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Discussion in 'In Memory Of...' started by renegade, May 16, 2017.

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  1. renegade

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    Dennis Clarke has passed away.

    He had been living in Florida after suffering a number of strokes.
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  3. Ogsonofgroo

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    Pretty much sure its the same fellow WildKat, would make sense given his failing health back in 2010-2011. Curiosity got the better of me and I read through that whole old post. Almost painful it was.:unsure:
    Seems to me that he is yet another stalwart CoS supporter who gives their everything for the cult, gets sick/health issues, then thrown under the bus/neglected/abandoned and left to their own devices, little doubt that because he is broke~ 'No more use for you!'
    No shit, we have witnessed this time and time again.
    Scientology retirement plan? "Just fucking die you poor sucker!" seems the usual routine.
    If he had had some sort of pension I have a feeling they'd have pulled him back into their web of deceit and get him into the clutches of one of their purported 'care facilities', a horrifically frightening prospect for any human in my honest opinion, where he could be bled to the very last drop. It is one thing the cult has indeed been successful at, milking the cows to death.

  4. dchoiceisalwaysrs

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    I lean towards Atheism from the land of being agnostic.

    Does the RIP perhaps come from the Apocatastasis? If so I can join you in the RIP.

    But perhaps Purgatory in the common usage "...The word Purgatory has come to refer also to a wide range of historical and modern conceptions of postmortem suffering short of everlasting damnation,[6] and is used, in a non-specific sense, to mean any place or condition of suffering or torment, especially one that is temporary.. is what also comes to mind.

    All that aside, Dennis's life provides evidence of so many lives gone down the wrong road, betrayed in promise and result by hubbard and other sociopaths.

  5. WildKat

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    I've seen a number of senior Scientologists, both in age and in status, end the same way as Dennis. Senility is very common, and I think that has a lot to do with the "severe reality adjustment" that comes when it dawns on them that not only are they not going OT, but they are simply aging and getting the usual diseases as mere "wogs" .....but without the ordinary family and financial supports enjoyed by those same wogs.

    I think this sudden realization can be quite devastating. I saw it happen to several OT VIIIs.

    They gave fortunes (and sometimes families) to the cult, and there is nothing (or little) left to support them in their waning years.

    And the cult doesn't sees them as downstat, PTS, an embarrassment, to be shunned.

    For anyone lurking, it's never too late to get out.
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  6. cakemaker

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    In Mike's blog, someone posted a link to the GoFundMe page by his son for contributions to the funeral costs.

    I recognize some of the donors' names.
  7. WildKat

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    Yep, quite a few recognizable names there. And that was a very moving tribute from his son.
  8. cakemaker

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    Interesting to compare the tribute with the backstory on the link posted above to Marty's blog.
  9. Mimsey Borogrove

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    snip Oops - wrong Dennis. my bad.
  10. cakemaker

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    From about the 14:00 mark, video of Dennis Clarke being his thuggish self.

  11. Some Memories...

    Dennis Clarke was President of Citizen's Commission on Human Rights for many years, before Miscavige pulled a coup on him behind his back, leaving him stranded in Mexico (late 80's?) while heavy third-party was being generated and criminal Jan Eastgate was imported from Australia, where she had covered up Scio crimes (I do not know many more details than that). Dennis came back from his hard-working tour through Mexico to find he'd been taken off post!

    I am sure it was maddening for him the rest of his life, to never know that the COB had engineered such a heartless and brutal attack on a really effective spokesperson against criminal psychiatry. (I tried to drop such a hint to him when I got him to look at DM's criminality before I was outed and declared SP in May 2012, but he believed in David Miscavige to the end because as he put it, he'd witnessed David "handle Shelly so wonderfully" when they'd gotten out of their limo where they had apparently been fighting, just before arriving for a movie showing at Flag, and felt that "proved" DM had "compassion" - yeah, I know...).

    Dennis Clarke was the first winner of the IAS Freedom Medal, which in that day was actually awarded for something real. I'm pretty sure that this status showered on him by David Miscavige blinded him to the later, brutal betrayals of this despot against him.

    I am aware of his earliest days womanizing in CCHR (which won him some female enemies in OSA), his infiltration work for RTC's nasty FairGame operation against David Mayo in 1984, and his arguably bullying actions against picketers throughout the 90's - Dennis was a true believer and energetic defender of his religion.

    I wanted to share however, some extremely positive points about this man who once helped bail me out of trouble while investigating a corrupt field situation with a criminal fraud operation that went so high up the org board that my own post was seriously threatened and I was on the edge of a Comm-Ev removal from post for "attacking an upstat."

    (I will tell that exciting story on my own thread because it's too long for right here, and so it's not that appropriate. Dennis did some impressive investigative work and helped me shut down a criminal and got me exonerated from doubts over what I was doing with the case.)

