illuminati connections?

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    On one of the PDC lectures Hubbard refers to "my good friend Aleister Croweley" but they never met in the flesh. They were good friends only in Hubbard's imagination. Veda will know more about this.
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    Very true. Hubbard knew Parsons, who knew Crowley personally. Supposedly Parsons had told Crowley about Hubbard and Crowley didn't have much nice to say about Hubbard in a letter or letters to Parsons.

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    Eventually one finds out the whole government-economics scene is all this blackass magick carrying on. Scientology was child's play.

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    So I remember the triangle of Dianetics came from/was inspired by a tarot card symbol.

    This gem is either on a Dianetics demonstration type of tape or on one of the classics lectures that were usually on a single disc at a time.

    I cannot remember the actual lecture.
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    Anyway, tracking connections by tracking similar symbols is a waste of time. You have to track the MONEY and the command lines. Hubbard and Scientology may have a useful idiot diversion to the Illuminati crowd but I don't think either of them were ever more than just that.
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    LRon was spot on re: money and peeps attention. Always a good button.

    When your OT research fails and you are still just a wog, make sure you at least got plenty of money.
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    IF the Illuminati exists and Scientology were to have been a branch of it, those within the Illuminati would have acted years ago to sever the limb called Scientology and to cauterize that wound as quickly as possible.

    If these other "secret organizations" were all they are cracked up to be, they would not tolerate the leaking seive that is Scientology.
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    Sigh, I'm with Leon.

    I just can't abide the specious sort of reasoning that it requires to construct conspiracy theories.

    There are little conspiracies every where in fact. Why just here on ESMB there are at least a dozen groups conspiring to de construct the CofS, Ron spoke about 12 men, little did he dream.

  10. Royal Prince Xenu

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    The only reason Ron had to try and "out" the 12-men was because once he had some money, he thought he could invite himself to their little party--and I guess they told him to "Fuck off!"

    Of those alleged 12 men, I have successfully identified four families, but that is not the function of this board.
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    Exactly! And if they did indeed exist and were connected, elron would have vanished even before he had his first failed clear demonstration in LA in '52 - buried outside Teralingua or under 1500 feet of water somewhere in the ocean.

    Nonsense to make that correlation. The Co$ is way too inept to be associated with a society that has managed to keep itself secret.

    Hey 100th post. I need to get a life.
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    Symbols matter!

    :coolwink: All languages and their alphabetic "characters" evolved from hieroglyphics, and for secret societies through their 'mystics/scientists' ascribe numerical significance to each character. (Gematria)

    A word...brings what it symbolizes to the mind, and previous experience (engramic/pleasurable) with that picture we decide whether to embrace or block it.

    $$$$$$$ makes most of us feel good! :sp::drowning::flames: not so much....

    The earliest secret societies (not counting extra-terrestrial theology) used symbolism for the lower levels of the rank and file, and interpreted them plainly for the upper with "blood oaths" not to reveal them.

    In the Catholic Church, each "Order" has it's own agenda and "mystic power" convincing all that their Order should run the Papacy. They all manuever and scheme to this end.\

    The early protestant denominations also have their "Orders" but many of the Pentecostal/Charasmatic movements outlaw secret orders in regards to ministerial membership and even laiety.

    It was the "Rossetta Stone" that unlocked much of the mystery of hieroglphics.

    The Hebrews developed secret societies while in slavery to Egypt and much Egyptian theology became mixed with theirs. Although most scholars beleive it was at Babel, and Nimrod worship alon with his wife and son birthed the very first "organized" orders that were transposed to the different cultures as the succesive Empire overtook the next.

    Ancient Egyptian history covers a continuous period of over three thousand years. To put this in perspective - most modern countries count their histories in hundreds of years. Only modern China can come anywhere near this in terms of historical continuity.

    Egyptian culture declined and disappeared nearly two thousand years ago. The last vestiges of the living culture ceased to exist in AD 391 when the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius I closed all pagan temples throughout the Roman Empire.

    It was not until Napoleon's invasion of Egypt in 1798 that the wonderful artefacts of the Egyptians were seen in Europe and their ancient culture began to awaken from its long slumber. In 1799 a French captain named Pierre Bouchard discovered the Rosetta Stone which was carved with the same text in two languages, Egyptian and Greek, and three writing systems, hieroglyphic, demotic, and the Greek alphabet.

    This was a tremendous piece of luck because it enabled scholars to unlock the hieroglyphic code and without the stone, we would know nothing of the ancient Egyptians, and the details of their three thousand years of history would remain a mystery.

    The man who did more than any other to recover the words of the ancient Egyptians was Jean-François Champollion. He was an historian and brilliant linguist and by the age of sixteen had mastered not only Latin and Greek but six ancient Oriental languages, including Coptic, which was the late form of ancient Egyptian.

    Champollion had a unique advantage over others in the task of cracking the hieroglyphic code. Because he understood Coptic he was able to translate the meanings of the ancient Egyptian words.

    In the 1820s, Champollion established an entire list of Egyptian symbols with their Greek equivalents and was the first Egyptologist to realize that the symbols were not only alphabetic but syllabic, and in some cases determinative, meaning that they depicted the meaning of the word itself.

    So Cos USING THE CROSS AND TRIANGLES has meaning intended to pander to our sub-concious emotions attached to them.:coolwink::target::protest::bump2::rubeyes::laundry::noavatar::ripped::drowning::getalife::ill::flames::nothingfunny::gathering::seeya::ghost::aliengreeting::nooo::hey:
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    I find this topic fascinating. Symbols and secrets, manipulation, control. Just being aware that it does exist is a bit empowering and takes you to that degree out of the class of clueless masses.

    Here's a copy-paste of something I posted awhile back that didn't get much comment, but I think it sheds some light on the subject.


    Several years ago when I happened to be free-associating through the Wonderland that is Google, I happened upon this great article by someone known as Blackout. I’m not sure who Blackout is or what key words led me to his website, but I saved it and have referred back to it over the years. I am posting it here hoping to start a new dialog on the subject of “secret knowledge”, and see if it tweaks anybody. I know it's been discussed before somewhere, but I felt like giving it a new thread.

    Here's the original document, slightly edited:

    From Blackout’s Box Bulletin Boards August 2005
    Now let’s talk about these 'Scientologists' and other groups like them. If you notice, they all use the pyramid or some sort as their symbol. Hey, the pyramid is on our fucking dollar because of the groups trying to control everything. They think they are doing right because most of the world are idiots and should just shut up and work and do what these groups tell them. Unfortunately... they are right in a lot of instances. So many of the masses are just so DUMB. But I am not, and many are not, and I don't want to join Freemasons or Illuminati or any of that, and there are many more than just those big ones that you have heard of, although they all have basically the same agenda and they believe it to be good. Remember though, Hitler thought he was doing good and Hitler was heavily into Freemasonry.

