Dart Smohen: The Real Story - Additional Commentary by Alan C. Walter

Discussion in 'Books and Essays About Scientology' started by Dulloldfart, Nov 27, 2008.

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    Hi Paul, I came across this book while google searching for a name of someone I knew. I stopped everything I was doing and read the whole thing! I had no idea it had come out last year, as I post infrequently and I'm sorry I missed the announcement. This is a must-read for everyone. A telling and humorous book about life in scientology in the early days by an old timer, and his thoughts on scientology before and after having left . His recollections of Hubbard and others are priceless.

    His viewpoint on the HRD and FPRD are 'spot on'. The concept of 'presence' being everything that a person needs shatters much of the false data we were fed. He had quite a sense of humor, which makes it a breeze to read. This is a book that all sectors of the scientology community can enjoy. I really appreciate you getting this compiled and out there for people to read.

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    Reports of my demise are over-exaggerated. :omg:

    I am still alive and well. :clap: :clap:

    Dart:yes: :happydance:
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    :sorry: about the past tense comment! You have a wonderful sense of humor!

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    Blue Spirit wrote:

    He did it for the money.
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    Dart Smohen: The Real Story is now available in a .mobi (Kindle) edition! Usual price (free).

    The footnotes still work as clickable hyperlinks.

    The Table of Contents at the front still has page numbers, which don't match your e-Reader, of course. But the Table of Contents at the back, or available via the usual Kindle Menu > Go to > Table of Contents gives three levels of clickable headings and sub-headings.

    The Index still has page numbers which again don't match, but you can search for a word using your e-Reader search facility, and the index gives the most interesting words.

    Or you can read it on your iPhone, but I've never touched one so can't give any advice on that.

    Oh, it's at the usual place at www.paulsrabbit.com. If you want to go straight to the file, it's at http://www.paulsrabbit.com/DartSmohenRealStory_20110130.mobi.


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    Read it

    Paul's compilation is one of the best pieces of Scientology literature available. It's short, very readible, fascinating, and gives one a great deal of insight into the Sea Org and Scientology. It's a must read.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    I re-read it last week. Enjoyed every word.
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    Damn you, Dull and Dart!

    I thought my whole absortion in this stuff was 'flat', but by golly, didn't I find your e-book, and spend most of the night up reading, being enthralled and fascinated.

    Names of so many people I met at Saint Hill and worked with, John Parsell, Eilline Russle Able, a founding Scientologist and Sea Org vetern (who died, in a nursing home, alone, and rather traumatised, a 'dev't' particle, down stat because she was old, defensless and troublesome, she had been FB'd out at the age of, I don't know, 88? and bundled off, out of Sea Org berthing to a state run and finaced old peoples home, she hated it, and died after few months.

    Thank you both, and Alan, for this story, it is incredable, well written and engrossing. Glad the reports you demise were somewhat exagerated, Dart. :whistling:
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    Yes, and the demise of Eileen, who probably died as much from a broken heart due to her treatment by "the most ethical group on the planet" in her old age and hour of need, is the betrayal that awaits all who stay in the Cof$ to their final years.

    It happened to Helen Geltman who did the ministerial thing based on church advice for her taxes . . . . the result was no social security nor medicare! She died lonely, broke and brokenhearted.

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    Do you have more details on what happened to Eileen?

    I didn’t get to know her but she was one of the stalwarts of St Hill and I’d often see her around. I used to wonder what would happen to the ‘older’ staff if they couldn’t continue to work for the cult. I suppose I sort of assumed that beings OTs they would still be in full command of their faculties until a very advanced age and then be able to ‘causatively drop their bodies’ when they wanted a new one. :duh:

    Rather naïve, I know. But I suppose the truth is more brutal – work them until they drop and they dump them in a (council paid) home.

    The lack of humanity is truly disgusting. And I wonder if any of those who do this to others, stop to wonder if they will get the same treatment when they get that old? Probably they don’t think, that’s why they are stuck in a cult.

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    Indeed, indeed...


    For a while Chele Laws was looking after the 'retired' SO staff, that was ot due to any policy, she just wanted to do it, and refused some real heavy duty pressure to go back on the CO SMI post that had nearly killed her - and I mean that literally- she insisted on getting certified as a carer, but she was also base MLO and multiple other hats, so more troublesome and what were considered more downstat old people were shipped off to homes. She did care for Dck Garlik, who finally died of cancer, she also cared for Thelma and her husband, there was huge resistence to shipping them off to the old peoples home.

    It tended to be those young gun fiercly dedicated CMO and RTC girles that pushed for getting these 'dev't particles' shipped off, Eileen had become irritable and 'entheta' so they decided to ship her out. Cherle did all she could to care for her, visiting her as much as possible and the like. I don't know what has happened since, my sense would be that with cult becoming even more hard line, that all these old people like John Cox and John Harvey would have been sent to the home, but then again I don't know what the PR pressures might have been to counter that.

    I do know that the afore mentioned CMO and RTC people did not want old 'down stat' people around so I assume they got their way. But I may be quite wrong and it is not completly implausable that a special center has been set up, I seem to remember a public Scientologist had started a home financed by old people and families to help people move on to their next lives.

    Hope that helps, and that you in as good form as I am!

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    How a Culture treats its’ Young and its’ Old speaks volumes about the true Character and practiced Values of that Culture.

    Whatever the "PR Area Control” "Shore Story" line is from the SO…bottom line…they are not to be trusted or believed re: nurture and watch over children or care for with dignity the elderly.

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    Whatever the "PR Area Control” "Shore Story" line is from the SO…bottom line…they are not to be trusted or believed.

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    I stumbled across this book a while ago but never expressed my thanks.

    Paul, what an excellent job. This text should be required reading for everyone wishing to understand Scientology and especially those who have recently escaped the cult. My first job after finishing university was in a publishing house where I was responsible for creating and editing indices (indexes). Its all done pretty-much automatically these days at the typesetting stage but in the past it was a painstaking and thankless task - parts of it still are. What do you include, what do you leave out, who will be the reader, etc etc are often subjective questions that must be answered properly. The only feedback I ever got was when something was wrong, the rest of the time people just used the index without even thinking about the work involved. You have done a magnificent job. Thank you. Top work, dude.

    (Mind you, Dart made it pretty easy ;) )
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    This is a great read with exceptional insight into the early days of Hubbard's cult. I am amazed that the proto-Scientologists bought into this insanity; and when, and if, they cognited (sic), did not go AWOL from the scene (sic).

    Of course Dart Smohen is in real life Nehoms Trad, a European Scientologist from Lithuania, that was allowed into Scientology due to his command of Engrish and knowledge of sexual positions.
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    Paul, just out of interest, how many times has this e-book been downloaded?
    For that matter, what about Bea's Story?