    To me, Dennis was a person of integrity and head and shoulders above the typical corporate scientologist in that regard. I think that he kept my secret in regards to tipping him off about the criminality of Miscavige coming to light in the emerging Tampa Bay Times Truth Rundown (he told me that of all the people - opinion leaders included - my alert to him in the form of an impassioned appeal message, was the only one that got him to really "look"), and in return I had already kept and continued to keep, his originations in confidence that OSA was infiltrated with "agents" and that some were actively working on taking him out (as in "killing" him), which I know seems paranoid, but from what I knew then and what I know now, I still believe to have distinct possibilities of being valid. Of course, I know that by the time of Marty's article, his mind was beginning to break down and this lingering feeling of persecution, rooted in older situations, became a source of great distress to him.

    David Miscavige really had long been "after him," even if the greatest danger was no more.

    I have no problem believing internal operations of such an alarming nature did occur in this criminal organization deep within OSA, along with parallel operations being run by outside agencies, some with interests supporting, some with interests against, Scientology.

    I have no faintest doubt that David Miscavige was continually upset at Dennis Clarke's Opinion Leader status and his incredible influence over the field, and his integrity such that if things like the "illegal 6-mo. checks" (which did raise Dennis's interest greatly when I pointed it out) or David Miscavige's betrayal of the public by violence and inurement of IAS and other funds, ever got through those filters of his defending his "religion," he had the capability of bringing more down than even Debbie Cook did with her OL status and letter. If you could have convinced this man that those crimes really did exist, he would not have tolerated it for a minute.

    Dennis could not break away in the end, and when I, still "under the radar" and making preparations to drive to Clearwater and give him assists (about to bring an e-meter which in retrospect was dumb because although I had no great "back-off" - it would have not been okay with anyone since I was not of his case level - OT V), called him up at his Clearwater assisted-living home, he asked me point-blank if I was in "good standing" to which I replied honestly, "yeah, technically, but I think I'm in trouble" - he politely and graciously thanked me for the offer and said I should not drive all the way out to do that (plus other friends were rightly worried about my safety in Clearwater since it was becoming more and more obvious I wasn't really "under the radar" anymore with OSA - they had people around Dennis who in retrospect as I write this, must have had access to his computer where my treasonous e-mails could be found).

    So I'll break it down into simple points some of the things he did during the time I knew him, which was long after all the work he did with major media appearances speaking out against barbaric practices of criminal psychiatry (I neither stupidly believe psychiatry has the answers to the mind, nor go to the other extreme and deny that there are not some decent psychiatrists, like Jung, Berne, and many others, very much worthy of study).

    *Dennis Clarke stood up boldly and spoke against the war when Bush had 90% approval ratings and much of the scientology field was very caught up in this and justifying the war (which as you know turned out to be illegal and practically baseless). He did not just "shout people down" though - he painstakingly developed his arguments and presentations using a combination of LRH quotes and inspired writings from other sources. On this Dynamic he demonstrated that he was a man of peace and steadfastly against the brutality of war.

    *By the time of the 2004 elections, a number of scientologists were becoming so blatantly political that e-mails began circulating from "official" church (Sea Org!) terminals caught up in it. Dennis and I talked about this epidemic at length, and though I was in transition to Costa Rica, I still had the ear of OSA Int, and we both put in the "Scientology is non-political" datum in "with a bang" - not - for the reason of tax-exempt status (which won the day with OSA) - but on principle. Dennis had taught me the mechanism in the mind that drives people to extremes (it is in the technical material on the Goals-Problem-Mass and audited on OT II to some degree) for which I will be forever grateful, since even without ever doing OT II it freed me from group-think and compulsion to "play teams" and "choose sides" (things that by the way, helped me straighten out in myself, a sense of real justice in contrast to Hubbard's fake "us vs. them" justice rampant in Scio think).

    *Dennis pushed the breaking Vitamin D research (some would say too far, but the important point is that it has turned out to be highly important health information) with a constant stream of high-quality technical articles and presentations - he cared about getting this vital information out - and we both figured out an important truth with regards to race and skin color in humanity, and that is that the only reason for varying skin color and especially lighter skin for the human body at Northern latitudes, is to accomplish the absorption of Vitamin D from solar exposure, so that young females could develop bone structure suitable for childbirth (today they solve that unnaturally, with C-section births).

    *Dennis was greatly concerned about reports of arsenic contamination in wells being drilled for third world populations, and he actually traveled overseas to investigate it first-hand. In the end he found that the contamination was "natural" (deposits of arsenic-concentrated veins in the earth) but we both remained suspicious, considering the WHO (World Health Org) was involved and people were being poisoned. The point here - whatever you believe about our suspicions - is that he cared enough to spend the time and go and look for himself.

    *Dennis continually blew the whistle on numerous "ponzi schemes" that fanatic and unethical scientologists would continually concoct in hopes of getting rich and getting up the expensive Bridge. He was continually attacked by those who knew they were being foiled. Dennis demanded that businesses have exchangeable products and did not look well on pyramid schemes, at all.

    *Dennis continually campaigned for justice using the most sensible quotes he could find (not limited to LRH). He was pushing Human Rights long before OSA finally came out with their campaigns after 2002 (and this ties back to my comment about his passion for peace within and between nations).

