Geoffrey Lewis, 1935-2015

Discussion in 'In Memory Of...' started by ILove2Lurk, Apr 8, 2015.

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  1. ILove2Lurk

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  2. Smurf

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    He died in the arms of his openly gay son, Miles..

    ""My Dad Geoffrey Lewis just died today at the age of 79. We were at our Tuesday morning workout at the Motion Picture Hospital in Woodland Hills and he experienced cardiac arrest. He stopped breathing in my arms. We'd had a good morning, talking about my trip to Japan.

    He was a great actor, story-teller, and a life-time artist. He was both a classic beatnik and a family man and an extraordinary supporter of his many children (more of whom he took on so easily - like my partner Duncan Scott Scrymgeour, and our friends Caprice Conley and Phil Donlon). I'm so grateful for what I've gotten of his humor, clever sweetness, and independent-mindedness.

    In the past few years of dealing with his Parkinsons and dementia, we were able to pull together as a family and care for him as a team. In the past week, he enjoyed a great Easter dinner, remembering old hymns with my Mother Paula Hochhalter, in the company of extended friends and relations. As his primary medical coordinator, I'd like to say that this was a quick, natural death that he - more than anyone else - hoped to be the mystic cap to such a fully-lived life."

    From Lightfield's Instagram:

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  3. Miss Ellie

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    I am so sorry - I am glad that his family had joined together with his care & with love.

    He was a friend of my brother's. I was visiting "the brother" in LA when I was 15. There was a large house with lots of guys living there - all were sciobots.

    Several of us were in one of the guys rooms - he was sick and the rest of us were drifting in & out visiting and all. I was sitting there and this "guy" came in. He looked familiar but I just assumed he was a friend of my brother's that I had met before.

    Being right off the plains of Texas I had a bit of a "twang". Ya think!

    This guy started asking me to say different words... this I was use to but instead of laughing or making fun of me he started trying to sound like me. Ask me questions - we had a great time. He took off and I thought no more about it.

    Later my brother ask me if I knew who "that guy" was - no clue... he told me. This was around the time that the "Great Waldo Pepper" came out.... I had met a movie star!

    I impressed my friends with my "connection" when I got back home.

    He had a gentle spirit and I enjoyed the brief interaction we had....
  4. SPsince83

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    Gotta say of all the scilon actors he was my favorite. He never seemed the huge asshole his daughter is.
  5. mockingbird

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    I always loved Geoffrey Lewis's work and did not discover he was a Scientologist until I had been in for many years . I was delighted and felt his great work proved something positive about Scientology . I took great pride in successes like his that were constantly credited to Scientology .

    I have not faced - other than a few brief moments - the cruel fate of the longtime Scientologist who devotes their life to Hubbard and sincerely tries to do good and never realizes they have devoted their life to a lie .They die a prisoner to delusion and are cruelly robbed of the freedom to choose their own life .

    No one ever deserves the fate Hubbard planned for us .
  6. Leland

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    I've never understood why these top tier Hubbard cult members......don't go farther up the "bridge." Obviously, money is not an issue....So what is?

    Could he (Geffory Lewis) have been an illegal pc....or disaffected....or off lines?

    Also want to point out..."Dementia and Parkinsons Disease....." I suppose that would keep one out of the Cult services....... there any truth to the rumor in the Cult of Hubbard that Clint Eastwood was on lines...?
  7. SPsince83

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    I know an "ot v" who has had senile dementia for almost 10 years. The saddest part is that she has no idea that she was screwed by scn. Too far gone.
  8. WildKat

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    His second wife and kids were/are not Scinos.

    I really liked him as an actor. Favorite film...Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Played an oddball character, very fun.

    I have to say I like Juliette Lewis too as an actress, (despite if she is bitchy or not in real life, as I've heard she is.)

    She was great in Kalifornia with Brad Pitt and David Duchovny.
  9. Free to shine

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    From Marc Headley.
  10. WildKat

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    See bolded line above.

    I well remember those times myself - "basking in the reflected glory" of the celebs of Scientology. Anything good that anyone did HAD to be attributed to the cult. Anything bad that happened was the individual's fault, out-ethics, PTSness, or any of the zillions of "reasons why" things went bad. I saw this played out over and over and over again, until I woke up.

