How to treat newly duped Scnists?

Discussion in 'Life After Scientology' started by Veda, May 12, 2018.

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  1. Veda

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    Denounce them?

    Laugh at them?

    Be nice to them?

  2. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    Ignore them ...

  3. George Layton

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    Sell them more of the same?
  4. HelluvaHoax!

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    How to treat new Scientologists?

    I like ITYIWT's answer. Ignore them.

    Actually, avoid them. LOL

    Because 99.9999999% of the time, they already know all the answers.

    And they are not asking for my opinion, They are TELLING ME my opinion. lol

    If they wanted to know something I would tell them.

    But they don't want to know anything that comes from someone other than Source.

    They are so winning and so certain.

    What is there to talk about? Their recent OT wins? LOL

    The whole subject is so pathetic
  5. HelluvaHoax!

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  6. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Silver Meritorious Patron

    Find some way to cheat them out of all their cash before Co$ does...
  7. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    If you mean one' have arrived here on ESMB then suggest that they read some the FEATURED threads which a wonderfully education to behold.

    Thanks Emma for all that great work and for the authors.

    If you are talking about one's who are not here on ESMB then .....body route them to a computer or mobile and 8C them to read 5 of those threads of which one must certainly be Gadfly's "Scientology breeds Fanaticism".
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  8. Wilbur

    Wilbur Patron Meritorious

    Be honest with them about what is going to happen to them in Scientology. "You are going to be told that anybody who criticises Scientology is a Suppressive Person. You will be told not to look at the internet, and not to watch TV programmes or read news articles that mention Scientology. But at the same time, you will be told that Scientology increases your ability to tell truth from lies, increases your self determinism, and increases your ability to spot false data. The Church will be very interested in your money, and will start to dominate your life. You will be told that this is the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. You will have to decide for yourself whether the church is telling the truth, or is duping you. Unfortunately, the church will not allow you to consult the best source of advice on this - people who have done the OT levels, spent decades of their life going up the Bridge, and then left, and so have no vested interest in telling you anything but the truth about their experiences. You will be told that they are SPs who didn't make case gain. As you continue with Scientology, you will notice more and more out-points with the organisation, but will realise that you can't mention them. Well, good luck. You're gonna have to make your own decisions on this!"
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  9. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Silver Meritorious Patron

    I'd tell 'em it ain't like it used to be and there were serious problems then and they''d probably better off getting a blowjob from a hungry cannibal
  10. Tanchi

    Tanchi Patron with Honors

    Why are you so rude and gross?
  11. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    Yes, that is planting seeds that may be very worthwhile later.

    A person can tell them these things but may not take effect until THEY (from their own personal experiences) finally see too much SCN crap in their personal life (building up and building up over time).

    Also don't be surprised if they go to freezone/indies (i.e. protestant Scientology) because they got some feel-good effects from auditing and so still believe in "the tech".
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  12. Dave B.

    Dave B. Maximus Ultimus Mostimus

    Especially if they're stupid enough to join the S.O. I'd look 'em in the eyes and say very slowly:

    Don't burn any bridges. You will need all those people you have been taught to look down on by the $cn. cult.

    Have a Plan B.

    All $cientologists are ex-$cientologists they just don't know it yet.
  13. pineapple

    pineapple Silver Meritorious Patron

    Tell 'em they should be following this guy, not Hubs.

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  14. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    The way out of SCN may take awhile for some people, differing from individual to individual.
    It finally has to hit the person hard from personal experience, which might take years to happen.

    For example, Bent Corydon (E.D. Riverside Mission) did not begin his journey out until after the Mission Holder's Conference.
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  15. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    what does "EHI Tu!" mean?

    To answer your question, one could say to the newly in I studied Hubbard and scientology and found out that no clears or OT's have been produced by Hubbard's dianetics and scientology technology. One can then give examples or explain.
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  16. pineapple

    pineapple Silver Meritorious Patron

    This is the name of Xenu's Italian half-brother. The scn woman is trying to key the guy in so he will reach for scn.
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