Danny Masterson fired from minor TV show, still no word from glacial D.A.’s office about rapes

Discussion in 'Tony Ortega' started by RSS Feed, Dec 5, 2017.

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    Danny Masterson fired from minor TV show, still no word from glacial D.A.’s office about rapes

    Yashar Ali’s excellent reporting at the Huffington Post bore fruit today when it emerged that Netflix will be writing actor Danny Masterson’s character out of The Ranch, a comedy series he has starred in along with former That ’70s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher.

    For several weeks, the HuffPo reporter had been putting pressure [...]



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    The Weinstein Effect has even engulfed and vanquished the world's most ethical people--Scientologists.

    And not just any Scientologist!

    An OT!

    And not just any OT!


    Even Scientology's stonewalling, lying, fair gaming, hate mafia was not "able enough" to stop the fall of one of their own.

    Recall, it was not long ago that cult guru David Miscavige was widely exposed as a violently sadistic sociopath, beating his own staff. But he's still there, nothing happened to him.

    Further recall John Travolta's countless sexual abuse/groping accusations, lawsuits and secret settlements. Nothing happened to him either.

    So, this is rather "gargantuan" in the history of the OT CELEB MAFIA. This may well be the first time a Scientology OT has ever gotten sucked into an overt public shaming and ostracization!

    I believe this is the first major domino to fall, with many more cascading scandals to now begin befalling Scientology's elite predators.

    Travolta should be next.

    And I wouldn't be surprised in the least if one or more persons come forward later to blow the whistle on god-knows-what kind of perverted personal life Miscavige has been hiding all these years. The smart money is betting on S&M. It may not even be an abused Scientologist who blows the whistle, it may be call-girls, or call-boys or whatever. Sure this is all morbid and sleazy speculation on my part, but in all fairness, after doing all those OT levels, I should be able to reasonably claim "knowingness", right? LOL

    In any case, this is moment to celebrate.

    Schadenfreude! Splurge on it!.

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