    Scientology, believe it or not, has a BUNCH of great stuff in it. L Ron Hubbard was a great writer who got pissed off and mad at the world and then went manipulative psycho. If you read Dianetics and Scientology, the initial books, you will see that they teach basic and sound self-confidence-building psychological principals that mostly back up the fact that you create reality and most of your 'bullshit' or troubles in life are because you have let 'the herd' and unenlightened negative people get into your subconscious, and then you yourself have fucked up your subconscious, and your subconscious is the vast power - the engine if you will - that makes everything happen in your life. It doesn't know good or bad, it just DOES what it is commanded to do. It attracts and repels certain situations to you, and your consciousness is supposed to control your subconscious.

    This is how most people get messed up in the world. They are not taught how to use the power of their thinking properly. Language is extremely powerful and if your subconscious mind learns at an early age, 'life sucks and then you die,' or 'only a few get lucky... most of life is work-work-work and you can barely get by', well then you are going to live EXACTLY like that because your subconscious mind brings exactly the messages that it is told.

    Even a slightly confusing statement such as constantly stating 'I want money', can keep you from having money, because your subconscious mind will try to create "I want money" for you.... that means IT thinks that you want to be in a state of WANTING money. You need to be careful how you phrase things, you need to be conscious of your thought and your wording and your mind state. At first it seems difficult but with practice and knowing not to go crazy about it, to just relax and begin to understand, it will become easier and you will see dramatic changes.

    Unfortunately most people don't 'GET' how powerful this really is and so they are trapped in the conventional day-to-day blahs of the world and their own tortures of their own devices.

    Scientology, as well as many other sources and groups - teach you that NO ONE or NO THING makes you feel out of control but YOU. No one or no thing is more important than you (except the church of Scientology of course) and as you can see, it is very effective for some of its members….. although it's very funny how they say psychology is bad when Scientology is nothing but a bunch of psychology with a cult control pyramid structure thrown on top.

    They all go down the same road to clear enlightened awareness and you don't need any of these cults. They all refer to something called the Sacred Texts or Secret Doctrine that goes to the oldest book of The LAW of all. I have been researching all of this and I can tell you there is QUITE a lot when you become ready for it, but it basically comes down to this:

    Do What Thou Wilt. Love is under that believe it or not. Love is doing what thou wilt. Evil does not really exist, it is only error. God is not a dude sitting on a throne unless you want him to be for your perception of it. Evil is error, not evil. It is here for good. Thought is everything. Thought is spirit. Infinity can't know itself in infinity so it creates things in time- space to experience itself. This entire world is just a time-space mirror comprised from man's thought. This is happening on probably a million endless other universes with endless variations. Everything is within you. Every major religious group has tried to alter or hide the parts of the Bible that said that not only are you equal to God, you are God, and you will create just the same. You are immortal and endlessly creative. Being a non-creative stick in the mud is creative because it forms a new experience. You are unique and there is not, nor will there ever be, another you that does exactly as you have.

    All these 'groups' think it is terrible for any of this knowledge to be known by the general public so they put you through a series of levels and levels and levels of stuff and rituals and tests. Thought not only DOES affect matter, thought IS matter. There are tons of these systems and it all comes down to the same thing. Scientology calls it Thetans, but it is basically that we are a 5th race in 7 total races of beings all going through repeated cycles. That you ARE God wishing to know itself, and so is everyone else.

    Go do a search on Google or something and enjoy if you wish to go deep down the zebra hole:

    "The Sacred Texts"
    "The Book of the Law"
    "Three Secret Words" (U.S. Anderson.. EXCELLENT book powerful beyond any sort of self help book you could ever read… if you have the capability to understand and believe it)
    "The Secret Doctrine"
    "Free Mason Symbols"

    It's all connected. You are what you think, followed by what you eat, but the first is more important than the second. Everything stems from thought. Think you're shy, and you become shyer, think you're dumb, your subconscious obeys. What most repeats over and over in your head is what comes to you and manifests in your life, in your physical form, friendship, wealth, health, everything.


    Me saying this won't do anything. The desire to know and to grow have to be inside you. They are inside you, but you either act on them or you say 'NO WAY, THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE'.

    Well. The chances of you having the luck to be born and be here in this time and read this are pretty much impossible, yet here you are.

    Nothing is impossible, unless you wish for it to be, and even then it is not really impossible, it is only impossible for you, as long as you believe it to be so.

    There are many more dimensions then these little bit of senses that we have and rely so heavily on. Children know it, and great sages and Shamans know it.

    So get the knowledge of the cults, without the cults.

    (end of article)

    Pretty deep stuff, eh? All free from the internet. You didn’t have to join a cult to get the information, jump through hoops, or spend several hundred thousand dollars. With a little research, you can find a wealth of information if you can sort truth from bullshit and don’t need a guru to do your thinking for you. (And while you’re researching, please don’t fall for any Nigerian scams or get trapped in another cult.)

    I did a search for the book mentioned above called “Three Secret Words” by Anderson and found nothing. Has anyone ever come across it? Maybe it's one of those hidden secrets. hmmm.

    By the way, I think I figured out why certain knowledge is kept hidden (besides the fact that it is very lucrative making people pay big bucks and jump through hoops to find out secret “confidential levels”). It might have something to do with spiritual growth, ascended masters, waking up, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful and why it’s all necessary. Once a being has learned all the lessons he sets out to learn, the physical universe game, for him, is over. It’s why we cling so long to the illusion. We don’t want to let go of the game.

    In a phrase, “We are god, and god is waking up.”

    I think we are witnessing the wake-up process snowballing. It may even have something to do with 2012. All “in the fullness of time.” When god has fully awaken…. Game Over, Man!

    Of course, there’s always a re-set button if we want to do it all again.
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    "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." I agree. It's a 'safe' feeling when you know where the "boogieman"

    here's some more stuff! check out how CoS has threatened this site re: material
  15. xguardian

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    Hubbard and the Occult
    This article is the first in a series of articles based upon research into the roots of the Hubbardian philosophy that gave birth to the "Sacred Scriptures" of the Church of Scientology

    The Office of Special Affairs, the elite Secret Intelligence unit of the Church of Scientology, was well aware that this report was reaching its final stage and in the recent months they have launched lawsuits and a massive propaganda campaign to discredit FACTNET Director, Lawrence Wollersheim and the researcher, Jon Atack

    Scientology is using many Hollywood celebrities to promote its agenda. But most Scientologists, celebrity and non-celebrity alike; as well as the general public , are ignorant of the Satanic/Black Magic background of its Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and how he used these materials to form the core of his secret "Sacred Scriptures"

    The ransacking of the FACTNET files and data base by the OSA Raid Team was not unexpected and the timing of the raid, not surprisingly, corresponded to the scheduled release date of this material. FACTNET Co-Director Arnie Lerma's computers and personal files were also ransacked by OSA raiders.

