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Discussion in 'David Miscavige and Current Management' started by NeverMe, Oct 13, 2010.

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    I noticed today that someone did some VERY heavy editing and CLEANING UP over on the Wikipedia page for David Miscavige yesterday. When you click on the View History tab, lots of edits are dated October 12th 2010. I stopped counting at 50 edits dated October 12th but there were more. Whoever did it, they're definitely a big DM fan. They sure painted a pretty picture. If you click on the "compare selected revisions" tab, it gives you a great side by side view of the before and after. Lots of "positive" changes.....


    The majority of the edits are labeled as this:

    (++ added some positive material for BLP about David Miscavige .)
    (added some additional, positive material to BLP about David Miscavige .)
    (→Rise to leadership: ++ added some positive material about BLP for David Miscavige .)

    Other big edits were done to the section describing the Tom Cruise auditing files. It doesn't sound quite as bad as it did. They were labeled:

    (→Tom Cruise confessional files: removed paragraph again, retained one small bit. kept one sentence.)
    (→Tom Cruise confessional files: trim this sect down more. removed sourced info. removed entire paragraph.)

    Wiki saves the previous version so that everyone can see what was edited, thank goodness. I thought it was pretty interesting, myself, at what was changed.
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    @NeverMe, a link would be good plz.
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  5. I wonder if David Miscavige actually believe his legacy will be anything more than one of an abusive cult thug.

    He may just be delusional enough to see himself as something more than that. it's actually pretty hilarious when you think about Miscavige viewing himself as some great leader.

    If he's not in it strictly for the money and power, but actually believes he will leave a positive legacy too, he's more pathetic than I thought he was.
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    There was a post on WWP yesterday about him emphasizing that he already had produced more scripture than LRH.

    Originally it was a post from Tom De Vocht on MR's blog.

    Emphasis added

    Here it is: