Does anyone recognize any of these Scientology WISE-guys?

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  1. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Does anyone recognize any of these Scientology WISE-guys?

    Leak from Tony Ortega. Please see Tony's post for his full analysis.

    * * * * * BEGIN LEAK * * * * *

    WISE 2015-2016


    Dear All WISE Members,

    Welcome to the ninth week of standings for the new 2015-2016 WISE Game! Remember, there is only 5 weeks left in the first Quarter. This is a Sprint Game period, hence time to get a move on!

    These standings are changing every week! Performia International just took over first place in the Consulting Companies League! With affluence booksales the last few weeks they came out of nowhere to dominate this game. Sterling Management is just behind by only two points; can they take over first place and be the Champions of this Sprint Game? If so, then they will be awarded on their home turf as the Convention is going to be in LA. Meaning that not only their leader (CEO Kevin Wilson) but also their whole team would be there to go on stage and receive their trophy. Quite the victor, can they pull it off? Meanwhile Veterinary Practice Solutions is right behind and gaining fast. They beat Comm Line last week and their fearless leader Joel Parker is leading their team to victory. Go team Canada!

    In the Top Registrar League we had quite a week! Martin Runow held his position in first place but the famous Dennis Dezelic from MGE just surged ahead of the pack and is now threatening his cushy lead. Not far behind is Greg Winteregg, also from MGE and a Goliath in his own right with Feinberg & Dan Margolin from Effective Management close behind in third and fourth place.

    UPCOMING RELEASE: Make sure to secure your copies of the new Admin Reference Volumes. Hubbard College Press is taking pre-orders of these awesome new secular reference books which cover all of the basic areas you need in the technology of administration. Set includes 12 different books covering the following subjects: Study Skills, Communication& Team Building, Efficiency in the Workplace, Establishing and Organizing, Statistical Management, Executive Skills, Goals Management, Marketing & Public Relations, Financial Management & Business Ethics & Justice. It also has a full glossary with over 2,000 terms defined and an Index so you can find any subject you want easily. For more info go here.

    Here are the quarters so you know when they start and end.

    First Quarter 28 May – 7 Aug 2015 SPRINT GAME PERIOD!
    Second Quarter 20 Aug – 19 Nov 2015
    Third Quarter 19 Nov – 18 Feb 2016
    Fourth Quarter 18 Feb – 19 May 2016




    1 Performia International 29 points
    2 Sterling Management 27
    3 Veterinary Practice Solutions 26
    4 Comm Line 25
    5 Silhouette Holland 24
    5 Effective Management 21
    5 Master Tech Computer Products 21
    6 Int Executive Technology 21
    7 Business Forward 19
    7 Pacific Management 18
    8 MGE Management Experts 16
    8 Chiropractic Business Academy 15
    8 Jacobs & Van Rooij Management 14
    9 Ulan Nutritional Systems 13
    9 David Singer Enterprises 12
    10 Accelerated Training Solutions 12
    11 Silkin Management 10
    12 Art of Management 7
    13 Management Success 7
    13 Measurable Solutions 7
    13 Survival Strategies 6
    14 U-Man Management Belgium 3


    1 HCA Budapest 38 points
    2 HCA Tachira 31
    3 HCA Venezuela 22
    4 HCA Taiwan 21
    5 HCA Tokyo 17
    6 HCA Taichung 17
    6 HCA Latvia 16
    7 HCA Brno 15
    7 HCA Bratislava 12
    7 HCA Stuttgart 12
    8 HCA South Africa 11
    8 HCA Ecuador 9
    8 HCA Tainan 9
    9 HCA Kosice 6
    9 HCA Prague 6
    9 HCA Milano 4
    9 HCA Costa Rica 3


    1 Marten Runow- Performia International 29 points
    2 Kevin Wilson – Sterling Management 27
    3 Joel Parker – Veterinary Practice Solutions 26
    4 Bela Nagy- Comm Line 25
    4 Pat Clouden – Accelerated Training Solutions 21
    4 Chris Melvin – Master Tech Computer Products 21
    5 Rohn Walker – Int Executive Technology 21
    6 Dan Margolin & Justin Feinberg- Effective Mgmt 21
    6 Ilya Kusakin- Business Forward 19
    7 Rick Manning – Pacific Management 18
    7 Luis Colon – MGE 16
    7 Jonna Palmer – Chiropractic Business Acad. 15
    7 Peter & Anneke- Jacobs & Van Rooij Management 14
    8 Peter Buckles – Ulan Nutritional Systems 13
    8 Brent Detelich & Hugh Whitt – David Singer Enterprises 12
    9 Kim Payne – FLB Charter Committee 12
    10 Fred King – Silkin Management 10
    11 Janice Wheeler – Art of Management 7
    12 Bill Kilpatrick – Management Success 7
    12 Sean Kirk & Jeff Lee – Measurable Solutions 7
    12 Craig Ferreira – Survival Strategies 6
    13 Roger Van Loocke- U-Man Management 3


