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Discussion in 'Scientology Technology' started by Gib, Feb 17, 2015.

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    Here's to you Face, I hope you are doing well:

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    I made this post on Tony O blog

    here's to you Face:

    Gib • 34 minutes ago
    Great stuff Chris Owen. McMaster eventually realizes he was to be part of "a crowd" known as scientology, but really loyal to LRH. That's what Nibs said too, Hubbard wanted loyalty.
    And what is scientology, but composed of writings by LRH, HCOB's, HCO PL's, books and lectures, advices, all are LRH, he must certainly wanted his name smashed into history. Note HCOB and HCO PL is Hubbard and not ScientologyCOB or SCO PL. Do as Ron says in the bottom line.
    McMaster said in a lecture after he left, IIRC, something like Ron said he wanted to turn square ball bearings into round ball bearing, or Ronbots.
    Interestingly, back in 1949 LRH tells Heinlein of his master plan, not yet fully developed, but Hubbard worked on it thru the years. Here's what he told Heinlien in a letter Mar 31, 1949:
    "Your request for the agentes techniques recalls me that this here area is shore revolutionary, pard. They just ain't ferget noth'in about Reconstruction. Down at the library, all the way back in the vault, are four full lengths shelves of books such as THE PSYCHOLOGY OF REVOLUTION, ERRORS MADE BY ROBESPIEPE, THE POWER OF THE RABBLE, LAWS GOVERNING LEVEE EN MASSE, HOME BOMB MANUFACTURE, ASSINATION AS A POLITICAL TECHNIGUE, etc. etc. for about three hundred big, authoritative volumes. And I never before seen a single one of them."
    It's in my tread at ESMB:
    What's important is this book THE PSYCHOLOGY OF REVOLUTION, easier understanding is the first book by Le Bon.

    People not involved and not listening to all of Hubbard's lecatures and reading his books won't understand, it's hard to explain. But Hubbard pretty applied Le Bon's works on how a crowd is formed and refined it to forming the crowd known as scientology.
    I know people don't believe me but I give it a try. If you listen to the you tube vid, you'll see how Hubbard used idealogy, purposes, etc to entrap. It also explains how in the hell could I get caught up in this group, how in the hell did I do the things I did or not take action against the leader or others. It's mind bending no doubt and unbelievable.


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    Hubbard read Le Bon as I mentioned in this tread earlier, it's in the Heinlein/Hubbard letters of 1949 where Hubbard tells Heinlein he read Le Bon.

    Here's a nice write-up of Le Bon and if you were a member of scientology you'll see how these principles that Le Bon explained how groups or crowds or a scientologist is formed. I have no idea how other cults were formed, but only this so I cannot lump other cults together as a common denominator.


    "The main techniques to persuade a crowd are:
    ill-defined words
    but not(!)reasoning or logic"

    Any member of scientology can confirm this formula, you as a scientolgist were part of a crowd known as a scientologist.

    What is affirmation but success stories.

    Repetition - number of times over, repeating the message in promo, and now scientology TV, an endless loop of repetition, Letters out, repetition, etc.

    Contagion - happens, is supposed to, because of the above

    Exaggeration - every promo piece put out by Hubbard on the state of Clear, and then OT

    Symbols - yep, hubbard used lots of those

    ill-defined words - yep, look at the tech and admin dictionary

    but not reasoning or logic - yep, Hubbard covered that with his logic.

    And, of course, there are no clears, there are no OT's, there is no Bridge to Total Freedom.
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    "1. Affirmation
    "Affirmation pure and simple, kept free of all reasoning and all proof, is one of the surest means of making an idea enter the mind of crowds. The conciser an affirmation is, the more destitute of every appearance of proof and demonstration, the more weight it carries. The religious books and the legal codes of all ages have always resorted to simple affirmation. Statesmen called upon to defend a political cause, and commercial men pushing the sale of their products by means of advertising are acquainted with the value of affirmation." — Chapter III, The leaders of crowds and their means of persuasion, Part 2."
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    My post on Tony O blog:

    Gib • 15 minutes ago
    yes Tony, it's all part of Hubbard's rhetoric and sublime writing, The rhetoric of achieving clear and the sublime of being clear and OT (or operating thetan, which means cause over MEST, over life itself).
    in some parts of Hubbard's lectures and writings he talks about "gung-ho" groups.
    That's what he did, create a gung ho group known as "a scientologist" whether it be a public, or a staff member, or a sea org member, or a front group to create a gung-ho following.
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    My post on Tony O, for what for ever.

