Dart Smohen: The Real Story - Additional Commentary by Alan C. Walter

Discussion in 'Books and Essays About Scientology' started by Dulloldfart, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. MarkWI

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    That may turn out as a good paper book, and used to finance ESMB. "Scientology told by ex-scientologists". Then we can start a "Planetary Dissemination Campaign" to put the book in every library of the Planet!!! :whistling: Jokes apart, many stories on ESMB need to be put on paper and read by people who should know what's goin on with the cult.

  2. tookmeawhile

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    What a great idea and I love it! I'm almost done reading it.

    Many thanks to Dart, Alan and Paul for their great posts on the boards. After 28 plus years in Scio, things are starting to make more sense. Plus your stories are so darn interesting!!!

    Your data is SO valuable to us Ex-Scio's.

    :thankyou: :thankyou: :thankyou:
  3. Div6

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    I wonder if he's broken 1000 downloads yet?
  4. Free to shine

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    Yes, there are personal stories here that are essential reading. ESMB has so much data now that it can be hard to know what to read first, and a collection that featured stories like Bea Kiddo's and Twin A's would be fantastic. Paul let me know if you ever think of doing it and I'll give you a hand.
  5. Emma

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    What a great offer! You've done so much work on this already that it might be something you could work on together. Personally I think it would almost be an "EP' for ESMB for someone to collate these important threads and posts into something readable and "dissemable".
  6. byte301

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    This is important work, Paul. Thanks for taking it on.
  7. scooter

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    Paul thanks - i downloaded it last night and spent way too long reading :D

    it fills so many gaps in the story for me that it really makes sense of the madness that's Co$ :thumbsup:

    It's re-inspired me to get cracking on my own story and get that wrapped up and out there.
  8. Dulloldfart

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    Thanks again to all for the kind words. :)

    I am not releasing a new edition every time I make some minor improvement, but there will still be several new editions simply because it is so easy to do and there is no real reason not to provide the best one available. But the question arises of what exactly I did change. I'm not going to keep a careful log of it all as it isn't that important.

    If I add a further post of Dart's I will most likely place it under a new heading or sub-heading. You can notice the new heading from the clickable bookmarks list on the left-hand side of the screen, as it will automatically show up there. In other words, you can just scan over the bookmarks list to see if anything looks new.

    I'll announce here anything relatively major.

  9. Lovesnightsky

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    Thank you Paul :D
  10. Dulloldfart

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    OK, I just got off the phone to Dart, and we discussed some new stuff to go in.

    The idea is that he gathers up all the old stuff he wants in, and I add it in. And he makes some new posts with some more goodies. Then I will put out a sort of "final" edition. It won't be a real final edition, but if you (generic) are going to print the thing off you might want to hold off for a little bit to get the other stuff too.

  11. Dulloldfart

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    Fair enough. Thanks very much. I'll let you know if I decide to do it.

  12. lurkanon

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    Thank you very much for compiling the e-book Paul, it makes for excellent reading. Appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

  13. Challenge

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    O Noes! I've already printed it out. When you add stuff, will you add it somehow so that *we* won't have to print out the entire 118 pages plus the new material, but rather just the additions?

  14. Dulloldfart

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    There's a visible counter on the site, which shows the total number of unique visitors. It started at zero, and is currently 214. It measures "unique visitors" pretty well, i.e. the number is a good measure of how many different people visited. If a person leaves the site and comes back within 30 minutes, that will count as one visitor. If they come back 31 minutes or 23 hours later, that will count as two visitors for that day. No other information other than the number of visitors is available to the casual viewer.

    I can't tell how many downloads there were. Or how many people emailed their download to others, which is perfectly acceptable.

    Most visitors followed a link from either this thread or PG's thread on OCMB, about half from each. Maybe 5% followed links from e-mails sent to them (not from me). I can't read the e-mails, if anyone wonders. :).

  15. Dulloldfart

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    Hey, look, I can do you a great deal in compatible printer ink, much cheaper than original manufacturer stuff. Just PM me your credit card details and ...


    It's not a problem. You can already choose which pages of the PDF file to print. Check it out and see. You'll just need to print out the additional pages, or the pages with changes, and substitute them in. I assume you can substitute pages easily enough in whatever you have already printed. It's not like the pages would be sewn together or glued in place like in a bound book.

  16. Div6

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    Why Paulsrabbit.com?

    Is it because of the closeness between rabbit and robot? Are we to expect paulsribbit.com? Robotic rabbits? paulsrubit.com?

    But seriously, thanks Paul. You are doing a great service here.
  17. Dulloldfart

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    Plus a bit of whimsy. :)

  18. xwc

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    Thanx much for the compilation, Paul. I had missed a couple of those threads, and this makes it much more accessible.
  19. Dulloldfart

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    I took the liberty of quoting the kinds words here on the download page with reference to this eBook, with a link back to this thread. It is all in full public view anyway, but if anyone objects to their "name" being used, let me know and I'll edit it out.

  20. Pliny Younger

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    A very unique and brilliant way to house some damn good information.