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    It seems to me to be a good idea for members here to document cases of
    Scientology`s P.R. machine getting theta published by unsuspecting media organizations , when found.

    If every instance of this is posted here along with an email address where a compliant can be lodged by everyone here who gives a darn.... I think it would be a great step in killing Scientology off quickly.
    After all Scientology is nothing going for it except its P.R.

    Or you could do nothing and hope Scientology will just die on its own without hurting anyone else.

    But didn`t you get into Scientology in the first place to help people ?
    Don`t let them kill that.

    Hope to see more posts on this thread. No amount of theta is too small.

    Church of Scientology to conduct seminar
    Wednesday, 04 April 2012 09:51

    An international team “Scientology Volunteer Minister Pacific Goodwill” will hold a month exhibition and give free seminars to public in Honiara.

    Scientology Volunteer Ministers are from the Church of Scientology, a worldwide movement that has for more than 25 years worked across national, racial, political and religious boundaries in more than 150 countries to help people deal with upheavals and has helped them put their lives back together.

    Pacific director Mathew Andrew told The Solomon Star that the visiting team will conduct the grand opening for their one month exhibition on April 21 at old Town Ground at 10 am.

    Mr Andrew said public are invited to be part of the program as free seminars on 19 subjects will be done where several vital topics will be covered during the event.

    He said some of topics that will be covered include, how to communicate and understand others better, how to improve your standard of living, solutions to alcohol and drug abuse, how to improve your ability to study and learn, what makes a successful marriage, get trained in disaster response techniques and how to be an effective leader.

    According to the director the Volunteer Ministers bring the message of “No matter the problem…. Something can be done about it”.

    “Our aims are to pass on the knowledge of scientology to people and then they can overcome problems which before were troubling them or those they care about.”

    Apart from seminars and training Volunteer Ministers also provide their unique/ emergency service expertise at major disaster sites all over the world thus Mr Andrew said that one of outcomes of their visit to the Solomon Islands now is that locals will be trained up to respond to any future disasters.

    The team had been in the country in November last year and had visited 16 villages from West and East Guadalcanal where they conduct free seminars and help people in those communities.

    The team looks forward to continue its programs to other parts of Guadalcanal Province soon.


    Here is the email to complain to regarding this irresponsible article...
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    Theta Alert !!!

    My Mother and Scientology: The Story I Never Knew

    Scientologists are jamming up the comments here with massive doses of theta.

    If you have the time and aren`t driving the porcelain truck from reading the article, please post a comment.

    23 - randomx
    Apr 05, 2012 at 4:36 pm

    Google is your friend. Look into Scientology for a few minutes and save yourself a lifetime of poverty and loneliness.

    I mean it. Just google Scientology !!!

    Read more:
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    Villages author ready for Hollywood
    Published: Thursday, April 12, 2012


    THERESA CAMPBELL | Staff Writer

    In what has been called "The American Idol for writers," a new author from The Villages is among 13 writers and 12 illustrators from around the globe who will be honored in Hollywood Sunday at the 28th Annual L. Ron Hubbard Achievement Awards at the famed Wilshire Ebell Theatre.

    "I'm delighted to be able to be a part of this; it's the most wonderful feeling to be able to say that you're a published author," Roy Hardin, 60, said during a phone call from Hollywood on Thursday, where his story, "Fast Draw," was among thousands of entries selected to appear in the annual anthology L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers and Illustrators of the Future.

    The book will be released Sunday during the Oscars-style awards festivities. Among the highlights will be the announcement of two grand prize winners, each to receive $5,000.

    Hardin in Hollywood all week with his wife, Virginia, attending writing seminars taught by some of the most famous people in science fiction industry.

    "These are people whose books I've read," Hardin said. "It's fun. You feel like you're surrounded by rock stars."

    The Villager is experiencing the same kind of celebrity treatment.

    "Usually when you publishstories, I don't think you get limo rides, dress up in tuxedos and stand up in front of TV cameras and have people applaud in an auditorium filled with 1,500 people," Hardin said. "That doesn't usually happen, so this is a really special thing."

    He received a phone call on Jan. 19 that "Fast Draw" was one of thousands of stories selected to be published in the anthology.

    The story is set about 130 years in the future, Hardin said, and focuses on a guy who goes into a bar to celebrate his 70th birthday alone. The man is approached by a woman who wants to buy him a drink for his birthday and she seems to know everything about him. He's mystified that she knows so much.

    "It's a fun story for people to read," he said, adding the story has a good, captivating ending that leaves readers saying "Oh, wow!"

    "It emphasizes science fiction and the advances of computer technology over time and how it becomes more powerful," he said.

    After graduating from Colby College, Hardin's life work was in New York for five computer-related companies, where he was the co-founder of three of them. He saw computers grow 10 times more powerful, then a hundred, then a thousand, then a million, with no end in sight.

    He has written instructional manuals in his work, but finds writing fiction more thrilling. Yet, he didn't know if his stories were good enough to be published.

    "I've been writing stuff and setting it on the side," Hardin recalled. "I took a course at The Villages Lifelong Learning College about how to market writing."