    1 Marten Runow $70,559 gross book sales
    2 Dennis Dezelic $38,960
    3 Greg Winteregg $36,937
    4 Justin Feinberg $35,435
    5 Dan Margolin $35,265
    6 Joel Parker $35,238
    7 Sabri Blumberg $30,635
    8 Ben Ochart $21,390
    9 Aaron Hambley $20,864
    10 Mike Menkhaus $17,143
    11 Barbara Wilson $16,970
    12 Ginny Boehme $15,275
    13 Melanie Hoover $10,790
    14 Roger Van Locke $9,419
    15 Janice Wheeler $7,289
    16 Kim Payne $6,900
    17 Jerry Langenfeld $5,528
    18 Rohn Walker $4,020
    19 Neil Winteregg $3,410
    20 Kathy Korb $3,175
    21 Andrew Harris $2,970
    22 Mike Russell $2,420
    23 Lauren Feldman $2,320
    24 Allen Jackson $1,680
    25 Robin Hod $1,540
    26 Rick Manning $1,445
    27 Kasza Tamas $1,000
    28 Lothar Stueckl $992
    29 Peter Buckles $990
    30 Piroska Gyula $403
    31 Klaus Uckelman $397
    32 Marc de Turck $335
    33 Szilvie Nemes $184
    34 Slavka Gondova $131
    35 Kazimir Zak $125


    1 Marten Runow $141,118 gross book sales
    2 Greg Winteregg $136,063
    3 Pat Boyers $58,435
    4 Kevin Wilson $48,653
    5 Dan Margolin $35,265
    6 Hilarie Rockl $35,238
    7 Brennan Clouden $35,180
    8 Erik Bayersdorfer $11,538
    9 Roger Van Locke $9,419
    10 Fred King $8,108
    11 Kathy Korb $8,108
    12 Janice Wheeler $7,794
    13 Alex Melgarejo $7,596
    14 Hugh Whitt $4,660
    15 Rohn Walker $4,020
    16 Austin Beilhart $3,727
    17 Brenna Terpstra $3,727
    18 Nagy Bela $3,277
    19 Ilya Kusakin $1,930
    20 Rick Manning $1,445
    21 Craig Ferreira $91


    1 Ashley Fuegel 12 points
    1 Ariana Walker 9
    2 Ruby Lee 9
    2 Dylan Byrne 9
    3 Sebron Walker 9
    3 Fernando Olea 6
    3 Andrea Wheeler 4
    3 Bobbee Palmer 4
    4 Bryan Manning 4
    4 Milena Ferreira 4
    4 William Prince 4
    5 Janette Jonsson 3


    1 Ahuda Gorman $10,104 gross book sales
    2 Ciara McMahon $4,925
    3 Lorna Shelton $4,155
    4 Kathy Barnett $3,600
    5 Annette Jonsson $2,680
    6 Martin Kolb $2,347
    7 Chase Wilson $1,440
    8 Kasza Tamas $1,000
    9 Lothar Stueckl $992
    10 Cody Holton $885
    11 Adam Fuegel $860
    12 Regina Zwers $800
    13 Susan Lewis $419
    14 Piroska Gyula $403
    15 Klaus Uckelman $397
    16 Marc de Turck $335
    17 Abby Winteregg $220
    18 Szilvie Nemes $184
    19 Jack Hennessy $153

    * * * * * END LEAK * * * * *
  2. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Know...well I have met each of the ones I have underlined, but didn't know any of them in depth.

  3. Freeminds

    Freeminds Bitter defrocked apostate

    What surprises me is that it doesn't actually add up to very much money. I suppose this is just one of many scams that run throughout the year, but compared to the days when poor old Ron used to squat in a trailer like a bloated spider at the centre of its web... this is chickenfeed. Take inflation into account and the full extent of Scientology's shrinkage is laid bare.

    So that's nice to see.
  4. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    Taking a look at the ranges ($141K down to $91), and the fact that the lists end at different numbers (21 for "Top VP sales", 35 for Top Reg) leads me to think these aren't their "top" people. They're ALL THEY HAVE.
  5. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Twitter question and replies concerning Measurable Solutions.

  6. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor


    Sorry for the de-rail.

    However, if required, I can provide and forward to you a 459 page list (single-spaced) of compelling justifications for why this is necessary. LOL


    What's going on in this photo?

