Independent Scientology Milestone Two Review of Ruthless by Ron Miscavige

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  1. CommunicatorIC

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    Independent Scientology Milestone Two Review of Ruthless by Ron Miscavige, Father of Corporate Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige.

    Milestone Two: Ron Miscavige RUTHLESS (book review)

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    Ron Miscavige RUTHLESS (book review)

    Posted by The Poet Ren

    May 5, 2016

    It takes courage to tell the world your once promising child grew up and became an icicle-hearted, psychopathic monstrosity. And then explain how for 27 years you watched him transform into an unrestrained egomaniac, driven by an insatiable lust for power and greed – a master craftsmen in the dark arts of deception and covert treasons.

    Such was the task that Ron Miscavige accomplished in the book, entitled RUTHLESS.

    To better understand what “Ruthless” is exactly we need to first ascertain what it is NOT.

    It is not an LRH bashing, anti-Scientology piece. For the most part the author is generous when it comes to LRH and his discoveries. While he does acknowledge that LRH’s life was not all the church Public Relations Departments tried to sell the world; he is not shy in stating how he believes it was his own son, David Miscavige, who has altered its workability beyond recognition in so many ways.

    For the public Scientologist, org staff and Sea Org Member alike this book should have them running for the doors with their suitcases in tow. It leaves zero doubt that the poster boy COB they see on the glossy event videos and the real David Miscavige are as different as a Spring robin and a deadly rattlesnake.

    David Miscavige was not appointed to the post of leadership of the church by L. Ron Hubbard, Ron Miscavige makes perfectly clear. His son rose to power with brutality and bumps in the night.

    I won’t spoil anyone’s party by listing the minor or major bombshells RUTHLESS reveals but only say there are some zingers between the covers. Not for the old time veterans of the church, perhaps. They will have heard most of it, or guessed at much of the rest, to be sure.

    But even I was amazed to learn that DM had lost millions of dollars of LRH’s personal money, gambling and playing the high-risk markets, without LRH’s knowledge. Then he scrambled like a seasoned safe cracker to cover his tracks and hide his crimes.

    So while LRH was suffering the not too distant death of a son, loss of his wife’s freedom, engaged in massive efforts to restructure and protect the church, deal with health issues and generally steer the entire ship and crew out of the eye of a hurricane, David Miscavige was also busy. He was playing hotshot gambler in the oil markets with LRH’s money and withholding the astronomical losses – the economic devastation from the “Old Man.”

    Forgive me. There I go spoiling the party, but not to worry. In the end this book will be talked about at many parties. And the conversation will be unavoidable. David Miscavige is only the COB of The Church of Scientology because he is a RUTHLESS psychopath, quite beyond any decent Being’s imagination. And now allot more people are going to learn that truth, because his daddy told them so.


    PS: I give RUTHLESS 4 out of 5 STARS.

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  2. Dulloldfart

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    I wonder how much the LRH-good-DM-bad tone came from Dan Koon. Did Ron Miscavige simply allow it in exchange for all the writing/editorial help from Dan, or was it his view all along?


    Personally, it took me maybe ten years and a vast amount of exposure to discussion and docs (thanks again Veda!) on ESMB to lose the "LRH good" view, so I am not asserting this was Dan's overriding of Ron's personal opinions. I don't know either way.

  3. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    Emphasis (and disgust) mine.


    Miscavige was playing hotshot gambler with OUR money and anything bad that hubbard was experiencing while he was doing it he created himself and I sincerely hope it hurt.

    Gawd, these people are weird.
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  5. lotus

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    I didn't read the post yet

    because I have to finish my cup of tea (I now avoid chocking on M2 posts)

    I am thinking deep and made a full analysis and concluded that this post will either :biggrin:

    1) approve and praise Ron Miscavige a good $cientologist and Ron believer to have escaped
    his sociopath SP son abuses and speaks his mind about it - A courageous valuable being.


    2 ) disapprove and condemn Ron Miscavige in the event he disaproved $cientology and is not anymore an LRH believer. Then, he is not a valuable being, his book is entheta, downstat and spreading lies and probably funded by psychs.