    FACTNET hopes these series of articles will create meaningful dialogue and that all readers will give this report, and future reports, the widest distribution on the Internet and other areas of Cyberspace, and amongst the general public.


    Hubbard and the Occult
    I stand before you having been accused in print by L. Ron Hubbard's followers of having an avid interest in black magic. I would like to put firmly on record that whatever interest I have is related entirely to achieving a better understanding of the creator of Dianetics and Scientology. Hubbard's followers have the right to be made aware that he had not only an avid interest, but that he was also a practitioner of black magic. Today I shall discuss these matters in depth, but I shall not repeat all of the proofs which already exist in my book A Piece of Blue Sky (001).

    Scientology is a twisting together of many threads. Ron Hubbard's first system, Dianetics, which emerged in 1950, owes much to early Freudian ideas (002). For example, Hubbard's "Reactive Mind" obviously derives from Freud's "Unconscious". The notion that this mind thinks in identities comes from Korzybski's General Semantics. Initially, before deciding that he was the sole source of Dianetics and Scientology (003), Hubbard acknowledged his debt to these thinkers (004). Dianetics bears marked similarities to work reported by American psychiatrists Grinker and Spiegel (005) and English psychiatrist William Sargant (006). The first edition of Hubbard's 1950 text Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health (007) carried an advertisement for a book published a year earlier (008). Psychiatrist Nandor Fodor had been writing about his belief in the residual effects of the birth trauma for some years, following in the footsteps of Otto Rank. In lectures given in 1950, Hubbard also referred to works on hypnosis which had obviously influenced his techniques (009). The very name "Dianetics" probably owes something to the, at the time, highly popular subject of Cybernetics. (010)

    By 1952, Hubbard had lost the rights to Dianetics, having bailed out just before the bankruptcy of the original Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation. He had also managed to avoid the charges brought against that Foundation by the New Jersey Medical Association for teaching medicine without a license (011). In a matter of days in the early spring of 1952, Hubbard moved from his purported "science of mental health" into the territory of reincarnation and spirit possession. He called his new subject Scientology, claiming that the name derived from "scio" and "logos" and meant "knowing how to know". However, Hubbard was notorious for his sly humour and "scio" might also refer to the Greek word for a "shade" or "ghost". Scientology itself had already been used at the turn of the century to mean "pseudo-science" and in something close to Hubbard's meaning in 1934 by one of the proponents of Aryan racial theory (012). Other possible links between Hubbard's thought and that of the Nazis will be made clear later in this paper.

    Scientology seems to be a hybrid of science-fiction and magic. Hubbard's reflections on philosophy seem to derive largely from Will Durant's Story of Philosophy (013) and the works of Aleister Crowley. Aleister Crowley is surely the most famous black magician of the twentieth-century. It is impossible to arrive at an understanding of Scientology without taking into account its creator's extensive involvement with magic. The trail has been so well obscured in the past that even such a scholar as professor Gordon Melton has been deceived into the opinion that Hubbard was not a practitioner of ritual magic and that Scientology is not related to magical beliefs and practices. In the book A Piece of Blue Sky, I explored these connections in detail. The revelations surrounding Hubbard's private papers in the 1984 Armstrong case in California makes any denial of the connections fatuous. The significance of these connections is of course open to discussion.

    The chapter in A Piece of Blue Sky that describes Hubbard's involvement with the ideas of magic is called His Magickal Career. I hope I shall be excused for relying upon it. I shall also here describe further research, and comment particularly upon Hubbard's use of magical symbols, and the inescapable view that many of the beliefs and practices of Scientology are a reformulation of ritual magic. (014)

    In 1984, a former close colleague of Hubbard's told me that thirty years before when asked how he had managed to write Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health in just three weeks, Hubbard had replied that it had been automatic writing. He said that the book had been dictated by "the Empress". At the time, I had no idea who or what "the Empress" might be. Later, I noticed that in an article printed immediately prior to the book Dianetics, Hubbard had openly admitted to his use of "automatic writing, speaking and clairvoyance" (015). However, it took several years to understand this tantalising reference to the Empress.

    In the 1930s, Hubbard became friendly with fellow adventure writer Arthur J. Burks. Burks described an encounter with "the Redhead" in his book Monitors. The text makes it clear that "the Redhead" is none other than Ron Hubbard. Burks said that when the Redhead had been flying gliders he would be saved from trouble by a "smiling woman" who would appear on the aircraft's wing (016). Burks put forward the view that this was the Redhead's "monitor" or guardian angel.

    In 1945, Hubbard became involved with Crowley's acolyte, Jack Parsons. Parsons wrote to Crowley that Hubbard had "described his angel as a beautiful winged woman with red hair, whom he calls the Empress, and who has guided him through his life and saved him many times." In the Crowleyite system, adherents seek contact with their "Holy Guardian Angel".

    John Whiteside Parsons, usually known as Jack, first met Hubbard at a party in August 1945. When his terminal leave from the US Navy began, on December 6th, 1945, Hubbard went straight to Parsons' house in Pasadena, and took up residence in a trailer in the yard. Parsons was a young chemist who had helped to set up Jet Propulsion Laboratories and was one of the innovators of solid fuel for rockets. Parsons was besotted with Crowley's Sex Magick, and had recently become head of the Agape Lodge of the Church of Thelema in Los Angeles. The Agape Lodge was an aspect of the Ordo Templi Orientis, the small international group headed by Aleister Crowley.

    Parsons' girlfriend soon transferred her affections to Hubbard. With her, Hubbard and Parsons formed a business partnership, as a consequence of which Parsons lost most of his money to Hubbard. However, before Hubbard ran away with the loot, he and Parsons participated in magical rituals which have received great attention among contemporary practitioners.

    Parsons and Hubbard together performed their own version of the secret eighth degree ritual (017) of the Ordo Templi Orientis in January 1946. The ritual is called "concerning the secret marriages of gods with men" or "the magical masturbation" and is usually a homosexual ritual. The purpose of this ritual was to attract a woman willing to participate in the next stage of Hubbard and Parsons' Sex Magick.

    Hubbard and Parsons were attempting the most daring magical feat imaginable. They were trying to incarnate the Scarlet Woman described in the Book of Revelation as "Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth ... drunken with the blood of saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus." (018) During the rituals, Parsons described Babalon as "mother of anarchy and abominations". The woman who they believed had answered their call, Marjorie Cameron, joined in with their sexual rituals in March 1946.

    Parsons used a recording machine to keep a record of his ceremonies. He also kept Crowley informed by letter.The correspondence still exists. Crowley wrote to his deputy in New York "I get fairly frantic when I contemplate the idiocy of these louts".

    Crowley was being disingenuous. His own novel The Moonchild describes a ritual with a similar purpose. Further, the secret IXth degree ritual of the Ordo Templi Orientis (019) contains "Of the Homunculus" in which the adept seeks to create a human embodiment of one of the energies of nature - a god or goddess. The ritual says "to it thou art Sole God and Lord, and it must serve thee."

    In fact, Hubbard and Parsons were committing sacrilege in Crowley's terms. Crowley respelled "Babylon" as he respelled "magic". His magick was entirely dedicated to Babalon, the Scarlet Woman. Crowley believed himself the servant and slave of Babalon, the antichrist, styling himself "the Beast, 666". For anyone to try to incarnate and control the goddess must have been an impossible blasphemy to him. Crowley, after all, called Babalon "Our Lady" (020).

    Hubbard and Parsons attempts did not end with the conception of a human child. However, just as Crowley said that "Gods are but names for the forces of Nature themselves" (021), so it might be speculated that Hubbard embodied Babalon not in human form, but through his organization.

    Parsons sued Hubbard in Florida in July 1946, managing to regain a little of his money. The record of their rituals was later transcribed and has since been published as The Babalon Working (022). Parsons made a return to Magick, writing The Book of the Antichrist in 1949 (023). Parsons pronounced himself the Antichrist. In a Scientology text, Hubbard spoke favourably of Parsons, making no mention of their magical liaison (024). A Piece of Blue Sky covers Hubbard's involvement with Parsons in much greater detail than I have given here.

    Hubbard's interest in the occult was kindled long before he met Parsons. It dates back at least to his membership of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis or AMORC, in 1940. Hubbard had completed the first two neophyte degrees before his membership lapsed, and later there were private complaints that he had incorporated some of the teachings he had promised to keep secret into Scientology (025).

    Having stolen Parsons' girl and his money, Hubbard carried on with magical practices of his own devising. Scientology attempted to reclaim documents which recorded these practices in its case against former Hubbard archivist Gerald Armstrong. Some $280,000 was paid to publishers Ralston Pilot to prevent publication of Omar Garrison's authorised biography of Hubbard. However, Garrison retained copies of thousands of Hubbard documents and showed me one which had been referred to in the Armstrong trial. The Blood Ritual is an invokation of the Egyptian goddess Hathor, performed by Hubbard during the late 1940s. As the name suggests, the ritual involved the use of blood. Hubbard mingled his own blood with that of his then wife (the girlfriend he had stolen from Parsons and with whom Hubbard contracted a bigamous marriage).

    In a 1952 Scientology lecture, Hubbard referred to "Aleister Crowley, my very good friend" (026). In fact, the two black magicians never met, and Crowley expressed a very low opinion of the man who he saw had tricked his disciple Jack Parsons. Even so, Hubbard had a very positive regard for Crowley, calling his work "fascinating" (027) and recommending one of his books to Scientologists. Having referred to Crowley as "The Beast 666", Hubbard said that he had "picked a level of religious worship which is very interesting" (028). He also made it clear that he had read the fundamental text of the Crowley teaching, The Book of the Law (029).

    In his 1952 lectures, Hubbard also referred to the Tarot cards, saying that they were not simply a system of divination but a "philosophical machine". He gave particular mention to the Fool card, saying "The Fool of course is the wisest of all. The Fool who goes down the road with the alligators barking at his heels, and the dogs yapping at him, blindfolded on his way, he knows all there is to know and does nothing about it ... nothing could touch him" (030).

    The only Tarot pack which has an alligator on the Fool card is Crowley's (031). When I interviewed Gerald Armstrong, Hubbard's archivist, in 1984, he told me of a Hubbard "scale" dating from the 1940s. At the base of the scale was the word "animals". It then ascended through "labourers, farmers, financiers, fanatics" and "the Fool" to "God". Hubbard seems to have seen himself as the Fool and was perhaps trying to create a trampoline of fanatics through whom he could achieve divinity. Indeed, if Scientology could live up to its claims, then Hubbard would be a "godmaker".

    Of course, the Tarot pack also contains the Empress card and knowing this it is finally possible to understand what Hubbard believed his Guardian Angel to be.

    Crowely examined the Tarot in The Book of Thoth (032). Of the Empress card he said "She combines the highest spiritual with the lowest material qualities" (033). Crowley identifies the Empress as the "Great Mother", and indeed on her robe are bees (034), the traditional symbol of Cybele. Crowley is not alone in the belief that different cultures give different names to the same deities. The worship of Cybele goes back to at least 3,000 B.C. She entered Greek culture as Artemis and to the Romans was Diana, the huntress. Crowley also identified the Empress with the Hindu goddess Shakti (035), and the Egyptian goddesses Isis and Hathor. Crowley directly identified Isis with Diana (036). More usually, Crowley called the Empress by the name Babalon (037).

    Contemporary New Age groups see the Great Mother in the aspect of Gaia the Earth Mother. This is far from Crowley's view. Diana, the patroness of witchcraft (038) was seen by Hubbard rather through the eyes of Crowley than as a benevolent, loving mother. Hubbard made no reference for example to Robert Graves' White Goddess, but only to Crowley and peripherally to Frazer's Golden Bough and Gibbon's Decline and Fall, both of which give reference to the cult of Diana. To Crowley the Great Mother, Babalon, is, of course, also the antichrist.

    While Crowley's path was submission to the Empress, Hubbard seems to have tried to dominate the same force, bringing it into being as a servile homunculus. Hubbard's eldest son, although a questionable witness, was insistent that his father taught him magic and privately referred to the goddess as Hathor. The Blood Ritual confirms this assertion if nothing else.

    Publicly, Hubbard was taken with the Roman name of the goddess, Diana, giving it to one of his daughters and also to one of his Scientology Sea Organization boats. Curiously, this boat had been renamed from The Enchanter and before Scientology he had owned another called The Magician. Hubbard had also used Jack Parsons' money to buy a yacht called Diane (039). "Dianetics" may also be a reference to Diana. Shortly before its inception, another former US Navy officer and practitioner of the VIIIth degree of the Ordo Templi Orientis had formed a group called Dianism (040).

    When The Blood Ritual was mentioned during the Armstrong trial in 1984, Scientology's lawyer asserted that it was an invokation of an Egyptian goddess of love (041). Hathor is indeed popularly seen as a winged and spotted cow which feeds humanity. However, there is an important lesson about Scientology in the practice of magicians. The teachings of magic are considered by many practictioners to be powerful and potentially dangerous and therefore have to be kept secret. One of the easiest ways to conceal the true meaning of a teaching is to reverse it. By magicians Hathor is also seen as an aspect of Sekmet, the avenging lioness. One authority on ritual magic has revealed the identity of Hathor as "the destroyer of man." (042) The important lesson is that Scientology has both a public and a hidden agenda. Publicly it is a Church, privately as the record of convictions shows, it is an Intelligence agency. Many public Hubbard works speak of helping people. In his largely secret Fair Game teachings, however, Hubbard is outspoken in his attack upon either critics of himself or of his work. For example, in What is Greatness? Hubbard says "The hardest task one can have is to continue to love one's fellows despite all reasons he should not. And the true sign of sanity and greatness is so to continue." In one statement of the Fair Game Law, however, Hubbard said that opponents "May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed" (043). Of practitioners unlicensed by him Hubbard said "Harass these persons in any possible way" (044). Nor did he exclude the possibility of murder against those who opposed him (045). The harassment of critics, may explain the dearth of academic research into Scientology. Hubbard's use of contradiction to captivate and redirect his followers is worthy of a separate study (046), but it has its roots in his study of magic. Perhaps he related his "Dianetics" also to Janus, the two-faced god whose name is sometimes spelled "Dianus".

    While Hubbard was supposedly researching his Dianetics in the late 1940s, he was in fact engaging in magical rituals, and trying out hypnosis both on himself and others. During the 1984 Armstrong trial, extracts from Hubbard's voluminous self-hypnotic affirmations were read into the record. The statements, hundreds of pages of them, are written in red ink and Hubbard frequently drew pictures of the male genitalia alongside the text (047). Among his suggestions to himself we find: "Men are my slaves", "Elemental Spirits are my slaves" and "You can be merciless whenever your will is crossed and you have every right to be merciless" (048).

    Black magic is distinguished from white in the desire of the practitioner to bring harm. "Maleficium" is the traditional word for such magic. The "Suppressive Person declare" and the "Fair Game Law" speak reams in terms of Hubbard's intent.

    Scientology is a neo-gnostic system, which is to say that it teaches the attainment of insight through a series of stages. These stages are called by Scientologists "the Bridge to Total Freedom". The Bridge currently consists of some 27 levels. These levels might be compared to the initiations of magical systems. While the stages appear dissimilar to those of Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis, it is worth noting that both systems consist of stages, that both have secret levels and that both are numbered with Roman numerals. Hubbard also shared with Crowley a numbering system which begins at 0 rather than 1.

    The Scientology Bridge has as its end the creation of an "Operating Thetan". Hubbard used the word "thetan" to identify the self, the spirit which is the person. He claimed that the word derived from an earlier Greek usage of the letter theta for "spirit" (049). I have been unable to find such a usage, but can comment that the theta symbol is central to the Crowley system where it is found as an aspect of the sign used for Babalon. To Crowley, the theta sign represented the essential principle of his system - thelema or the will. (050)

    By "Operating Thetan", Hubbard meant an individual or "thetan" able to "operate" freely from the physical body, able to cause effects at a distance by will alone In Hubbard's words "a thetan exterior who can have but doesn't have to have a body in order to control or operate thought, life, matter, energy, space and time" (051). Hubbard used the term "intention" rather than "will" (052), but the goal of Scientology is clearly the same as that of the Crowley system. The Scientologist wishes to be able to control events and the minds of others by intention. This seems to be exactly what Crowley called "thelema". In a 1952 lecture, Hubbard recommended a book which he called "The Master Therion" (053). This was in fact one of Crowley's "magical" names. I have been advised by an officer of one of the Ordo Templi Orientis groups that the reference is most likely to Crowley's magnum opus Magick in Theory and Practice. In that work, Crowley gave this definition "Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will" (054). So the aim of both Crowley and Hubbard seems to have been the same.

    As a recovering Scientologist, I must raise an ethical objection to the desire to control the minds of others without their consent. This is the purpose of many Scientology procedures (055), and can be seen either as deliberate "mind control" or as the black magician's contempt of others. Scientology is a curious hybrid of magic and psychology. After all, Hubbard boasted "we can brainwash faster than the Russians - 20 seconds to total amnesia" (056).

    At the centre of Crowley's teaching is the notion that we can each control our own destiny: "Postulate: Any required Change may be effected by the application of the proper kind and degree of Force in the proper manner through the proper medium to the proper object" (057); further "Every intentional act is a Magical Act" (058); "Every failure proves that one or more requirements of the postulate have not been fulfilled" (059). Hubbard taught that everything is down to the intention of the individual. He called such intentions "postulates". The victim of any negative event is said to have "pulled it in". Hubbard taught a contempt for "victims" and regarded sympathy as a low emotional condition (060). As Crowley put it "Man is ignorant of the nature of his own being and powers ... He may thus subjugate the whole Universe of which he is conscious to his individual Will" (061).

    Hubbard was to employ or parallel so many of Crowley's ideas and approaches that it is impossible, especially with Hubbard's references to Crowley, to avoid comparison. For example, in his Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health, Hubbard laid much emphasis on the recollection of birth. Crowley had earlier insisted that the magician must recall his birth (062). Crowley spoke of "A equals A" (063), where Hubbard, again in Dianetics spoke of "A equals A equals A". Both men were noisy in their contempt for psychotherapists (064). Both Hubbard and Crowley spoke of "past lives" rather than "reincarnation" (065). Indeed, the notion of past lives and their recollection is essential to both systems, as Crowley wrote "There is no more important task than the exploration of one's previous incarnations" (066). Scientology and Dianetics also rely upon the supposed recollection of previous incarnations. Crowley called this the "magical memory" (067).

    Hubbard gave as the fundamental axiom of his system "Life is basically a static. A Life Static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time." (068) Crowley was more succinct, calling the self "nothing" (069). Hubbard was to say that even an "Operating Thetan" could not "operate" alone, and Crowley said "Even in Magick we cannot get on without the help of others" (070).

    The first essential teaching of Scientology is that "reality is basically agreement" (071) or "reality is the agreed-upon apparency of existence" (072), which Crowley expressed as "The universe is a projection of ourselves; an image as unreal as that of our faces in the mirror ... not to be altered save as we alter ourselves" (073). The controlling power of thought, or will, is evident in both systems, Crowley has it "we can never affect anything outside ourselves save only as it is also within us. (074)"

    Both men believed that truth is unobtainable in the material world. Crowley expressed it thus "There is no such thing as truth in the perceptible universe" (075). Hubbard said "The ultimate truth ... has no mass, meaning, mobility, no wavelength, no time, no location in space, no space." (076)

    Hubbard's concept of the "thetan exterior" - operating apart from the body is found in Crowley's "interior body of the Magician" which can "pass through 'matter'" (077). Both systems seek to get the spirit "out of the body" (078).

    Crowley said "Evil is only an appearance ... like good"(079), where Hubbard said that "goodness and badness ... are ... considerations, and have no other basis than opinion" (080).

    Each spoke of a personal "universe" (081). Hubbard also followed in Crowley's footsteps with the insistence that the meaning of words should be clarified or "cleared" (082).

    Crowley announced that Christ was "concocted" (083) which tallies exactly with Hubbard's assertion that Christ was a hypnotic "implant" (084). Here the major difference between Crowley and Hubbard becomes apparent: Crowley was publicly outspoken about his views, Hubbard was careful to keep negative material secret. Scientology claims to be eclectic and non-denominational. Only in secret teachings is Hubbard's contempt for Christianity apparent (085).

