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  1. nero

    nero New Member

    Hi my name is nero that´s a nick, but i found this website because i think i can find help here in my situation.

    the last 3 month my feancee and me leave flag, there both we´re trainees for the next AO Latam she was a Class V auditor and me i was security in SNR HCO. the thing is, the church drop us in venezuela in the capital caracas, there and we aren´t from there. I´m from margarita island and she is from Yaracuy. so finally we found the way to fly to margarita island. now we are looking for jobs because we have no money at all, we are living in a really bad department, and this is really fuck up situation plus the dictator Nicolas Maduro is doing all his magic to destroy this country. so i really want to get some help to try to get mi feancee out of venezuela or at least to survive here.
    thank you before hand
  2. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Silver Meritorious Patron

    Well nick, you might be sincere but people here are a bit leary of OSA trolling

    I wish you well and I'm sure you will receive sincere good wishes from many others
  3. nero

    nero New Member

    I know bro, those bastard even here they are stalking us and is a really pain in the ass. i know why you might feel like ok this guy is just playing around but i can gave you my facebook to see i´m real. here. and Nero is my nickname but my real name is Angel Fermin. https://www.facebook.com/kanedadarksoul
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  5. Miss Ellie

    Miss Ellie Miss Ellie

    You might want to.check with family and friends to see if you can live with them while you get jobs and enough money to move on. They may be happy you are out of the SO and happy to help.