Demographic Breakdown of World Religion

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Dave B., Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. Dave B.

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  2. Jump

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    At least the National Post recognises Scientology is not a religion. Its millions of adherents, and even the word 'Scientology' are not even mentioned on that page.
  3. Dave B.

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    Exactly my point. It's a big world and $cientology is a relatively small scam; but with large ambitions. I'm just trying to get the proper "Orders of Magnitude." :)
  4. HelluvaHoax!

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  5. Anonycat

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    The ARIS report of US Religious Statistics had scientology listed in 2008, but it seems they are now in 'Other Religions'. Rastafarians is off the list as well, which previously was in greater numbers by far than scientology.

    The 1990 - 2008 US census had:

    Wiccan: (2008) 342,000
    Rastafarian (2008) 56,000
    Eckanar: (2008) 30,000
    Deity: (2008) 32,000
    Druid (2008) 29,000
    Scientologist (2008) 25,000
  6. programmer_guy

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    And, yet, CofS is STILL trying to promote on TV commercials in SoCal that they are growing so much.
    I don't think so... and I think that they are lying their asses off to the general public who might not know any better.
  7. TheRealNoUser

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    You all seem to be forgetting that these statistics are showing only the physical realm. In the theta realm the Hubbardic percentage is off the charts, as Scientology is a multipolyconglomerational religion and can peacefully co-exist whilst members retain their other faith. Scientology is replacing the Xenuic traditions without the people becoming aware that their minds have been cleared of engramic build-up. I mean, how many people really think of the Roto-Rooter man when they're taking a dump?

    Multipolyconglomerational Co-Existence Statistics:
    Doug E. Fresh is just the tip of the iceberg.

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