    The instructor encouraged Hardin to submit his works to The Writers of the Future writing contest initiated by L. Ron Hubbard in 1983, a contest that helps aspiring writers get that much-needed break.

    Past winners of the writing contest have published more than 750 novels and 3,500 short stories, while the winners of the illustrating contest have had their art published in more than 500 books and magazines, with 4,500 illustrations, 350 comics and over 1.3 million art prints.

    "The Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contests have proven to be the most effective means for contestants to make their break in the publishing industry, an industry renowned for being closed to the newcomer," said Joni Labaqui, director of the contests. "Well over six million fiction and non-fiction manuscripts make the rounds annually to find a publishing home, yet only 2,500 new science fiction and fantasy titles are published each year, and many of these are from already established authors.

    "That's why these contests were created -- because it's so hard to get published and there are so many talented people who give up on their dreams to see their works in print."

    Comments welcome at the site...
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    Where do these figures come from?

  7. degraded being

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    Karin Pouw bent over her desk and got someone from the rpf to dig them out of her arse.
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    In world fields, religious liberty often a struggle

    Seventh Day adventists network

    Excerpt from the article

    .........In both Russia and Kazakstan, the roughly 60-year-old Church of Scientology is facing persecution and discrimination, said the Rev. Susan L. Taylor, president of the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, D.C.

    "Last December, police entered our church in Moscow full force, burst into homes of staff members, and also brought a man from a TV station to film the raid," Taylor said. "The idea is to close down various churches of Scientology," she added.

    "In Kazakstan, we're also experiencing persecution. Members have had to go underground," Taylor said. "In Almaty, the Ahmadi Muslims were shut down all over Kazakstan, and a local news report asked, 'Is the Methodist Church next?'"

    Scientologists, Taylor explained, "have a policy in our church that we abide by the rules of the land. Working in that framework, we fight for our rights, we fight to exist.".........

    Comments are open...
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    I have submitted a comment here at the above link.

    I guess they are checked before being posted there.

    Even if it doesn`t go up. At least someone there would have read it.

    Be great if they got a deluge of comments re Scientology being "persecuted."

    Or we could just let Scientology infiltrate society and sit around wondering how on earth it could have happened.

    Come on guys. Let`s cut them off at every turn.
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    Tuesday, May 01, 2012 9:17 AM
    Scientology Provides Free Seminars

    Solomon Times.

    The official launch of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour Solomon Islands, signals the launch of a month of free seminars on the 19 subjects of the Scientology Handbook.

    Mathew Andrews, leader of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour gave an overview of the 19 topics the group will cover in seminars to those attending the opening of the Tour in Honiara.

    Our aims are to pass on the knowledge of Scientology so people can overcome problems that trouble them or those they care about Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 27, 2012

    At the opening ceremony in April 21 of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour in Honiara, capital of Guadalcanal Province, Hon. Ileen Sulukonina, Guadalcanal's Minister for Women, Youth, Children and Sports, welcomed the Volunteer Ministers to the region on behalf of the Guadalcanal Provincial Government. Hon. Sulukonina, who herself attended all 19 seminars when the Goodwill Tour first arrived in the Solomon Islands in Fall 2011, encouraged those present to take advantage of the training.

    "The seminars will teach and inform people about the tools in knowing to know yourself and relationships with others in order to survive," she said. "Come with an open heart to learn, as Man's survival will depend on his knowledge about himself, others and his environment."

    The Waru Panpipe Band and the Kakona Traditional Group performed traditional songs and dances and guests toured the traditional hut built for the occasion at Town Ground, and Mathew Andrews, leader of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour, gave an overview of the program with specific examples to illustrate the 19 topics the group will cover in the seminars-including how to communicate and understand others better; how to improve one's standard of living; solutions to alcohol and drug abuse; how to improve the ability to study and learn; what makes a successful marriage; and how to be an effective leader.

    "Our aims are to pass on the knowledge of Scientology so people can overcome problems that trouble them or those they care about," he said.

    Contact the editor...
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    Comments open for facebook users.

    After Narconon files suit, city to discuss expansion behind closed doors
    May 11, 2012

    After a proposed expansion by Narconon stalled during a board of adjustments meeting six months ago, city leaders are once again set to discuss the rehabilitation facility — this time in executive session.

    Public Information Officer Doug Rainer confirmed to The Log that the May 21 closed-door executive session was related to Narconon. According to court records, there are two petitioners involved in the case, Narconon and PCA Enterprises, which is managed by Deborah and Herbert Ross.

    In 2011, the Crystal Beach-based drug rehabilitation and education facility, which has two locations in Destin, submitted an application to the city that would allow for them to increase the number of “students” in their smaller facility from six to 12.

    At the time, Deborah Ross, Narconon’s executive director, told the board “our students come from all walks of life and these are people who want to change their lives, who want to get better.”

    One of the biggest concerns amongst neighboring residents was safety.

    Crystal Beach resident Tiara Cameron, whose home sits directly behind the facility, wrote that the city’s priority should be to “attract vacationers and not drug addicts to Destin.”

    After more than three hours of testimony during the Nov. 2 meeting, the city’s board of adjustments took two votes. The first, which tied 2-2, was to approve the application and the second vote, to deny the application, also deadlocked 2-2.

    The board of adjustment’s role is to hear and decide upon applications for variances, special exceptions, and administrative appeals when it is alleged there is an error in any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by an administrative official in the enforcement of any zoning ordinance.

    With the vote deadlocked, Narconon had the opportunity to appeal the decision made by the board to the circuit court within 30 days of the ruling, which they chose to do.

    The Log contacted Narconon, but Ross was unavailable for comment.
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    Please take a moment to email this newspaper reminding them to do a bit of research before they promote a group that "would rather see its readers dead , than incapable
    (of being scientologists)

    Many benefits from scientology seminar
    Saturday, 19 May 2012

    THE Scientology group has successfully completed their one month exhibition at Town Ground, West Honiara Friday last week.

    The exhibition was part of the Scientology Volunteer Minister Pacific Goodwill Tour headed by Pacific Director Mathew Andrews with assistance of locals.

    Nineteen subjects were presented during the free seminars that covered topics like how to communicate and understand others better, how to improve your standard of living, solutions to alcohol and drug abuse, how to improve your ability to study and learn, what makes a successful marriage, get trained in disaster response techniques and how to be an effective leader.

    One participant of the seminar John Lobo from Guadalcanal said what he has learnt during the seminars were something really different and has changed his life.

    “I understand many things such as how to communicate, the technology of study, public relations, how to resolve conflicts, etc. that I have learnt from Scientology.

    “The knowledge helps me as a Pastor, a husband, a father, a Christian and overall as a human being,” Mr Lobo said.

    Chris Narasia from Savo who undertook all subjects presented at the seminar echoed the same sentiments.

    “What I learned pinpointed exactly where things have gone wrong in my life, family and country as a whole.

    Another student from Malaita Saul Salefafia said he will continue to make sure that others have the chance to also learn Scientology so they too can have ways to better understand life and make a better life for themselves and others.

    The Scientology pacific director Mr Andrew said his six months Goodwill Tour in the country has ended.

    He said he hope scientology volunteers in the country will continue to help others with the “simple but powerful techniques they learned from the exhibition”.

    “I’m happy to have been so warmly welcomed and to have the chance to spend time to get to know the customs and cultures of the Solomon Islands,” the director said.

    Scientology when first introduced and made known in the country has been criticised by some individuals however was able to successfully completed its mission in the country.

    The exhibition was held from April 21 to May 11.


    Solomon Star Limited (founded 1982)

    Location: New Chinatown, Honiara
    Phone: (+677) 22062
    Fax: (+677) 25290
    Postal Address: PO Box 255, Honiara, Solomon Islands

    Managing Director: John Lamani

    News Department

    Acting Editor: Moffat Mamu
    Phone: (+677) 22062. Email:

    Senior photo journalist: Charles Kadamana
    Phone: (+677) 22062. Email:

    Sub Editor: Ednal Palmer

    Senior Reporters: Eddie Osifelo, Douglas Marau

    Journalists: Assumpta Piva, Trixie Carter, Gina Makaá, Carlos Aruafu, Jennifer Kakai, Jeremy Inifiri.

    Chief graphic artist: Arthur Wate
    Senior graphic artist: Lorol Leeson
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    YOUR SAY: Northcote psychiatry show slammed


    30 May 12

    A NORTHCOTE Town Hall exhibition discrediting psychiatry has prompted calls for a further review of Darebin Council’s venue hire policy.

    The exhibition, sponsored by the Church of Scientology and produced by its advocacy group Citizens Commission of Human Rights, features a video and photographic display discrediting psychiatric intervention and pharmaceuticals.

    >> Should the exhibition have been allowed? Tell us below.

    Northcote resident Luke Shein, who works with people who have mental illness, lodged a complaint with the council, describing the exhibition as “lacking in balance” and “fear-mongering”.

    “I found the exhibition to be offensive and potentially dangerous to vulnerable individuals,” Mr Shein said.

    “The council should put more thought into what it puts on in pubic buildings.”

    Mr Shein said said he was disturbed by photographs of bleeding, disfigured children inside the exhibition and the slogan “psychiatry, an industry of death” painted on a truck outside, but was most troubled that the exhibition discouraged people from “engaging with a treatment that might lead to a better mental health outcome”.

    Darebin Mayor Steven Tsitas said he was open to investigating the venue hire guidelines.

    Rucker Ward Cr Trent McCarthy said if the exhibition presented information “that is misleading or harmful to people with a mental illness, that’s a very serious matter”.

    “Council should look closely at its policy on this,” Cr McCarthy said.

    Darebin Council’s city design and environment manager, Daniel Freer, said the council allowed the exhibition after finding no issues of public concern elsewhere.

    Citizens Commission of Human Rights representatives did not return Leader’s calls.

    >> Should the exhibition have been allowed? Tell us below.

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