Fastest Growing Religion?

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by NoIdea, Mar 16, 2017.

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    Well for starters, scn claims it works - in fact, it doesn't work.

    Take, for example, that since scn started we are now more than 60 years down the road with it & not one clear is in evidence - never mind there is not one OT to be shown.

    That too steep ? How about the stated " EPs " from the lower bridge, the grades : Where are the demonstration of these abilities ?

    Skip OT 3 with the " freedom from overwhelm " claim ( Hell, I've seen an OT 8 sit & cry all day long day after day ).

    Oh, back to membership. Here is a group that claims, what some 8 million members ? Gee, most independent looks at it figure no more than 50,000 in the US ( & THAT is a very generous estimate! )

    Look, the CoS just is not known for truth or honesty - they are known for deceit.

    Added : Christianity currently is largest religion ( and losing members rapidly )

    Muslims @ 1.5 Billion are currently # 2 & quickly gaining followers worldwide.

    scientology isn't even a religion - except in their own minds ( and most of 'em don't really believe it is a religion ).
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    OK... I was just asking if they still made that claim. I assume they probably do.
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    Here's an interesting perspective

    "The population of Tampa Bay is just shy of 3 million. The population is increasing at 2% per year. Unfortunately for scientology, that is 60,000 people. Yes, 800 times more than the total clears made in a year by the best org in the world.

    To put this another way, Tampa Org would have to increase its production EIGHT HUNDRED TIMES — and STILL NOT MAKE A DENT in the 3 million current residents of the area (and realize I am not including all of the area Tampa Org is responsible for, all the way to Naples in the south and Tallahassee and Pensacola in the north (we will leave Jacksonville and Daytona to Orlando “org”).

    There is no new org opened in Florida since the 70’s. There are no new missions. Though some have CLOSED DOWN."
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    I worked at a mission. 1978(or so) till 1983 (5 year contract)

    Later I worked at another mission on a 2 1/2 yr contract. When the contract was over no one would do the the R/F for me to leave staff. Being indoctrinated properly I stuck around two more years. (I started this in quotes, but I can't quote the policy) There is some policy about being "responsible for the post" for 2 years...

    So I stuck around...

    I got a a reputation for never wanting to go on staff ever again.

    Cindy Feshbach decided to start a new mission, to replace the old Palo Alto mission (that Sarge Gerbode abandoned, the first mission I worked at)

    She and Joe (her husband) tried to recruit my wife, who was on staff at Delphi in the local area. My wife was having none of it, but I was quite certain that Cindy & Joe would run a mission the way a mission should be run, so I volunteered to work for them.

    The mission got started and we did well for a couple years! In 2000 or 2001 we (Palo Alto Mission, Cindy's) won the Mission Birthday game! Then (I think) under huge pressure from DM, Cindy took a couple key people from PA mission
    and posted them as ED and (something else) of a new mission, SF (SOMA Mission), a joint mission with Cindy and Jenna Elfman in SF.

    That mission ran for a little while and then they shrank (expanded to smaller quarters) two times.

    The original PA mission (post Gerbode-Cindy's and Joe's mission) then shrank (expanded to smaller quarters 2 times)

    I moved off to the Mountain View Org, which then abandoned their new Ideal org building and moved to some other city in to a (I don't know-I couldn't care less) different building...


    Way to go, Dave!:yes:

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