Dart Smohen: The Real Story - Additional Commentary by Alan C. Walter

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    Paul-this is wonderful!!

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    Final Part

    SHSBC. Early observations

    My mother enrolled on the course in 1962 and rented a house, Dovecote Cottage, on the Dunnings Road. It was a small, almost doll-like house and we went down for the Christmas holidays.

    Every day she went in on course. The students were gathered in the Chapel and Pavilion, these being the first buildings constructed outside of the manor house. Lunch time was when my step-father and I went down to St Hill. My mother was working with people like Gertie Myers, Joan Schniehage, Hank Laarhuis. All in all they were a pretty fun bunch. Hubbard would regularly interact with them, giving regular lectures. Hubbard's kids would hang around the grounds outside, looking in.

    On one occasion, Gertie had brought in a box of (potent) liqueur chocolates. She and my mother scoffed the lot during the lunch break and were quite "tipsy" when it came to the afternoon auditing. They both earned a 5,ooo word infraction thesis for this.

    One thing about Herbie and the other psychos supervising the course, they would count the number of words you wrote and if it was short of the stipulated number, the new infraction thesis was multiplied by the number of shortages. So, if a 5,000 word thesis was 4 words short, the penalty was a 4 x 5,000 = 20,000 word thesis to be handed in the next day. Failure to comply meant you got downgraded a level and you had to repeat that level again. People were known to have "blown", rather than face a long infraction thesis penalty.

    I suppose Hubbard changed dramatically after the newspaper exposure of his work with plants. I have covered this elsewhere, but from what I learned from my mother, Hubbard was devastated and seemed to change overnight. By 1965, my parents made occasional visits to St Hill. Hubbard had departed for Africa and the Hubbard Guidance Centre had been set up to deliver power processing.

    I started the SHSBC early in that year. The course was run in the Pavilion and the chapel. Peter Khaled was our first supervisor. As part of our course, we had to process a public pc to completion on each grade process. We had to find our own pc's. mainly around the town. Several taxi drivers, cafe waitresses and such were regularly being processed. If you had not completed your pc by the end of the 2 week practical period, you went to cramming until completed. You also had to take an exam which required a 100% pass mark.

    I was running out of time and had not yet found myself a pc. I was not going to pay to be in cramming, so I opted for that well known favourite - ETHICS! I gave my supervisor some cheek, he sent me to Ethics where I gave Joan Thomas (later Robertson) some grief and voila ! I got a 2 week suspension. (I also got an Ethics Order declaring me to be a Rebellious Individual and ordered to power processing at my own expense).

    This meant that I had time to round up three pc's ready for me to process. (You could never have too many pc's). At the same time I had my power processing from Terry Milner. We had to walk down to St Hill Green and use a hut in Ann Gregg's garden.

    Being on Power was a really BIG deal. Pc's had to wear a badge stating that the person was on Power Processing and not to discuss their case with them.

    All sorts of people were arriving at St Hill for study and processing. But what REALLY made it such a great time was the weekend social; parties and sex.


    Every weekend there was at least one party or gathering going on, either in East Grinstead, or one of the outlaying villages. Also the Harewood Hotel in Tunbridge Wells. I should say that there were strict rules about "out-2D", so, as you can imagine, everyone was at it.

    We used to get these American ladies who came over for processing etc. When on power, you were required to take Vitamin E in large doses. This had the benefit if making you somewhat horney. Anyway, many is the weekend I have been taxi'ed over to the hotel on a Friday night where we would have room service until Sunday morning. It was a bit like the film "The Graduate", where the guy is a regular that the staff know him by name.

    Another great place was the Apsley Arms Hotel in Dormansland. This was owned by an Australian Scino and several public stayed there. It was an old building with creaky and winding spiral staircases. That was where I was introduced to Southern Comfort. It was when Bill Deitch went Clear. We sat in armchairs, half pint mugs of SC and ice, in front of a blazing log fire, one of Alan's ladies curled up on my lap.