    Scientologists are awarding tourist shop 99 cent plastic replicas of the "OSCAR" statue? Seriously?

    Scientologists are celebrating the winner who designed the word's worst logo (behind him). Yeah, that's right--a triangle discordantly placed in front of an infinity sign. Because "Ron The Graphic Designer" once thought that was "nifty modern art" back in 1956?

    And why are the grinning dorks holding "Hollywood Sidewalk Stars"? Because, Tom Cruise is the "world's most dedicated Scientologist" and he has a star? And therefore, anyone who is upstat gets a star?


    That photo has reclaimed and re-enturbulated all my free theta.
  7. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    I guess that Joe Yazbeck finally bailed out of further involvement in WISE? :confused2:

    (I knew him as a fellow staffer at the Riverside Mission in the 1970s.)
  8. Knows

    Knows Gold Meritorious Patron

    Where are they now? My bet - most of the people are OUT lurking here. :giggle:
  9. This is NOT OK !!!!

    This is NOT OK !!!! Gold Meritorious Patron

    Jeff Lee is the founder and owner of Measurable Solutions.

    It's a consulting company that focuses primarily on Physical Therapists.

    Jeff Lee and his wife Julie Lee were Seattle mission/org staff and moved to Clearwater in the '90s to more easily get through their OT levels.

    They were/are close friends of mine. I say were/are because I gave him a copy of the Garcia Letter. He refused to look at it and said that he'd show it to the MAA at Flag and read it if they OK'ed it :duh:

    So "Jeff Lee" and "Julie Lee" owners of "Measurable Solutions" stuck their heads in the sand and I never heard from them again. It's sad when friends just cut you out of their lives. Obviously, it's even worse when family do it.

    I hope that Jeff and Julie wake up someday soon and give me a call. It would be fun to resume our friendship.
  10. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Oh I had forgotten about this thread.

    I knew I remember Janice Wheeler, but I sure as fuck didn't know what she was up to at that time.

    1. Breach of Trust at Ontario Provincial Police

    The O.P.P. were of interest to the Guardian's Office as it was
    believed that they were investigating Scientology. Cynthia Bake became
    a plant at the O.P.P. after being approached by a case worker for the
    Guardian's Office Intelligence Bureau. Ms. Bake was a "public person"
    in the Church of Scientology of Toronto; she was not a staff member,
    but talking courses at the Toronto location. She obtained a clerk
    position with the O.P.P. Intelligence Branch in the general
    building. She swore an oath of office and secrecy, and worked in this
    capacity from May 1976 until November 1976.

    As a plant, Ms. Bake reported to Jacqueline Matz. She testified at
    trial that she was pressured by Ms. Matz to find out what was in the
    O.P.P. files. She looked in the files, but could not find anything
    relating to Scientology. She took another piece of paper, which
    referred to the "Moonies", and gave it to Ms. Matz. Eventually, Ms.
    Bake did not wish to continue acting as a plant, and she resigned.

    2. Breach of Trust at Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General

    The breach of trust at the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General
    involved a second plant. Janice Wheeler was a Scientologist who worked
    in the Toronto Organization and had been trained as a legal secretary.
    In 1974, she secured employment as a secretary


    with the of Attorney General in the Director of Crown Attorneys
    She provided several internal memoranda, sent between people in the
    Attorney General's office, to the Guardian's Office Intelligence
    In total, Ms. Wheeler obtained approximately two to three file folders
    of documents from the Attorney General's office.

    Janice Wheeler testified at trial that, as a result of her
    she had access to a key that would open the door to the archives in
    basement of the Attorney General's office. On three separate
    Scientologists gained access to the archives to search for files on
    Scientology. On one occasion, Ms. Evoy, the Deputy Guardian
    Canada, removed a file from the archives and sent it to the Deputy
    Guardian Intelligence Office United States. The file was later
    by the F.B.I. during a search of the Scientology premises in the

    Ms. Evoy described another incident where she met Janice Wheeler at
    the Attorney General's of office. After all the staff had left, Ms.
    Wheeler took her inside and the two of them looked for files relating
    to the Church of Scientology. Ms. Evoy testified that they searched in
    the office of Donald MacKenzie, who was a lawyer responsible for some
    matters involving Scientology. Nothing was taken on this particular


    Ms. Evoy described other occasions when she obtained Ministry files
    directly from Janice Wheeler. At one point, the two met in the
    at the office, and Ms. Wheeler gave Ms. Evoy a file relating to the
    Church of Scientology. Ms. Evoy copied the file and returned it to Ms.
    Wheeler so that it court be returned to the Ministry.

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