Contacting Oz Senators before March 18

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by DavidM, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. DavidM

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    I know you've probably already been contacting all the Senators since this came up in November, but in the next 9 days there is one last opportunity.

    Copypasta from wwp:

    Here is a full list of the Senators email addresses - should be easier to email them all using this -

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  2. Australian Senate Vote coming March 18;adv=;db=;group=;holdingType=;id=;orderBy=;page=0;query=scientology%20SearchCategory_Phrase:%22senate%22%20Decade:%222010s%22%20Dataset_Phrase:%22orderofbusiness%22;querytype=Dataset_Phrase:eek:rderofbusiness;rec=0;resCount=Default

    Scroll down to 9.

    March 18 is a Thursday - I've been looking around the Oz Parliament's site and they sometimes offer the chance to watch streaming video. Not sure if it's available outside Australia, though.

    So March 18 is the big day!
  3. Carmel

    Carmel Crusader

    The Senators generally work out their "call", by a few days prior to the vote at the latest, so emails should probably be sent in by the 15th (USA 14th). The sooner, the better.

    Cool on the live stream! Closer to the time, we'll be able to let you know *roughly* what time this matter will be being addressed.
  4. Krautfag

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    this thread badly needs a *bump*
  5. DavidM

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    In light of today's news, I agree
  6. ScudMuffin

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    needs a sticky
  7. FoTi

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    Keep this on top!!
  8. Cherished

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    From wwp:

  9. Anonycat

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    Please do call and email, folks. Bumping for those who haven't contacted the list yet.

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