    The bathrooms were at the end of the hall and one night I was making my way along the corridor, wearing only a towel, when Alan turned the corner, wearing only a towel and smoking a cigar. "Hi Alan" I said, " Hi Dart" Alan said as we passed, each heading to our respective rooms.

    Jimmy Hare stayed there. He was an amazing guitarist and we had many evenings listening to him and playing " Cardinal Puff". Then there were the poker games. Usually we would "invite" a new arrival to join our games. Fred Hare, Jim Stewart and I usually ended up winning.

    Another place was Chilling Street Cottage. Otis & Betty Halliday had come over with their son Chester. They also brought with them a custard yellow Ford Mustang. God! What a "tart trap"! Chester had them queuing up to go out with him.

    Chilling St had a barn with a hayloft. It had tiled floor that was swept clean. Anyway, Chester and his girlfriend decided to go out into the hayloft. They climber up a ladder and spread a blanket and got to it.

    We saw them going out and Gary, from Las Vegas, quietly removed the ladder. The lights were already turned off. Someone got a metal bucket, filled it with wet straw and oily rage and set fire to it in the barn. We were all standing around the walls inside the barn. All of a sudden we hear this scream "FIRE, I SMELL SMOKE". Chester looks down and all he can see is billowing smoke. He manages to lower the girl down, throws their clothes down and is in the middle of swinging down when the lights go on. The girl is naked, Chester is hanging from the hayloft, complete with erection, and everyone starts applauding, shouting " Author, Author" I think they are both still in therapy over it.

    We had great parties at Grosvenor Road and Ridge Hill Lodge, home to Virginia, Mo and Ollie Budlong. my level 3 & 4 supervisor, Fred Fairchild usually got very drunk. One night, there was a pan of eggs boiling and Fred was so drunk, he would put his hand into the pan and pull out an egg without noticing he was burning. Ernie Martin was a legendary bullshitter and always fun. He looked like skeletor. Anyway, Ernie put on his bullfighting suit of lights and stood on the table. He was so drunk that he could hardly stand. Peter Gelfan had made some "sour" for whisky sour drinks andc Erine just downed the bottle of "sour" without even noticing the taste.

    There were many other events I could relate, but I think you have got the jist of it.

    The main thing was that you could not have sex with your pc. So, you had sex with another's pc instead. Your pc would have sex with another student, but not you. Staff were getting involved and to be honest, things were getting a little out of hand.

    An interesting trade used to go on in that if you were on, say, Level 3 or 4 and you have lost your pc's, either through moving or failed results, iy has been known that surplus pc's were "sold" in order to assist course progress.

    Amnesty and Ethics
    I was already in the frame for my transgressions and had been handed a 2 week suspension. It was looking like there was a LOT more going on than just me, so Felice Green, Ethics Officer, took her meter up to the Briefing Course, where she put each student on the meter. "Have you been having out-2D"? If it read, you got a 2 week suspension AND a 2 week amends project. It didn't matter what it read on, just that there was a read.

    Anyway, about 35% of the course was off and the stats jumped dramatically.! The students were working in C/F, addresso, Treasury. It was the only time these places have ever been fully in PT.

    Several staff got suspended as well, including my supervisor, that story I have covered elsewhere.

    Suddenly there was an amnesty. Any 2D was allowed, but if you messed up another's progress, it was a $5,000 fine. All of a sudden it all stopped overnight. The game had been ended.

    The amnesty meant that all previous ethics "black marks" were cancelled. I was, conveniently, the Foundation Ethics Officer at the time and one evening Otto turned up with a wheelbarrow and we loaded our ethics files into it and took them to the skip and burned them. HCO went ballistic. We were meant to simply put a card in the file marking where the amnesty took place from. We were glad to destroy any previous records about us. All in all, we emptied one and a half drawers of files on ourselves.


