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Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by xstaffWPB, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. xstaffWPB

    xstaffWPB Patron

    My apologies if a thread on this subject already exists. I searched for one and didn't find one. So I figured it's ok to start one.

    Hopefully, your posts will help me figure why I was so completely dumb in even accepting the concept of "Hidden Standards". In my opnion, and in retrospect, this is a major part of the scn mindfuck / brainwashing tech. Its perfect. It completely precludes a person from ever questioning if "the tech" actually works. The Hidden Standard idea is that the person is judging the effectiveness of "the tech" against an expectation. For example, if you imply that "the tech doesn't work because OT VIII's can't knock off hats at 50 feet", its not because the tech doesn't work or that hubbard is a liar, its because you're PTS and have a Hidden Standard.

    Why in the world could I not see that when I was "in"? Its so friggin obviously a con, its embarrassing to admit I fell for it.
  2. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    It is embarrassing, but we all did, to some degree. There will always be one or two who claim that they were in it for thirty years but knew it was a con all the time.

    It's also the fact that OT8's run around stopping hurricanes all the time but as soon as someone watches slightly suspiciously they just can't do it any more. Not much of a super human ability is it then?
  3. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Expecting any of us to be able to properly see the exterior view of the thing we were locked inside of is obviously a Hidden Standard! :hysterical:
  4. Hmmm. Glad you're talking about this! It's a good point to raise. :)

    Here's a hug, glad you're out! :hug:
  5. Mystic

    Mystic Banned

    Very, very high-level technical question for all clams, scifaggOTs, indies, FreakZoners, Scientologists, Dianeticists: What has to happen in order for you to know you are being mindfucked?
  6. apocalyptic

    apocalyptic Patron with Honors

    Your personal outrage is showing again Mystic. Akin to a pastor of a local church objecting to his daughter going to her senior prom, to dance.

    Mindfuckery is part and parcel of this life, on this planet, in this world, at this time.

    Did you miss the fucking memo Mystic?

    And do you object to it's spiritual objective?


    ps: jesus christ man, bring something to the party other than outrage. Outrage is simple and cheap. Try correcting what you perceive as being an err in the fundamentals of being human. Please. And thank you.

    That's all.

    Taking chea
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  7. Jump

    Jump Operating teatime

    If you mean 'the mind' then this is the crux of the issue - the mind has an inbuilt system to seek meaning in life. So it has some kind of spiritual directive. When this is hijacked by a fraudulent scammer, it's easy to be fooled.

    If you mean 'Scientology' I don't think it has a spiritual objective - just a financial one.
  8. apocalyptic

    apocalyptic Patron with Honors

    Your personal outrage is showing again Mystic. Akin to a pastor of a local church objecting to his daughter going to her senior prom, to dance.

    Mindfuckery is part and parcel of this life, on this planet, in this world, at this time.

    Did you miss the fucking memo?

  9. Infinite

    Infinite Crusader

    There's all sorts of reasons. A lot has to do with the amount of time and money and sacrfice "invested". Among the primary reasons is that Auditing happened. The post-hypnotic euphoria gets translated into being a WIN, ergo "the tech must work". Then there's the fact that some of stuff is plain common sense repackaged as L Ron Hubbard wisdom. Once applied, it actually works and, again, its a WIN. Also contributing to the mind-fuck is the writing of success stories while still "floating with so much extra space and everything being so much more stable". The stories reinforce the belief and act as a testament - to refute the tech after writing down that it does work means to run the risk of being called a liar. Then there's the group-norming process. Its very difficult to go against the social flow when there are implanted mind-stoppers in regard to "invalidating" and/or "dramatising" and/or not exhbiting a suitable "tone level" and/or "greatest good" and/or "your eternity and/or "natter" and/or "enemy lines" . . . the list goes on.

    Its all very well explained in Robert Levine's Declaration in support of the Headley's as to how Scientology slowly erodes cognitive functioning:

    . . . worth a read for those struggling to understand the Scientology "WHY". Next stage, of course, is getting around to the correct "WHO". It can take quite a while to differentiate:

  10. apocalyptic

    apocalyptic Patron with Honors

    Interesting take. Nicely presented.

    It occurs to us the 'who' is only relevant to the time in which the spiritual crime took place, whereas the 'why' is damn near close to eternal, if not eternal.

    Ok, so that was muddy. Let's try it again: Spiritual Rape is a concept which demands human players to illustrate. The human players illustrating the concept are no more guilty or innocent than those on the stage of a Shakespearean play.

    Yes, yes, we know, such a horrific reality itself demands human outrage. More players. Larger stage.

    The fact that Hubbards dianetics was initially humanely benevolent and ultimately spiritually disgusting has virtually nothing to do with Hubbard as a man. The man is dead. The concept lives. It's called spiritual rape under the guise of making spiritual love.

    A timeless tradition wherein spiritual truth and spiritual love are spiritually wed. After a human season of unspeakable (and unbearable) spiritual pain.

    Differentiating between a why and a who, then, in the absence of a broader spiritual context, is a mindfuck all by itself. From our point of view.

    Notwithstanding the fact that more often than not, we do err. lol.


    ps no offense Infinite. As we tend to love your prose.
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  11. Helena Handbasket

    Helena Handbasket Gold Meritorious Patron

    And if you ask them to show you, they say "I don't do parlour tricks".

