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Discussion in 'Life After Scientology' started by LEAPFROG, Aug 10, 2010.

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    In case some of you do not know, Nancy Many is an ex-Scn who not only has written a book and is on Youtube (you can see Diana's interview with her), called My Billion Year Contract, but she also is a great resource for helping newly "out" S.O. people (as she says anywhere from 5 years to present).

    I have her permission to copy and paste her email regarding help for people who are coming back into the mainstream. She is an excellent resource and is working diligently as she can to help these people.

    Here is her email:

    I am really at a crushing point right now. I have not gotten responses from
    earlier emails I have sent to this and other boards, so I am going to make this
    CLEAR as I can. I am in touch with a group that HELPS people for free. Now I
    know you mind find that strange, but it is true. You have to meet their
    criteria, but after much discussion on that criteria, I cannot imagine a Sea Org
    Member who would not meet their criteria.

    Once you meet their criteria you are then given a lawyer of your own and what
    ever social services you as an individual may need. These social services,
    could include a safe place to live and food, to Medical Services, Dental
    Services, I'm sure they would offer at least the High School education to all
    those that never got it. And possibly some training for a well paying job in

    This is a gift for us and all our friends, and I cannot believe that all ex so
    members have made up for all they lost while in the group. Yes I'm sure they
    would offer Psychiatric Services, but only to someone who wants it...

    So, Please, I am asking once again, Are you or anyone you know who has escaped
    the sea org still have issues that you have not caught up on. I have clarified
    that while legal law suits may have statutes of limitations, this does not.

    They are very out of the way and under the radar, but it is a net of help that
    extends across the USA.

    Please if anyone has any of these needs, or knows an ex SO who does, please have
    them contact me at appledore2@aol. com along with a phone number.

    I know there are people out there who are in need of help.....Please help me
    connect them to the help-----

    Nancy -- appledore2@aol. com
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    Thanks Leapfrog for passing on Nancy's message.

    I hope the those who need this help respond, and begin to rebuild their lives.
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    I see your bump and raise you a

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    Sorry to have to alert you to this.

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    important bump

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    Where is the evidence that Scientology has infiltrated CAST?
    NONE has been provided.

    Is it that an OSA front group is a coalition member of CAST? All a coalition is is a temporary alliance. I have worked within political coalitions and it was common for many of the individual groups within the coalition to have little or no interaction with most of the other groups.

    Gerry said: " They probably provide $ to CAST, which says it needs $. And probably the cult has people working with CAST, to derail applications for help......"

    But no evidence has been presented to show those things.

    It's true that OSA through it's front groups DOES try to influence other organizations including within the field of human rights. But there is no hard evidence of that here (with CAST) , and in the meantime there are people who desperately need help that this organization can provide who will be scared away because of these allegations.

    Anyone who wants the truth with regards this organization should contact Nancy directly at: Email:
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    It would be nice to see Nancy's point of view directly on the forum.
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    Scientological "Pan determinism"

    At least 4 of the groups listed are Scientology affiliated or Scientology front groups. I first became aware of 'Artists for Human Rights' in the 1990s, when seeing an ad for it in an issue of the old 'Free Spirit' magazine; this was around the time that Scientology took over the 'Cult Awareness Network'. ('Free Spirit' was a magazine which was read mostly by FZ and Ex-Scientologists). Turns out that 'Artists for Human Rights' was founded by Anne Archer, Tommy Davis' mother. Its current Executive Director is Michael Wisner, OT 8, who is also the Executive Director of the 'International Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance', another group on the list.
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    Do the posts on this thread mean Leapfrog been outed as an OSA troll?
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    Connections between Scientology and CAST

    We did some further checking into connections between CAST and Scientology. Note the link in our OP to Scientology’s Freedom Mag:

    The events Freedom is reporting on were a “series of “Slavery Today” panel discussions.” They were “sponsored by the Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance,” which is a Scientology operation.

    Two CAST execs are identified as attending: Jennifer Stanger, National Training Director; and Kay Buck, Executive Director.

    Attendee Joseph K. Grieboski, president of the Washington, D.C.-based Institute on Religion and Public Policy, is a Scientology agent who influences governments around the world for the cult. See, for example,

    Bartilson, who was a panelist at the FHRT events, is the daughter of Laurie J. Bartilson, a cult attorney in Bowles & Moxon, later Moxon & Bartilson, and a standard Scientologist violator and suppressor of human rights. See, for example, this declaration:

    See also this 2009 letter to Grieboski about his receiving $8,000 a month from Scientology to start and operate his organization:

    Attendee Nancy Reyes-Rubi is an attorney from the Legal Aid Foundation, which a CAST coalition member. See also this cpedia entry:
    Ms. Goodman is of course Leisa Goodman of OSA:

    Attendee Lisa L. Thompson, is from the Salvation Army, another CAST Coalition member. Here’s Ms. Thompson, Grieboski, and 3 Scientology OSA personnel – Jentzsch, Weiland and Susan Taylor – getting together in a letter to Russian President Putin:

    Re: Katie Scolari Borden, Western USA regional manager for the UNICEF Fund, see also this WWP thread:

    See this endorsement for YRHI:

    See this cached page with this entry:
    Attendee Caroline Wittcoff, federal prosecutor in the Los Angeles office of the United States Department of Justice, apparently prosecutes human trafficking cases in LA.

    Did the Headleys and their attorneys know about this connection?

    Ambassador Lou de Baca, Director of Trafficking in Persons at the State Department, is quoted in the Freedom article as if he was also an attendee at the Scientology event. The Headleys and their attorneys should also be aware of this connection.

    Then see this important page from Freedom about US Representative Diane Watson:

    Note too on the same page this connection to another CAST employee Namju Cho:
    Here, Watson is identified as a Scientologist:
    Same here: Note her footnote about her religion: "Originally (and possibly still) a Roman Catholic."

    Here’s a Scientology press release about the August 7, 2010 CC anniversary event:
    Here are a couple of commendations from Watson to CCHR:
    Obviously there are many more connections to be made between CAST and Scientology’s own cast of characters. But the above alone are overwhelming evidence, and justify warning ex Sea Org people to not approach this organization for help, which requires that they submit to interrogations by CAST staff. This evidence also justifies confronting CAST on what on earth it was doing enlisting Nancy Many as its agent and encouraging ex SO victims to come to it for "help."

    Scientologist Diane Watson, according to Scientology itself, arranged a million dollar grant to start CAST. To believe that the cult has no influence in CAST is foolish.
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    So let me get this straight (and I'm not sure I really do have it straight):

    The day after Nancy Many makes a public statement of appreciation for and solidarity with Marty Rathbun (at least in respect of their efforts against the Co$), suddenly it is suggested here (elsewhere, too?) by newbie third parties that Nancy Many is working to put ex-SO who need help recovering from the Co$ SO in touch with an organization that is sponsored by or infiltrated by the Co$?

    Coincidence, much?


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    I think the person is saying the Cult screwed Nancy Many over again.
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    Whoa.. Dear God, could you please rid us all of religion and politics? :melodramatic:
    Going fishing. Again. :shark:
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    If you're really not sure that you have it straight maybe you should knock off the innuendos in your postings.

    Who are the "newbie third parties" that you are referring to?
    Are you referring to me.....who has been here more than twice as long as yourself? Or to Leapfrog.......who has been here over 3 times as long as yourself?
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    Caroline, that is sum great research on CAST. Just what we need.
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    deleted, info already posted
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