    This was a momentous occasion. John MacMaster had been announced as the first clear. (He was not the first to actually finish, but he was checked out first.) This was worked into a major PR campaign. I remember the cheering when he was announced by Anton James as the first clear and that week when John received his Clear Certificate. After this there were a trickle of people being announced clear. Every Friday at Graduation the chapel was fully packed. People were standing outside looking in. Once when Felice Green was due to be presented, she was wearing a tight skirt. She was aware her panty lines would show through, so she had taken them off. As she went up, the general comments were " Hullo, Felice isn't wearing any knickers". When Frankie Freedman went up he was announced as Franklin Freedman. People were turning their heads and saying "Franklin, I didn't know his name was Franklin, I thought it was Frankie"

    All in all, 1966 was a vintage year. Many of the stellar names in Scientology were at St Hill at that time. A lot have left, but a few remain.

    Returning to St Hill.

    The Advanced Org in Edinburgh moved down to St Hill in 1970. The move itself was an interesting experience. We had some Chubb fire-proof cabinets for confidential materials. They were so heavy that they were brought in by crane, through a window on the first floor. Entrance to the AO was up a long, winding staircase. To take them out we tied ropes around them and hand pulled them down the stairs, about six of us trying desperately not to let one run away with us and cartwheel down the stairs.

    The removals men had brought two large vans and estimated it would take two full days to unload the vans at St Hill. The crew had to make their way from Edinburgh. I managed to convince the execs that I needed to fly. Most went by bus or some by train.

    When the vans pulled up outside the chapel, a swarm of SO launched into emptying the vans. They were clear in about 35 minutes. The drivers and loaders were stunned. As they had been given funds for 2 nights accommodation and food, they took themselves off to Brighton, in high spirits.

    John Parselle had been instrumental in the purchase of Ths Stables, an enclosed converted property strategically located beside the St Hill estate. We berthed in there. I had a single room and the galley was upgraded to provide meals for all the SO staff.

    Later on a large property, Stonelands, was acquired. It was about 5 miles from St Hill, set back away from the road, down a long driveway. This became the SO berthing building. The huge ballroom housed the men's dorm. I think they had 80 men bunked in there. At the back was a detached house which became the nursery. This was run by young, untrained and inexperienced staff and I am sure from the state of some of the kids there, it was a very unhappy experience for them.

    The execs, whilst having kids of their own living there, simply could not stand other's children. A lot of abuse was thrown at young mothers and the nasty attitudes resulted in some staff blowing.

    However, we had some fun there. I remember organising Halloween parties for the staff and, particularly, the kids. We would don latex gloves and paint skeletal bones with luminous paint. It was really quite effective. In fact, coming out of the pitch black with glowing hands gave some of them a real scare. I think they may still be in therapy over it.

    Parties were held in the ballroom. A stage was set up and all sorts of acts were put on by the staff and public. In fact, we organised the Incredible String Band to put on a gig there. It was an amazing time. So many people, all having a wonderful time. I remember the band saying it was one of the best shows they had ever put on.

    Occasionally, friends of my mother who were in the high society of the London Jewish community, would make available clothes that they had worn in public and could not wear the same again. Anyway, we had piles of high quality clothes which I used to auction off to raise some funds for equipment at Stonelands. I remember Dalene bidding £3 to get a mink stole. She was laughing as she paraded up and down the mess hall with it around her shoulders. Many others bought really nice casual and formal outfits, all for just a pound or so.

    Stuffing Parties
    We had to get The Auditor mag out. Rows of tables were set up and we would get a load of public coming in and we would have a stuffing party. Cakes, biscuits, tea, coffee flowed in abundance. This, again, was an example of the sort of interaction we had with our public.

    Stat Psychosis
    However, once the psychotic stat pushes came in, that friendship quickly evaporated. Staff, particularly Reg's were ordered to go to people's houses in the dead of night and try and reg them. I remember Peter and Hazel being sent to the Wackleys, at about 2am. There they were trying to reg the Wackleys, who were standing on the doorstep in their dressing gowns, looking incredulously at the two poor reg's, before sending away with a flea in their ear.