    Could it be the alternative to a hidden standard is a "missing standard", no standard at all?

    If I decide to stop a war this Wednesday and no war happens, does that count? :)

  12. Idle Morgue

    Idle Morgue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thank you for posting this. My thoughts exactly and in fact, I started to see this a while ago but then suppressed it, invalidated it and it would not as is. This whole thing is brilliant actually. :duh:

    If you look at LRH's tech, it gives tech to be honest and straight and then tech to be dishonest and criminal. The whole "hands off the guy if his stats are up". What other organization on this planet can cave people in financially and the guy can lie, cheat and steal...but if stats are up, it is hands off. When he does not get handled what he got into it for, he had a "hidden standard".:screwy:

    Ask the OT's if they are spiritually free. The few that even come around are pretty much alone. I never bought the going clear or ot thing..due to the "products" I saw and experienced. They are still just as nutty as the rest of us. The OT's are typically broke and working their asses off to pay for it all or bankrupt. I never saw the products I read about in the glossy promo! NEVER :pullhair:It is a dead end road.

    They know they are spritual beings before they walk in the door. They get that validated in the beginning and then it can become a game of thinking there is more and there is not. It is a game of getting everyone's money and free labor. :banghead:

    LRH says money is an energy flow. You get some theta back from auditing, which is out exchange. The "carnival barkers" are there right when you come out the door to take all of your money.

    the group is actually below TREASON and is in CONFUSION. Poor things! :unsure:

    Let's look at the Ethics of "STATS". Hands off the guy whose stats are up. He is free from ethics. So, the Reg convinces someone through restim a person's ruin

    The ladies ruin was money. So she got regged to put her entire bridge on credit cards and refinanced her mortgage and also gave donations on cc to all of the organizations w/i the Co$. She destroyed herself financially because she violated (unknowlingly, trusted that this reg cared because the reg seemed to care so much and the reg told me that this was the bridge to total spiritual freedom and it is the thing to do). NO ONE talks to you about "condition formulas". :drowning: This is the tech to really give to people in the BEGINNING!!!:naughty:

    The lady returns home and then of course, does not have time or money to actually get up the BRIDGE TO Total Fraud. The Regges stats are in POWER and she is clear of any ethics. But the lady is pissed and writes a report to the Ethics dept. and the KR goes into the Regges folder. This continues for several years and the file is getting thick but the reg is excellent in doing her patter drills on how to get people to cash in their IRA's, borrow from friends and relatives etc. So, her stats have stayed up. :clap:

    But then one of her kids gets older and gets a credit card and now another reg does this to her kid. Her kid is financially ruined and now there is the laws of the physical universe working as it should. :shithitfan:Shit starts to hit the fan!

    Now the reg feels bad about the "friends" she help cave in and she starts to hate her post and cannot do this any longer. Her stats start to crash, her ethics folder is thick. She has spent 20 years serving the great and powerful OZ but she is no longer committed to her "ecclesiastical duties" and is failing on her post. :stickpoke: She is totally restimulated constantly due to what she did to others.

    She is comm evld and demoted and humiliated. She cuts her hours due to lots of reasons and eventually booted off post or just blows! :sadangel: She did not realize she is using mechanisms of the mind that are available and she helped cave people in. It is not her post to get people up the bridge, it is her job to reg for $$$$ and get it all, so her post can survive and she can say she helped. She did not get up the Bridge herself and that is her fault too. :giveup:

    Pretty soon she gets sick and dies. There will be no admiration for her and what she has done. No one will be at her funeral if there is one at all. Her kids have no love left so they just move on clearing the planet. They need to get the "show on the road". :whocares: She is replaced immediately with a 20 year old that wants to help people and let the cycle start all over. :hyper:

    It is amazing to me how this works. It is very cleverly devised. Trap them in a group with their friends and family. Everyone agrees that in order for the group to survive, and the group is needed to clear the planet, we will not look at any entheta about this group. If someone is critical, they have overts and get them to pay to get them off. Lots and lots of $$$$.

    So the real goal is to trap them, get the staff to commit overts and convince them it is in the best interest of all 8 dynamics. HELP the public violate their condition formulas. This keeps the lot of them restimulated. Now they are looking for relief but never get it. They cannot detect the real SP so they issue lots of SP DECLARES.

    They may spend their entire life chasing the carrot. :runaround:and in the end they can say the helped...but did they really? LOOK! Don't think!:no:

    SP's deal mainly in restimulation, never easing, never erasing!

    Pricing the bridge out of reach for the mainstream public is genius as well. LRH talks about making something scarce and that gives it value. Works like a charm. Only people who have means will reach and then when it does not work, DISCARD and that is why I see 99% of the OT's just go away and NEVER come back. The few that I have met are just as nutty as the guy on the purif but worse because they are typically broke, have lost their ability to love themselves and others and realize that they have not gone up the Bridge to total freedom but have been bamboozled. The poor staff never get anywhere as well. I have noticed the few that have gone up are colder and more out of communication.

    We all have stuff, it is just the way humans are but no one needs the Co$ to get better. There are tons of stuff to do to improve your conditions and it is FREE. It comes from people who are able to give and receive love. One thing I noticed about the people involved in the Co$ is they lose their ability to love themselves and others. They are cold and robotic and do not care about anyone because no one cares about them and it starts at the top. :smack:

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