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Discussion in 'Life After Scientology' started by EZ Linus, Jun 2, 2018.

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  1. EZ Linus

    EZ Linus Cleared Tomato

    Life after Scientology. I can't really think of a better place to make this post.

    I can't say that my life after Scientology has been easy, but it's been worth every scrape and clawing along the 18 years that I've been out. I'm not going to lie. I'm still affected by my experience, and I wasn't even in the Sea Org! I was only on staff for a little under three years at one point, but I had very intense relationships with certain Scientologists, inner social circles, and groups. They were like little cults within the cult. I am just a sensitive person who takes on other people's emotions -- but, I had my "TRs in" the whole time, so no one would be the wiser. Meanwhile, I suffered untreated mental illness underneath it all.

    First of all, I want others to know, if you've been out for five years, 10 years, or whatever, and still feel un-tethered from the Earth, or you're still having nightmares, you're not alone. But life is still better here. It's PTSD you are experiencing. Look up Complex-PTSD, because it better describes what we go through. Get some help with it because living in fear only sucks. It sucks so bad.

    I know. I have lived a lot of my years out of Scientology in fear. In the coming weeks, months, or whatever, I am about to face my fears.

    As some of you know, I have been working on a memoir. For a long time now. Almost nine years. It is not a book about surviving Scientology, specifically, but it is in part. In large part. I suffered abuses long before I got into the cult. I was only 12 when I became interested. The gist is that my older brother had a connection, or a relationship, with a major celebrity who introduced him to Scientology, and that is how I came into it. Yadda yadda... So Scientology is prevalent throughout the book. I found I had to explain a ton about how it worked, which took up precious pages, leaving me having to cut many other stories about my life I would have liked to tell. But, this is my first book, and maybe I can write another one down the line.

    This past Wednesday, I finished this book, and I am hereby looking for a publisher, and/or an agent that can pitch it to a major publishing house. I can't have anyone read it for free yet because I need a lawyer to look it over first. I just wanted to announce it here on the forum that I finished it. :) If anyone here has any connections to agents, or attorneys that help low income artists, or Harper Collins.. heh, please send them my way.
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  2. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    Congratulations on finishing your book! :thumbsup:

    If I wrote a book that was partly about Scientology I'd network with the other authors in our community, pick their brains for referrals to agents, publishing houses, attorneys, etc. They've already dealt with and are experienced with many issues, and would be helpful I'm sure.
  3. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Congratulations Linus. I look forward to reading it.
  4. EZ Linus

    EZ Linus Cleared Tomato

    Thanks guys. I am happy to get the support. I'm going to need it.

    I plan to start contacting the other authors soon. I already had a couple of email conversations with them a few months back and got some nice feedback. I plan to build a network of support before it ever gets released, just because I want to have the back up, just in case I get any blow-back. However, since it's not exactly aimed to take down the cult, it also does not paint a pretty picture. I mention one small thing in passing that helped me, not so's you'd notice, and said it still wasn't worth it. Ha. So, it's like that!

    Since I've only finished it Wednesday, and I've been working on it literally non-stop for a very long time, I need a little time to rest between going hog-wild on finding agents, lawyers, publishers, and reviewers, as well as contacts. It's been an incredibly cathartic experience running through hard moments over and over, as it wasn't easy to remove myself while editing and correcting each time it was proofed.

    I still haven't written my little summary "blurb." When I do, I'll post it here. I am also making decisions about when to come out from under the radar with my name and all that.
  5. Helena Handbasket

    Helena Handbasket Gold Meritorious Patron

    Linus, breaking into the field of publishing is difficult, but it can be done. I'm currently reading How To Market A Book by Joanna Penn ( ) . If you wish, we can converse with each other and encourage each other.

  6. EZ Linus

    EZ Linus Cleared Tomato

    Hi Helena,

    Yes, it's absolutely difficult to break into traditional publishing, and a full-time job if you're going to self-publish. I have a sort of plan laid out for myself. We should converse. You can PM me any time! I've busier than shit, but let's talk anyway. :)