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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Dean Blair, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. Dean Blair

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    This morning I attended the Easter Service at Hill Country Bible Church. There were around three thousand people in attendance. They were all very excited as Easter is the Celebration of Jesus Christ being risen. There were three services with a total of about 10,000 people all together and no one had to call them up to ensure they would be there. No one had to reg them. They didn't have to buy a book or start a course. They didn't have to give a donation or offering unless they wanted to. In fact when the collection plate was passed around, the Pastor announced that you did not have to feel obligated to give anything. Wow, that sure is different than Scientology.

    I started thinking about what L Ron Hubbard had said about Jesus Christ. "Christ was an implant." "Jesus Christ was a lover of young boys and was prone to outbursts of anger." As I thought about these things Hubbard had said, I looked around and thought it sure would be funny if old L Ron Hubbard would get up in front of this congregation and begin one of his many dumb ass lectures. They would have thrown him out on his big fat ass.

    Christianity seems to me to be the complete opposite of Scientology. Scientology has the eight dynamics with God being the last one at number eight and in all of the many years I was in Scientology it never had anything to do with God.

    I am not attempting to convert anyone to Christianity. It was just an interesting observation I had made today at Church and made me realize what a mockery Scientology is of a real religion whether it be Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or whatever. Scientology is out for your money and that is all.
  2. Happy Easter, everyone!




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  3. This old Cross begins Easter morning empty and undecorated... then as worshipers come into church, they add their own flowers cut from their gardens to make a beautiful display... a collective effort that makes for a beautiful display for Easter.

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    Remember, Jesus had a bad weekend for you...
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    Happy Passover to those of us to whom Easter does not apply.
  6. kyrie elieson
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    Christianity has its own issues and I'm not advocating it as a replacement for Scientology. But at least they got compassion and forgiveness right.

    If I were to advocate anything to replace Scientology for those who are looking I'd say why not try some common sense and love and compassion for those less fortunate?

    If the Mormon church didn't have that 10% thing, the magic underwear and their secret and wierd beliefs and rituals, they would be a great group because they really have the community networking thing down really well.

    (Does Romney really have a chance???)
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    And don't forget Hanuman Jayanti too.
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    Chag sameach!


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