    True believers are so predictable... the tape always play the same....:confused2:

    Now cup of tea emptied, let's see :biggrin:
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  6. Hypatia

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    I'd be ok with LRH bashing.
  7. lotus

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    No no no no got it TOTALLY wrong

    LRH was Pissed off at his homosexual son who comitted suicide!
    So LRH reaction had been reported to be:

    L. Ron Hubbard was furious at the news, shouting, "That stupid fucking kid! Look what he's done to me!"[12] Quentin died two weeks later without having regained consciousness

    It reflects the known narcissist lacking empathy personnality of the Hubtard

    No no no no no - TOTALLY wrong again

    LRH threw his wife under the bus - having miscavige to do the job

    Hubtard didn't want to go in jail, so he did hide and made sure his ''beloved'' wife would take the bullets...

    No no no no - TOTALLY wrong

    LRH was always engaged in 3 activities

    make money while fooling people
    make money out of a religious scam
    protect his own fat as..

    No no no no no - TOTALLY wrong

    LRH, who was a chronic drunk, generally used the entire ship and crew to escape authorities and get to tax heavens countries to hide there lot of money he took from the church who screw it out from US; there he put it in secret bank accounts in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

    No no no no no - TOTALLY wrong

    As sister ITYIWT said,

    That was OUR money
    our money then, as it is now CO$ member's money they are ''coerced'' to give under false representations.

    I wonder how many people still believe those blattant lies BS ????
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  8. CommunicatorIC

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    scatjappers defends not only the Tech, but specifically the Admin Tech.

    Executive Summary: To the extent the Admin Tech didn't work, it was only because it was not: (1) known and understood; and/or (2) applied.

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    scatjappers says:
    May 6, 2016 at 6:30 am

    Let me make another point here. I’m not aiming this at anyone in particular, so don’t get your knickers in a twist. But over the years, I can’t count how many I’ve heard make the claim that “the system” or “policy” or something like that was flawed and/or let us down. Almost universally, such criticism comes from people who have not studied the Admin Tech. I’ve read almost every policy in existence and actually studied through OEC Vol 5. I’ve probably read all the Management Series and read the Data Series 13 times. My wife is an FEBC. And I can tell you with certainty, policy is not flawed, it didn’t let you down or anything of the sort. If anything “let you down”, it was lack of knowledge of said policy, and lack of proper execution of it. You would be stunned at the colossal ignorance at upper management levels (not to mention mid and Org levels) of policy. What we had in Scientology was more or less a bunch of fast food type personnel running a multi-million dollar corporation. Why and how it stumbled and sputtered is contained in that fact alone. If you had someone trained in auto repair and you asked them to audit Grade 4, how well do you expect they’d do? Not too well, I’d imagine. And voila, there you have the situation prevalent at ever level of Scientology, from the top to the very bottom.

    You know those points in Keeping Scientology Working? The ones about having, knowing and applying the correct technology? Imagine if none of those points were followed (though we did have the correct technology, not knowing or using it properly would sort of mask the fact that we had it). And that’s what happened in the Church. Miscavige came later and made things worse. But Orgs were limping along before that, precisely on the points above.

    It’s not “the system” or policy that let you down. It’s people. It always has been and it always will be.


    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  9. lotus

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  10. Dulloldfart

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    Exactly. Get rid of all the damn people and the system would work great. The Dwarf's been operating on that basis for decades.

  11. TrevAnon

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  12. WildKat

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    I wondered the same thing. Most people coming out of the cult will retain the "LRH good/Miscavige bad" point of view for many many years, some never drop it. It's not easy to admit you were fooled by a con man, and the more years you were fooled, the harder it is to admit.
  13. WildKat

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    Exactly. "Hubbard and his policies always perfect....people (you) always wrong and should be punished."

    Not to mention the fact that for every LRH policy there is an equal and opposite policy.

    Also, if you did something that worked, "praise LRH". If you did something and it was messed up "your fault!"
  14. BunnySkull

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    What's amazing is they never notice LRH never followed his own policies.

    I mean I could write a 10,000 page manual about how to be a perfect human being, that neither I nor anyone could actually follow. Anyone can write a bunch of dictates and advices that would be unachievable for any human being to follow but then it's "their fault" not the "perfect" manual. It's pretty damn easy actually, it's where the old adage "do as I say not as I do" comes from.