    Yes, I know you some of you who were on the receiving end of this guy at protests will probably spot some uncomfortable ironies here - but Dennis was no typical, robotic, corporate scientologist. His example of integrity in many areas, was positively inspiring to me - and I know to many others in the scientologist community - and, in the end, this was part of the inspiration I would need to summon the courage to leave the criminal church, and to eventually today, continue whistleblowing and campaigning for real justice.

    Dennis Clarke had quite a positive impact on my life.

    Although I ended up cut off by "Disconnection" from Dennis, I always hoped he was doing well, and I know for certain that there is going to be quite a powerful being coming back to this earth in the near future.
  12. exsomessenger

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    Dennis was focused on his mission of attacking the psychs. He was a little over the top for me when I was in. I gave him a wide berth. Our paths only crossed a few times while I was on missions around the PAC area. I remember thinking, while I was in, I'm glad he is on our side.

    Does that make me a dupe?
  13. Veda

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    I knew someone who, in the mid 1980s - was punched in the face by Dennis Clarke when he was sitting in his office. Clarke was with the "Minutemen" thug squad at the time. This fellow was sitting in his office, minding his own business, and Clarke entered and attacked him. When he got up from the floor, and shook off the shock of the assault, he chased Clarke into the parking lot, but Clarke had already driven away. And this is not the only person to have been physically attacked, so it wasn't all just intimidation, threats, and some shoving during demonstrations. This guy beat up people for David Miscavige.


    Here's Clarke, some years later, on a Scientology TV show. He appears at 5:43.


    Clarke appears to have been part Hawaiian and was a big guy, so he was used as a thug. That was his "hat" for a long time. Inevitably, when he was no longer useful, he was discarded.
  14. WildKat

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    I never met him, but just from what I've seen, from people who did know him, he was a True ideologue. He no doubt thought he was fighting the good fight, just like a lot of us did.....when we were also True Believers.
  15. Gib

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    yes, or more appropriately a

    we all were :omg:

    ever get in the mail or regged at Flag to become a FSM, it's an appointed post for all public.
  16. HelluvaHoax!

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    And your final sentence summarizes it quite accurately.

    In fact that is one of the THREE MAIN REASONS why 99% of Scientologists leave and renounce Scientology:

    1) Because Scientology discards them as no longer useful. (e.g. they don't have any more money to donate, they are too old/infirm to work on staff for slave wages, they can't be used for covert intelligence/black Ops, et al).

    2) Because Scientology did not work. (e.g. half a million or more dollars into it, the Clear/OT discovers that they aren't Clear/OT----and nobody else is either!).

    3) Because Scientology Ethics tech , Justice tech and/or Financial tech was finally applied to them. (i.e. They were "fine with" Scientology being applied to others, just not themselves. Then they became the target of Hubbard's Fair Game tech/tactics and suddenly Scientology's sociopathy, savagery and sadism becomes painfully obvious--at which precise moment seeds of the escape plan are planted in the rich soil of "Man, I've gotta get outta this crazy hellhole!"
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  17. Gib

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    every time I hear of CCHR and the psychs I'm reminded on what Hubbard said back in 10 Nov 1952. This snip is from the lecture series called Source of Life Energy and is part of The Basics that all staff members and public were ordered to buy and do the courses on them.

    Here's Ron:

    If anybody wants, I can attach photos of the transcripts.

    Useful idiots I'm sorry to say, but that is the truth. Ron couldn't clear a dinning room table let alone a person nor hisself nor soul astronaut.
  18. lotus

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    I am stunned at this statement of LRH (althouh not really surprised...)

    When I think that the hard core belief why many of us got involved deeper was to clear this planet, because Psychs were (allegedly accused to be by LRH) a real hazard and threat to mankind...

    If only those lunatics statement of him would have been available in the very beginning of our coming ..when no brainwashig has occured yet...when critical thinking was still there....some stuff would have no grip in our mind as it did...
    and that is the true wonder of is available :wink2:

    Arrogance and boasting always catches us up...often much earlier than in a billion years...:blush:
  19. Ogsonofgroo

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    How nice he did such good for you, apparently you are in an abject minority.
    What the fuck does that really mean? Like, over 5' 1"? Like 'integrity' and scientology have some sort of history or something in common? As far as I'm concerned his deep involvement with CCHR puts him well into the 'Derp-zone', not withstanding the fact he suckled the rancid tits of Hubbard to start with, was a bully-boy and by several accounts just a plain old assholio.
    I have a feeling that if he ever graces this planet again it will be on one of the elder species, around where his mentor/guru is, amoebas or virus or tick, take yer pick.
    Though I know it is distasteful to speak ill of the dead (oh but wait, he's not dead! merely in default-mode!), from everything I've read thus far about the man just paints a nice pink "shillish' culty color.

    Ugh. Byeee!

  20. Gib

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    yah lotus, it's quite amazing. I listened to that lecture, speech, by Ron, and what he said went completely over my head while still in, didn't connect dots you might say. It was only after I left and chilled out, I realized what a bullshit artist Ron really was.

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