    I am just amazed at how many good and decent people were/are willing to attribute their goodness to the cult!

    The phrase "stolen valor" comes to mind. The cult (and Hubs) STOLE the goodness and decency of people, and took credit for it!
    All the while proceeding to ruin and destroy and suck the lifeblood out of those very people.
  11. Dean Blair

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    When I was in the Sea Org at AOLA I audited Geoff Lewis on his OT5. I loved that guy. He was witty, funny, and over all a wonderful individual. Everyone in the NOTS unit loved him. Between sessions he would tell funny stories of experiences he had making movies with Clint Eastwood. I asked him one time as we were preparing for session if Clint Eastwood was a Scientologist as I had heard the rumor that he was. Geoff told me that Clint was not a Scientologist.

    I am sad to hear that even though he spent all of the money he did on going up the levels to OT5 he was still not immune to Parkinson's and dementia. He will be missed by many people. Geoff didn't need Scientology, none of us did, but Scientology did need Geoff and all the rest of us. RIP Geoff you are a remarkable guy.
  12. Lurker5

    Lurker5 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Clint - never - his daughter - well, there was scuffle a while back - her boyfriend a notorious scno, trying to get her . . . . I don't recall all the details. Remember the blog by a scno insider, telling all? BlackRob might have archived that. Check with him.
  13. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    Yes, Geoffrey was a thoroughly decent and real person. He knew the value of honesty . . . he was no poseur like so many Hollywood types are.

    I had the pleasure of dining with him in "The Hourglass" (is my memory correct on that?? Flag's fancy restaurant is the Hourglass is it not? or is it the other way around?) I recognized that face of his immediately as he approached my table, but did not mention the fact nor anything of Hollywood. Indeed, I knew the face but not the name till he introduced himself.

    Geoff was just an honest regular guy, enjoying life honestly and decently . . . though I must confess, his table manners were a little "back-woodsman-like" :biggrin: but then, even that added to his honest charm . . . you just simply met and liked the real and true Geoff.

    It is indeed interesting to note he only went to "OT5" . . . for I forget the exact year I met him, but it was 1981 or 82. And he sure as hell must have had the requisite $$$$$$'s for the travel over the "Bridge Far Too Far to Nowhere" . . . :melodramatic:

    Anyway, Geoffrey, you are fondly remembered by many good people; and we wish you bon voyage.

  14. everfree

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    He seems like one of the truly good guys who were involved. I enjoyed his work. It seems most felt similar. RIP.
  15. Thrak

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    I think you might over estimate the amount of money a guy like that has. Easy come easy go and then it doesn't come so easy any more. But I think scilontology wasn't quite so toxic back in the 70's 80's and probably nobody gave a shit. I talked to him once at CC after I guess what was his last series got cancelled, and then saw him at AOLA being lead around looking like he really wasn't into it. I would guess about the time a lot of people get to the "OT" levels many start thinking this really isn't for me. I would guess that's what happened to him. Sorry to see him pass. Those old movies were a big part of my childhood. Sad to see those days almost entirely gone.
  16. Smurf

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    Francesca Eastwood is a notorious celeb wild child in Hollywood. She used to date Tyler Shields who tested the waters of the cult, but never got involved. He's also a former gay porn star & close buddy (cough..cough) of Fraser Kee Scott, a bisexual Scilon.


    In November 2013, after a night of drinking, Francesca got married to a guy & then quickly annulled it after she sobered up.
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  17. tetloj

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    Francesca Eastwood dated Tyler Shields (Scientologist photographer)
    I think I recall now ex-wife Dina might have had some leanings in that direction
    Kyle Eastwood is managed by Ron Moss (OTVIII daddy of Elisabeth)

    Haven's seen reports of any actual activity, and definitely not from Clint
  18. Lulu Belle

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  19. Pooks


  20. Dulloldfart

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    Re: Geoffrey Lewis dies

    But it was special "Parkinson's for OTs," not your common-or-garden kind. :)

    I interacted with Geoffrey a few times in the late 90s in LA when I did bookkeeping stuff at a Scn personal finance company (Wiseman & Burke). He was real, not at all pretentious.


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