    The long series of lectures in which Hubbard called Crowley his "very good friend" and recommended his writings, centres on a technique called "creative processing" by Hubbard. It is unsurprising that this technique is common to magicians. Nowadays it is more usually known as "visualisation".

    Scientology surely has the distinction of containing the largest collection of teachings produced by one man. There are more than a hundred books and over 2,500 recorded lectures. But there are also thousands of registered trademarks, including many symbols.

    Many of these symbols have possible magical significance. It seems highly unlikely given his study of the occult that Hubbard was unaware of the earlier use of these symbols. The Scientology cross which Hubbard claimed to have seen in an old Spanish church in Arizona (086) is markedly similar to the Rosicrucian cross (087) and also to Aleister Crowley's OTO cross. Hubbard had been a member of the Rosicrucians. He had also commented on Crowley's Tarot which carries the OTO cross on the back of every card. Hubbard cannot have been ignorant of these uses.

    The Scientology cross could also be seen as a crossed out cross, with potentially Satanic implications. It seems strange that Hubbard who called Scientology a "better" activity than Christianity (088), called Christ an invention (089) and said that the "Creator of Heaven" would be found "with beetles under the rocks" (090), should have adopted the exclusively Christian word "church", the garb of Christian ministers and the use of the cross as a symbol. But Scientology is based upon deceptions and contradictions.

    The Rosicrucians and the Freemasons share a ritual called the "grave of fire" (091). A senior Rosicrucian who had also studied Scientology told me that the initiate lies on a carpet within a pattern of lapping flames. He claimed that Scientology's Religious Technology Center - or RTC - symbol was very similar. (092)

    The RTC symbol contains the Dianetics triangle, which is a common magical symbol, representing the door of the Cabala, the letter Daleth. Hubbard indeed assigned it to the Greek equivalent of Daleth, Delta. The triangle on its base is also the symbol of Set, the Egyptian god called by some "the destroyer of man". The male equivalent of Babalon. Indeed, Crowley equates Set with Satan (093). The triangle is universally recognised as a sign of malign power. Alexandra David-Neel commented upon its use as such among the Tibetans. Her best-selling books of the 1930s contain many other possible comparisons with Hubbard's work.

    The "S and double triangle" is a major symbol found throughout Scientology. The "S" supposedly represents "Scientology" and the two triangles Affinity-Reality-Communication and Knowledge-Responsibility-Control. There is another possible interpretation. The "S" seen on its own can easily be seen as a snake. To Crowley, indeed, the "S" represented the tempting serpent, Satan. Perhaps Hubbard's "thetan" is pronounced to match with a lisped "satan"? He was after all wry in his humour. The two triangles can be assembled differently to form the Star of David, called the Seal of Solomon by magicians (094) This symbol allegedly represents "tetragrammaton", the holy name of God which must never be spoken. Perhaps breaking it apart is similar to hanging the Christian cross upside down.

    Next we see the Sea Organization symbol. The five pointed star, or pentacle is the most commonly known symbol of magical power. It is held between two thirteen-leaved laurels. Armstrong told me in 1984 that judging by the papers in Hubbard's archive the creator of Scientology was more interested in numerology than any other aspect of magic.

    Among the more seemingly fanciful claims of Hubbard's oldest son, L. Ron, junior, was that his father was the successor to the magicians who created Naziism. Naziism was certainly an authoritarian group, a prototypical destructive cult. Recent revelations about leading Scientologist Thomas Marcellus long-running direction of the Institute for Historical Review can only add to speculation (095). Dusty Sklar has said that had she known about Hubbard she would have used him in the last chapter of The Nazis and the Occult rather than Sun Myung Moon (096). L. Ron, junior, was sure that the teachings of the Germanen Orden and the Thule Society had passed directly to his father by courier. In this light, the white circle on a red square of Scientology's International Management Organization (097) can be readily compared to the Nazi flag. The four lightning flashes or "sig runes" are also common to Naziism. No explanation is given for these sig runes by Scientology. They also appear on the RTC symbol. At the time that both of these symbols were introduced, Hubbard also created the International Finance Police, headed by the International Finance Dictator. An unusual choice of word.

    Hitler too had been aware of the power of occult symbols and rituals. Speaking of the Freemasons, he said: "All the supposed abominations, the skeletons and death's heads, the coffins and the mysteries, are mere bogeys for children. But there is one dangerous element and that is the element I have copied from them. They form a sort of priestly nobility. They have developed an esoteric doctrine not merely formulated, but imparted through the symbols and mysteries in degrees of initiation. The hierarchical organization and the initiation through symbolic rites, that is to say, without bothering the brain but by working on the imagination through magic and the symbols of a cult, all this has a dangerous element, and the element I have taken over. Don't you see that our party must be of this character ...? An Order, that is what it has to be - an Order, the hierarchical Order of a secular priesthood." (098)

    Having shown many comparisons between Crowley's work and Hubbard's, and having shown the common intent of both systems, I shall now move on to the secret rituals of Scientology. The attempt to obtain magical powers is certainly not unique to Hubbard and Crowley. Every culture seems to have had its own approach.

    One common element to most cultures is the belief in disembodied spirits. Disembodied spirits can be found in the teachings of all of the major religions (099). Crowley shared with many the belief that such spirits can be used in the practice of magic (100). Most of the secret teachings of Scientology concern such disembodied spirits.

    Towards the end of his life, Hubbard wrote some chirpy pop songs which were recorded under his direction (101). One of these songs, The Evil Purpose, begins "In olden days the populace was much afraid of demons / And paid an awful sky high price to buy some priestly begones". The song goes on to explain that there are no demons, "just the easily erased evil purpose". In fact, the Operating Thetan levels are concerned almost entirely with "body thetans" or indwelling spirits or demons.

    Hubbard first floated the idea to his adherents in spring 1952, during his first Scientology lectures (102). He spoke of "theta" as the life-force and went on to describe "theta beings" and "theta bodies". Mention was made again that June in the book What to Audit, which is still in print - minus a chapter - as Scientology: A History of Man. Here Hubbard said that we are all inhabited by seven foreign spirits, the leader of which he called the "crew chief". The idea did not find favour, so it was abandoned for fourteen years.

    In December 1966, in North Africa, Hubbard undertook "research" into an incident which he claimed had occurred 75 million years ago. In a tape recorded lecture given in September 1967, Hubbard announced his revelation to Scientologists. On the same tape he boasted about his wife Mary Sue Hubbard's use of "professional Intelligence Agents" to steal files. His wife, the controller of all Scientology organizations subsequently went to prison. Scientology continues to claim that its creator knew nothing of the events that put his wife in prison, but also continue to sell this tape. Armstrong, Hubbard's former archivist has said that the Hubbard archive contains letters written while he was creating Operating Thetan level three. In his lecture, Hubbard claimed to have broken his back while researching. Armstrong told me in 1984 that Hubbard had in fact got very drunk and fallen down in the gutter. A doctor had been called out to him to deal with a sprain. Hubbard also detailed his drug use in this correspondence. In February 1967, Hubbard flew to Los Palmas and the woman who attended him there has told me that he was taking an enormous quantity of drugs and was in a very debilitated state.