    Gib • 12 minutes ago

    All these success stories by these people in Italy are simply sublime. The wiki provides a good explanation:

    That's all what Hubbard did, tap into the sublime. The best write-up of sublime is by Edmund Burke, if you can get your wits around it, and a fascinating read.

    Once Born is correct, we were "you are promised specific, objective, verifiable benefits". Science is the motto by Hubbard as rhetoric or persuasion.
    But, that didn't happen, what we experienced was sublime thru Hubbard's writing, and he did keep it up.

    Many people on planet earth are exposed to sublime writing, ie the great movie, the next stock that will revolutionize the world, the next religion that will save mankind, the next political leader, etc. Some are true, some are not.

    Dianetics sublimed the state of "clear" or somebody going thru dianetics procedure would have perfect recall, no diseases, being cancer solved, being pain solved, a perfect human being, etc. .

    Hubbard / Scientology sublimed being OT, or cause over life, matter, energy and time, aka MEST in the scientology world.

    Every step and EP of the scientology bridge to total freedom is sublime literary. Just think being able to talk to anybody about anything, or being able to solve any problem and recognize the source of the problem, or moving out of fixed conditions, etc. These are all sublime and supposedly solved by Hubbard and dianetics and scientology,

    Of course, no clears or OT's exist, none have and none will ever exist, it's all a hoax in the most simplest term."
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  7. Gib

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    In listening to the latest Chris Shelton interview with Jefferson Hawkins, a great interview in my opinion, which explains "what did International Management" do at the Int Base, which is actually Shakespeare "much ado about nothing", LOL.

    That's all dianetics and scientology are, much ado about nothing, that is no clears, no OT's. LOL

    Here's Chris Interview and it's 2 hours long.

    In the end, both agree they wished to help people, and that's what kept them in.

    That's "sublime literary", google it.

    There are a few questions I would have asked Jefferson. one being did you study Hubbard's marketing and PR series on how to create a mystery sandwich in the 1980's Dianetics marketing campaign? And did you apply them?

    I'd ask those questions.

    But Chris wasn't a marketing guy so he wouldn't ask those questions.
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    My latest post on Tony O, FWIW:

    "Tony Ortega Mod Gflded Kim • 3 hours ago
    Cite Marty Rathbun, who said he spent years trying to sift out what was good from what was bad, and in the end found there was nothing left. Everything that appears "good" in Scientology is simply the false hope of self Improvement that ends up taking you deeper into indoctrination and control.


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    Gib Tony Ortega • 28 minutes ago
    That's correct Tony.
    I did a lot of TR's and the New Pro TR's at Flag. I forget now the marketing/PR/rhetoric/sublime promo for New Pro TR's but it's something like being able to confront and handle any communication cycle. The sublime part is to get rich! or make more money, and become a crowd member known as a scientologist..
    One day I noticed a couple talking, they were having a lovely conversation, looking into each others eyes, a love story and simple communication. They were wogs. I was dumbfounded, they never did the TR's, how can this be?
    Simple communication between the two with no hidden agenda. Hubbard's hidden agenda is to become a scientologists, someone who wishes to clear the planet all under his name and policies and HCOB's and advice's.
    Hubbard's PRO Area Control is to protect the image and name of LRH.
    And just like Mark Headly says, scientology is a magic show, or getting one to imagine to:
    "form a mental image or concept of"

    What Hubbard did was got us to imagine going clear and then OT, and then a cleared planet, and then target two the universe.