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Discussion in 'Great Web Sites and Links' started by DCAnon, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. DCAnon

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    If you want the FBI to act, you need to report. They must establish violations of federal law or cross-state or financial crime. Even if it's not, report it anyways. It goes to establish the organized criminal activities and abusive nature of Scientology nationwide.

    Lurkers, it's safe and confidential. You don't actually have to fill out any information about who you are or where you life if you are concerned. You can remain anonymous and still report.

    Report EVERYTHING. All the abuse you've seen, every law broken, every time you were threatened or they tried to extort money from you. Every time they violated labor laws or you saw children working long, illegal hours. Every time your work or living situation wasn't safe, every time they harassed or stalked you after leaving, every single thing. It all adds up. Give as much detail as you can with any documents or photos if you have any. If not, report it anyways still. Don't be afraid.
  2. AnonOrange

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    I reported about 16 months ago and I know others have too.

    Our govt has become totally crippled and incompetent.

    This fight against scientology will be won by a grass roots mix of Ex's, Anons and daring medias like KESQ and the St Pete Times.

    Our govt has become useless; they've had 50 years to act on this.

    And DCAnon, raising taxes won't help either.
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    I guess I have more faith in law enforcement and less in vigilante justice. :) You ever going to send me any more stories about the president not being American that I can debunk for you?

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