    The result of Hubbard's "research" was a mixture of science-fiction and old-fashioned magic. According to Hubbard, 75 million years ago, Xenu, the overlord of 76 planets, rounded up most of the people of his empire - some 178 billion per planet - and brought them to Earth. Here they were exploded in volcanoes using hydrogen bombs and the spirits or thetans collected on "electronic ribbons". Disorientated from the massacre, the disembodied thetans were subjected to some 36 days of hypnotic "implanting" and clustered together. From seven indwelling spirits per person Hubbard's estimate had gone into the thousands. The "implants" supposedly contained the blueprint for future civilizations, including the Christian teaching, 75 million years before Christ. Operating Thetan level three has to be kept secret, according to Hubbard, because the unprepared will die within two days of discovering its contents. The story has in fact been published in many newspapers without noticeable loss of life. Hubbard was so taken with his science fiction, that he finally wrote a screenplay called Revolt in the Stars about the "OT 3" incident, ignoring his own warnings.

    It is often the case with Hubbard's work that he has simply taken other ideas and dressed them up in new expressions. Careful study shows that Dianetics is largely a rewording of existing work. The original language of Dianetics included such words as "operator", "reverie" and "regression" common to hypnotic practitioners at the time. On leaving Scientology, most people cannot see that the "body thetans" of Operating Thetan levels three to seven are in fact the demons of Christian belief. The "OT levels" are factually the most expensive form of exorcism known to man. Unfortunately, such beliefs and practices can have a severe effect upon practitioners, who take Hubbard's warnings to heart and come to believe themselves multiple personalities. I have been called in to help several times in such instances.

    Indeed, the whole process of "auditing" can be seen as an update of magical ritual. Scientology is a mixture of occult ritual and 1950s style psychotherapy. The adherents travel through increasingly expensive initiations with the hope of attaining supernatural powers. There are badges, symbols and titles for almost every stage of the way.

    Other links with ritual magic have emerged. A peculiar event occurred aboard Hubbard's flagship, the Apollo, in 1973. Those aboard ship responsible for overseeing the management of Scientology organizations were involved in a ceremony called the Kali ceremony after the Hindu goddess of destruction. The whole was staged very seriously, and the managers were led into a dimly lit hold of the ship and ordered to destroy models of their organizations. A few years before, a high-ranking Sea Organization officer claims to have been ordered to Los Angeles where he was meant to mount an armed attack on a magicians' sabat. He did not mount the attack but claims that the meeting happened exactly where Hubbard had told him it would.

    In 1976, Hubbard ordered a secret research project into the teachings of gnostic groups. He had already carried out a project to determine which of his ship's crew members were "soldiers of light" and which "soldiers of darkness". The latter group were apparently promoted. Jeff Jacobsen has provided insight into a possible connection between Hubbard's OT levels and gnostic teachings (103). Jacobsen quotes from the third century Christain gnostic Valentinus: "For many spirits dwell in it [the body] and do not permit it to be pure; each of them brings to fruition its own works, and they treat it abusively by means of unseemly desires". Jacobsen goes on to cite the gnostic Basilides, man "preserves the appearance of a wooden horse, according to the poetic myth, embracing as he does in one body a host of such different spirits." Jacobsen points out that multiple possession seems to have been considered normal by these gnostics. Possession equates to madness in orthodox Christianity, and examples of multiple possession are rare (the Gadarene swine for example). Jacobsen draws other interesting parallels between gnosticism and Scientology.

    Another former Sea Organization member affidavited a meeting in the 1970s with an old man whose description fitted Hubbard's. She claimed to have been taken to the top floor of a Scientology building by high-ranking officials and left there with this man, who performed the sexual act with her, but very slowly (104). Indeed, in the way advocated by Crowley and called karezzo. No outside witness has corroborated this statement.

    I have already said that the public and private faces of Scientology are very different. The vast majority of Hubbard's followers are good people who genuinely believe that the techniques of Scientology can help the world. Most are ignorant of the hidden Fair Game teachings. Hubbard presented himself as a messiah, as Maitreya the last Buddha, but in fact he was privately a highly disturbed and frequently ill man. There are a number of reports of his drug abuse. He advocated the use of amphetamines (105). He admitted to barbiturate addiction (106) and was also at times a heavy drinker. His treatment of those around him was often deplorable. Although holding himself out as an authority on child-rearing, his relationship with his children was genuinely dreadful. He disowned his first son, barely saw his first daughter, denied paternity of his second daughter, and Quentin, the oldest son of his third marriage, committed suicide. Quentin had reached the highest level of Scientology twice. He was a Class XII auditor and a "cleared theta clear", but he was also a homosexual. Hubbard was publicly homophobic - saying that all homosexuals are "covertly hostile" or backstabbers. I have received alarming reports of his sexual behaviour. I must emphasise that these reports are not corroborated, so can only stand as allegations. One Sea Organization officer claims to have witnessed a sexual encounter between Hubbard and a young boy in North Africa. Another claims that Hubbard admitted to a sexual relationship with one of his own children. It is impossible to substantiate such reports. But such behaviour would be in keeping with an extreme devotee of Aleister Crowley who said that in the training of a magician "Acts which are essentially dishonourable must be done." (107)

    In conclusion, I believe that Hubbard was a classic psychopath. Some trauma in infancy separated him from the world and made him unstrusting of other people. This developed into a paranoia, a need to control others. He created a dissociated world, inhabited by the Empress. Bear in mind that he actually saw the Empress in full colour, and that she spoke to him (108). From his comments about automatic writing and speaking, it could be averred that Hubbard was in fact "channeling" the Empress. Hubbard separated off a compartment of himself calling it the Empress and gave in to its urgings. He lived a life of dreadful contradiction. He claimed expertise in all things, but factually was a failure at most. Some will see him as having a psychiatric complaint, others will believe that he invoked the very devil, or Babalon, and was possessed. Hubbard's own belief lives on with all of its contradictions in his teachings. Ultimately, as Fritz Haack put it, Scientology is twentieth-century magic.


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    Indeed. And the theory that Scientology has a blackmail-trump-card being held over the United States Government is the sheer fancy of, shall we say, undeveloped minds.

    Scientology is owned lock stock and barrel by darker beings than David.
  17. Terril park

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    Loved your post.

    I believe the relevant quote was more on the lines that an implant could be undone by creative processing faster than it could be laid in.