    People get kudos and credit for coming up with advice or systems that are actually realistic for the average human beings to do and to change/improve/better themselves - not crazy, million rule systems that no one could actually follow.
  15. Chris Shelton

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    I never go to the Milestone Two site, but every time something gets posted here from those guys, all I can do is shake my head in horror-stricken awe at the moronic level of intelligence demonstrated by that crew. They have all the answers at their fingertips and refuse to look at them. After you get out of Scientology's authoritarian bubble world and have the freedom to find out what really just happened to you, there comes a point where ignorance becomes a choice. There is so much information available, so easily found and proven to be true, about Hubbard and Scientology that there simply is no excuse to be an Independent Scientology apologist. It's not a matter of "what's true for you is true" or "we all have different points of view." The data that Scientology is a total sham is conclusive, undeniable and obvious regardless of anyone's "personal experience" with the subject.

    Anyway, Milestone Two apologetics aside, here's my review and commentary on this important new book. I thought this might be of general interest here and gives a nice counter to the nonsense spewing forth from MS2:

  16. lotus

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    I always do the same mistake many europeans do

    In french we say : Paradis fiscal - paradis = heavens

    A tax haven is a place where companies and/or individuals pay very low taxes (or no taxes at all). In most languages, such a place is literally called a “tax paradise”, e.g.
    Steuerparadies (German), or Steueroase (“Tax Oasis”)
    Paradis fiscal (French)
    Paraíso fiscal (Spanish)

    Haven, pronounced /ˈheɪvn/ (hey-vn), means “a safe place; a shelter”. It is a relatively uncommon word (about 10x less common than “heaven”), and the only difference between “haven” and “heaven” is the letter “e”.

    Since paradise and heaven are closely related concepts, non-native speakers of English who are not familiar with the word “haven” often simply don’t notice the spelling difference and automatically assume that a “tax haven” is actually a “tax heaven”.

    However, rest assured that the only standard form in English is tax haven. “Tax heaven” is an incorrect back-formation from the equivalent expressions in other languages and is generally frowned upon in all kinds of academic writing.


    The tax Havens are certainly heavens....:yes:
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    May I please order an "oh for fucks sake!!" button to click? The double exclamation marks would be super cool to have incorporated.

    I can't think with this shit. My brain seizes up and my breathing gets all weird. Even if I read 2x sentences I find myself wanting to do really intense things like get drunk - which freaks me out because I rarely touch alcohol.

    ML & ARC (yee ha) :wink2:
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    Hi Glenda, (always nice to see you)

    You should have written

    This is true

    ML and ARC :yes::biggrin:

    To the mods:

    If Glenda gets a special button then I want one too , please :happydance:

    I'd like to have a '' Oh my God !!! '' button (OMG)
    The triple exclamation marks would be super cool to have incorporated. :yes:

    (OMG is used mostly by old women instead of HOLY SHIT! )

    I am just about to get drunk after 3 glasses of wine! :yes:


    This is true
    ML ARC
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  19. cakemaker

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    GP, I'm surprised at your animosity.

    Here's something to ponder.
  20. Chris Shelton

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    I don't really have time to watch a 48 minute Theroux video right now. Perhaps there is a specific point in it that you want me to see? If your point is that the MS2 crew are or were hypnotized or the subject of mind control, so was I. So was every other person who stepped out of Scientology to a greater or lesser degree. And like I said, after a while, ignorance becomes a choice. Especially after the YEARS that every one of those people have had to face their demons just like I and others had to face theirs.

    It's not that I don't understand the forces at work on a person who is in Scientology. After everything I've written and said on the subject, I'm kind of surprised that anyone would think I don't get that. But continuing to be a Hubbard apologist years after one has gotten out from under the thumb of the authoritarian control system that is Scientology is a reflection of mental capacity just as much as it is a reflection of psychological damage. I know I'm "evaluating" and "invalidating" in saying this. I just get fed up with these guys because, to be totally blunt, it's not just about them. They are so far gone that they want to drag others down with them and they have no excuse for their ignorance except the simple fact that they WON'T look at the evidence right in front of their face.

    Sometimes I have my relatively intolerant days. I'm sure tomorrow I'll get over it. Today - this is where I'm at.