it is convenient to have them listed here. Well done to the Lundbergs for having the integrity and intelligence to sort things out and courage to leave and for providing their reasons in such an informative and comprehensive write up!
  15. Vittorio

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    Sometimes I feel the death of the young and the old carry equal weight. To think that the sum of ones life ends in suicide or needless illness that terminates their life.

    This human tragedy is too high a price to pay.

    I wish the best of luck to Conny and Ing-Marie and hope people keep coming forward and telling their stories!
  16. i missed this thread when it first appeared

    they write well; this is an excellent example of criticism which deserves to be called critique

  17. I can see how one can think that, but as someone in the over 35 camp I can say at least I've lived a full life. Though honestly anyone under 65 is kind of more sad to me because it really shouldn't happen. I found the death record though but it says his B-day is different than I remembered, then I remembered I was wrong and that it was our mutual close friend R who had the B-day the same month as me. Funny how the memory remembers some things perfectly, and not others?
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  19. Does anyone know if either Helena Nydahl and/or Björn Öhman are either Independents or not Scientologists at this point? I would LOVE to talk to them about their son but cannot if they are attached to the church. Kind Regards to anyone with information on how I could do that.