    I'm in theory and fact a " standard tech" guy. With a very liberal viewpoint.

    One day Veda might cognite on this instead of his usual ad hominems.

    I consider " Magick" as the main source of scn.

    One of my favorite posters of all time was Null Portal. This was one of his
    PMs to me on his death bed.



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    Default My big fat pompous final words (Part 1)
    Maybe you would like to post your viewpoint in detail.

    I'm flattered. I think I can briefly sum up what I believe that might be of some value.

    Scientology is about Theta-MEST theory and what tools might exist to help illuminate this. There are forays into diet advice, organizational notions, and political punditry, etc., but they aren't essential. The main thing to know about theta-MEST is that they are chalk and cheese. Any correct explanation of how they manage to have anything whatsoever to do with one another is pure gold.

    MEST is a completely understandable topic. Isaac Newton did an amazing job of defining physics in his basic physics text. He said "I make no hypothesii", meaning he did not resort to qualitative indwelling character traits of matter to explain it, as the Greeks did. Instead he said every perceptible difference in the world around you is due to differing motions. Full stop, period, end of sentence. This statement sums up all of physics, and once the basic unit of analysis, momentum (mv) is defined, everything in physics is commentary on or elaborate surmises from a few basic statements about momentum. This idea withstands even the most cutting edge search into subatomic physics, in which each little particle is eventually describable by the type of wiggling it does and the type of other wiggles it bounces off of or ignores, to the most far out cosmological suspicion. It's all about the motion. Solid is a state of matter where atoms can only rotate a little bit and can't swap abutting neighbors easily, liquid a state where they can rotate freely all they please and swap neighbors but must abut a neighbor, gas includes as well being as near or far to your neighbor as you like. If we encounter solid, liquid and gaseous things, their motional traits are what make them this. Red light is a complete electromagnetic wiggle in a different length than blue light, etc., It's all different motions giving differences in perceptible things. For a complete scheme of description you of course need space-time and matter/mass has to exist to resist some motional influence, otherwise every urge to move would be identical as unopposed by anything of helpfully distinguishing mass.

    Theta is a vaster topic. Thetans are potentially infinitely creative. One of the things thetans create are analogues to MEST: theta "space", theta "time", and impulses of change akin to energy and resistances to change akin to matter. These analogues are how chalk and cheese manage to merge. We can have location in space by creating a theta space concept, we can have a location in time by creating a theta correlate to sequence, we can be solid or not by postulating something other than pure postulate as impetus to or resistance of some change, etc. Spacation processes eventually rub our nose in the fact that theta space exists and is merely an analogue to MEST space (and probably is the only real reason for creating a theta "space" at all), time inspection processes (recall) rub our noses in the fact that theta sequencing exists and bears some relationship to our participation in illusory MEST time, start-change-stop processes rub our noses in the fact that theta correlates to impulse and resistance other than pure postulate can be made and tie into MEST impulse (energy) and resistance (mass). Basically, by rubbing someone's nose in how the chalk and cheese do a complex mimicking dance orchestrated from the theta side, in a polite way preferably, we eventually wind up more aware of theta issues and options. Time inspection processes seem particularly valuable in all of this as they decode clues to personas or identities other than true identity, and those identities are usually the bundle that keeps a theta side controlling construct in sync or tangled up in a MEST side reality. I "am" what I use to pretend to have space at some time with some junk in tow - that sort of process seems to do double or triple duty.

    There are, of course, elaborate specifics of how to do spacation, time inspection, and SCS, and plenty to know about the tools used to sort out the illusion of which realm is which. But the essence of the matter is "spot some theta constructs pretending to be like MEST constructs", and further, "locate identities you use to keep the two confused". I think that sums up the useful part of Scientology, of which spoon feedable baby steps towards this basic simplicity are often necessary and so many elaborations on how to do this can be useful. No one wants to be told too hastily that the part they rehearsed for has been written out of the script for tonight's performance. May as well break it to them gently.

    If I were inclined to comment on even more subsidiary matters, I suppose I would talk at length about Ron's obsession with implants and how they make up an ideology most of all. R's implant ideology is kind of like a labor-management ideology, and he seems fascinated by all the permutations of how the struggle can play out. All I'd have to say about the matter is this: it is all ritual. Whether you inject someone with glycol and nuke them, zap them with weird electronics, or merely implant them by clever word games intended to cause them frustration and rage, it is all ritual. A pinch of mystery, a dash of permission to wear the funny hat like the rest of us, a bit of glorious drama. You either get to wear the funny hat and be one of the oppressors or refused the funny hat and have to be oppressed, but only the power of willingly living by the ritual matters in this. There are no MEST things capable of trapping or altering theta, only theta constructs meant to mimic or mirror MEST that can be created and the illusion sustained by protecting those constructs by means of illusory identities. Why R kept up with his implant ideology obsession after these issues were made clear to him, as they indeed did become clear to him, is a puzzle. Maybe he found these the funnest games of all, most suited to satisfying his desire for hazard and challenge to overcome and boast about overcoming. Meh. I think he did come to the understanding that whether you nuke someone a la OTIII or ask them to wear a membership button on a lapel as an implant technique, it is really all the same, it is ritual in the games tradition, but it slipped from his mind from time to time. No one is perfect. It really was his one big source of error, though, in that he often went about trying to dream up ways that MEST constructs trap theta, which is impossible - therefore counterproductive to yak on about. Perhaps he had a scarcity issue about personas and so clung desperately to an ideology of interthetan struggle that offered the most drama and threat or menace to be bested by joining up on his side with his prescribed funny hat and handshake.

    Of course another subsidiary topic would be identities, personas, and the like. Personas exist to play a game. Sure there's plenty to say about that, but I think everyone is better off discovering their own commentary upon this really rather than relying on someone else's commentary on why games should be played. Only the actual player knows why he is in the game.
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  18. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    One problem with the Illuminati is that they seem to prompt huge amounts of copy/paste.

  19. hartley

    hartley Patron with Honors

    'Hubbard and the Occult' is a subject that keeps being rediscovered!

    Christians have been doing this for a thousand years and more. Scholars find that their official scriptures (the Bible) don't contain everything people should know about their religion. They publish a shelf of learned papers, the preachers ignore them, and then the next generation of followers starts all over again.

    Here's Caroline Letkeman's 2001 essays on this:

    The Scientology Symbol

    Scientology and the Left Hand Path
  20. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron

    fun subject even if voluminous

    Thanks Terril,

    Researching this stuff was one of my favorite pastimes after leaving the church.

    These secret societies tie into the idea that religions may have been "placed" on this planet for control, and that idea may not be that far-fetched. When people stray away from the old religions, a new religion pops up.... a new experiment in control.

    Scientology is one of the most insidious methods of control ever devised.

    DOF, sorry about the copy-paste. But I would rather read material copied into the record than have to click on a link. Links break down, copy-paste is forever. :D

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