    It is time to go.

    Our second child came along and my wife refused to bring her into the nursery, or Stonelands environment. HCO got up to some pretty nasty things to try and persuade her to move back, but my wife was resolute. With all the "knowledge" I had about some of the dark, dark secrets of GO and St Hill staff, they could not afford to upset me. I was simply "Relieved of my contract" in 1975.

    There is so much more I could tell, but in was learned under confidence. I made tours of ANZO, S. Africa and was a public Flag World Tour Lecturer. I met many people and made many friends, the vast majority I left behind when I parted company with the cult.

    Both Mary Sue and Diana wrote to me pleading with me to reconsider, but by 1982 the cult was so fundamentally corrupt and rotten to the core that, for me, it was already beyond recovery

    Unknown by the management, back in 1979, there were moves afoot amongst key members of the public in the UK, and some senior staff, to establish a Reform Church of Scientology, so bad had things become.

    Most of those involved have moved on, but a few remain within the cult, their withold being well hidden.

    Well, I have told you about some of the things that went on. I hope it reflects the spirit and sense of fun we instilled. It was not all drudge, we simply made sure of that.
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    Thanks, Dart. I'll have the "final" version of the eBook available for download at www.paulsrabbit.com real soon, probably tonight or tomorrow morning my time. It will be dated 3 December.

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    Paul, I see that you have already completed the final version - thank you! :)

    Dart, another good read :D - serious times but some funny shinanigins! :happydance:
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    See! It was a SEX Cult!
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    No! It has always been an abstinence Cult - only the non-SP's had sex! :happydance:
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    Thanks, Paul. It's a "page-turner." :clap:

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    Thanks Dart, wonderful story once again, compelling read and brings back memories which I had forgotten. I still have black outs of my times at SH. Your memory is incredible. :thumbsup:

    Thanks also to Paul for his continued genius with the computer. :thumbsup:
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    Excellent! A must-read!:)

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    Also thanks for the one on Bea Kiddo.
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    Deja Vu!

    I was there! My father was a Class VII & VIII. Mother was a Class VI

    Diana crew, I was on the Apollo when the grey rag was round the funnel! I remember so many names.

    Such stupidity! I have to do a BofI on who was 3rd partying SO & GO! What a laugh! They hated each other!

    Truth in data became all the rage, but I found GO commentary on SO staff left on the photocopier!!

    Loved the book! Have a few comments of my own!:thumbsup:
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    Welcome aboard Geoffrey!

    Looking forward to your own stories and commentary. :D
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    I vaguely remember you from SH. Tall, blond guy. Wasn't your wife Alma?

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    Remember the Grey van at Drem ?

    Remember the circumstances how you and Alma got together ?
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    Paul, I reckon you've done a man's job, sir! Splendid.
    Thanks a million to Dart, too, for so many laughs.
    Oh I remember both Geoff and Alma (A Cher lookalike, intit?)

    Glad it's all coming out now. Only the tigers survive, eh? Many are called, few escape intact.
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    ACK for PAUL

    Well done Paul on the Dart Smohen PDF file. You did an excellent
    job. LRH was an extreme study of polar opposites, sad to say.

    I started into this recent study of LRH, additional to parts studied
    before, from the angle of how an insane SP as D.M. is, could have
    taken over. That question has been answered fully.

    Another person who worked with LRH for a long time gave me his
    opinion about LRH's failure to do a Power Change formula by
    telling me (in a private email) that he had his last chance to do it
    in the 1970's but couldn't let go.
    The other factor is that he reactively tried to destroy and did get
    rid of anyone with enough power to do the job properly and well,
    because of his own insanities.

    I recommend reading the Otto Roos story online for the aspects
    of LRH's case never confronted and handled.
    Sadly he clearly being obsessively and compulsively cause could
    not allow himself to be the effect of an auditor. Not very humble.
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    Ditto! Fantastic writings, and I love the way you write, as well
    as the totally awesome stories.

    Please take a bow :bow: