Exit from PAC BASE - PART 1

Discussion in 'Leaving Scientology' started by 8-8008ASHO, Mar 7, 2016.

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  1. 8-8008ASHO

    8-8008ASHO Patron

    This WE I was watching a documentary about abuses and people being locked inside room for days, weeks, months.
    That made me think of my EXIT from the PAC BASE. This is my story but many did get through the same Exit.

    1. When I was seen in Ethics, by my Ethics Office, the PAC Security, I was told that I was going to sleep in a room alone. This meant, I was being put on WATCH ! Someone from HCO was outside all night long to make sure I was not going to run away.
    2. I was in that room for about 1 month. I could go out on the stairs few minutes a day.
    3. I was then put into an auditing room (One near the Security Guard office). I was not allowed to go out. I was staying in there from 9 am til 10 pm. This went on for 2 months. My food was brought in there, I was told to write my Overts and Withholds. Every time I tought I was done, I was told to write some more... It went on to a point where I was kind of "making up overts and withhold". I had write over 1000 of them.
    4. After those 2 months, I was put inside a room in the basement with some others who were going out. I did not know they were so many. About 20 people. We were made to read books, listening to lectures, write more OW...
    5. I moved from that room to a doorm with the guys getting out. There was also a doorm for women. We were all in there at night, speaking, reading, nattering...
    6. One guys had been there for 1 year and was still not out.
    7. I waited 3 more months to start my Sec Check. Proccess to get out of there.
    8. After 10 sessions, I thought I was done... I was again being SecCheck... it went on and It was going nowhere. bugging...
    9. I Waited another 3 months for my Comm-Ev... which one lasted 1 more month.
    10. We were not allowed to go outside, but stay in that room all day long. The only place we could go was on the stairwell to get some space above LA.
    11. My auditing went wrong and was assigned a new auditor. It took again weeks...

    In the meantime some people were going, happy to finally be OUT ! Those guys had been there 8, 9, 10 months or 1 year 1/2...

    When I left, I had been there for 10 months... Looking at it now, I was soooo brainwashed that I agreed with it. Now, I would have ran out... and tell them to get F---.
  2. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Wow, it's unreal to look back on isn't it? It is so very, very WRONG.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.
  3. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    Were you in the room because you had said you wanted to route out?

    Around what year was this?

    When I decided to leave Flag in the early 80's, I was aware that people who said they wanted to route out were put on "mest work", and watched, and were on the "routing out" program for months. That prompted my decision to just blow.
  4. WildKat

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    20 people all trying to leave at the same time? Wow! I am also curious whether this was recent or long ago?

    It's a testament to the mindfuck that people feel they have to jump through hoops to leave rather than just leave. That after deciding to leave, they still feel they have to follow the cult rules.

    For anyone lurking who wants to go, take back your own power, and just go. You don't need the cult's permission.
  5. Helena Handbasket

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    When I first saw this, my initial (mistaken) reaction was that 20 people, all wanting out, rushed the door en masse.

    Now THAT would have been interesting!

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  6. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    It's not necessarily "at the same time". When the "standard routing out" process takes months, to maybe a year or more, just one or two people deciding to route out per month will accumulate to that 20.

    Given the number of SO people at PAC, that seems like a quite reasonable number.
  7. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    I'm sorry to hear that 8-8008ASHO and I suppose I was lucky ... I managed to exit the SO in just 3 months from the time I informed them I wanted to leave via a fitness board to getting out the door, which was another 3 months of my life completely wasted (on top of the time already served) but, having endured it I would eventually walk out with my head held high and be "allowed" to remain a scientologist in good standing (yippee doo) ... once my freeloader bill was paid (and which was handed to me along with yet another filthy look at the relevant stage of the routing out form).

    I still recall the final moments ... I was a bag of nerves but hid it from "them" it was around 2.30pm (on a Monday) when I was finally allowed to go, I had no idea I was going to be freed that day but they had tried everything to force me to change my mind and none of it had worked. I just walked out the door with nothing but my F/L bill and up the drive of SH and out the gates to freedom. Nobody chased me or demanded I "get back on post" which I fully expected. I really did feel a huge weight drop from my shoulders and can only imagine that the feeling was similar to how a prisoner must feel on release day from some hellhole of a gaol, except I'd committed no crime and not a single soul (or cellmate) spoke to me, wished me well or even said goodbye but (this is the worst thing) I wasn't free at all, I was still trapped in cult head crap for many years to come, right up until the day I landed here (ESMB) and was able to express what I needed to in my own way to people who I immediately knew would get it ... and you did.

  8. Mimsey Borogrove

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    Such lunacy. One would think they would think - why are we spending resources to keep these people around when it's obvious they don't want to remain? It's much like our prison system keeping in jail for minor offenses, way beyond what is logical - costing us a fortune in the process.

    If there was ever something Hubs said that was correct - it was that man can't handle justice.

  9. 8-8008ASHO

    8-8008ASHO Patron

    Yes but I was an Exec so they did not want me to be seen by Staff and especially by public.
  10. 8-8008ASHO

    8-8008ASHO Patron

    It was in 2008. Since lots of SO members left. At least 20 of the ones I knew and worked with, left.
  11. 8-8008ASHO

    8-8008ASHO Patron

    Yes 20 was a reasonnable number but when I met them, I did not know they were soooo many. You never saw them in the dinning room, around the orgs or the Staff buildings...
  12. 8-8008ASHO

    8-8008ASHO Patron

    Thank you and thanks for your message. When I got out, I felt happy but as I was still "brainwashed" it took me about 6 months to get well in my head and to disconnect from their brainwashed stuff. In fact I am pleased I got declared. That meant I could finally be free, meeting nice people, being able to find a good job, well paid, find a nice girlfriend, have a child with her, buy a house, travelling, take some vacations, spend some time with my family... :):happydance::happydance:
    I think that if they would not have declared me, I would be still connected and being controlled :) :omg:
  13. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    Ah, but you see, if you put them on "MEST-work" while routing out, then you continue to get work out of them for as long as you can delay the routing-out process. That was the game at Flag in the 1980's, at least.

    If you have them in a room doing nothing, then you don't have any gain, but you at least can try to see if you can convince them to stay. In the later years, I get the impression that there aren't many new SO recruits (at least, not many from the First World), so there is more pressure to try to retain all you can.
  14. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    Did you guys use the showers in the Morgue while in the basement?
  15. Churchill

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    Scientology Justice is an oxymoron, in the same way that Scientology ethics has nothing whatsoever to do with 'reason, and the contemplation of optimum survival.'

    Power is weakness.

    Freedom is slavery

    Awareness is delusion.

    Families are disposable.

    Spiritual Technology, my ass.
  16. Gib

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    I haven't read why you wanted to route out, unless I missed it. Please do tell.

    I, myself, like Enthethan, blew from staff knowing and observing the routine of others wishing to leave and the subsequent handlings. The reason why I blew from staff was because the shit hit the fan, or namely many public were requesting refunds, and we are talking refunds of 30k or so. The ship was going down, and I didn't want to be apart of this, and including I was not surviving as a class 4 org staff member, being still in debt from credit card purchases, and I was freaking out, big time, like how do I pay my rent, my food, my transportation, I totally caved in and just blew the scene. (That's a whole another story how I recovered myself to continue with scientology.)

    And guess what, the credit card purchase was from buying the full training package to Class 4 auditor, at the time of 1987 when I was public only to turn staff a few months later. (Hard Sell was used on me)

    Since my training package turned into a book package, since I was joining staff, I read everything. I was thoroughly persuaded scientology was "da bomb", and I was a atheist, at the time, meaning no believe god, but maybe, just don't know.

    Little did I know, some what 26 years later, the truth is that the Time Article hit the stands in 1991, but while I was on staff I had no clue.
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  17. Gib

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  18. DagwoodGum

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    Big question, what chance would I have at getting a refund after 30 yrs. w/o proof that I was ever in as I dumped all materials 20 yrs ago that someone would ever stumble upon and have reason to link me to this group?
    Wouldn't they be ably inclined to say "we don't know who the fuck you are"?
  19. DagwoodGum

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  20. Anonycat

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    Wow! A horrific past experience and such a bright future, out of the cult. I wish you all good things! I rarely say this IRL, but bless you! And I feel the pain of the words you wrote. This is why this cult must be exterminated.