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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Amber62, May 6, 2017.

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  1. Amber62

    Amber62 Patron

    Hi. I'm educating myself more on the Scientology world, and I'm specifically looking into the details of these 'programs' Scienos partake in to move up that "Bridge". I've been searching online all the courses they normally take on the "Bridge" but there's either a)a lot of confusing info or b)not enough info (that I could find).

    i think ex-scientologists can clear up the deets on these courses or levels - what each of their purpose is and what a Scieno is asked to do//think/say (the most notable things). I'm particularly interested to know which of the courses promote any homosexuality intolerance/disapproval in their 'sessions', in whatever capacity.

    The courses in question are:
    "Objectives", "Happiness Rundown", "Route to Infinity Course", "ARC Straightwire Auditing", "Personal Values and Integrity", "Interiorization Rundown", "New Life Rundown", "New Era Dianetics", and the Grade Expanded levels.

    Please let me know if there are other relevant courses.
  2. ThetanExterior

    ThetanExterior Goldenrod SP

    I'm sure you will get a lot of varied answers but my own thoughts are that you are asking for a huge amount of information instead of breaking it down into a specific request. You are more or less asking us to explain scientology to you in a few words.

    It would take someone many hundreds of hours to complete the courses you've mentioned and most scientologists probably wouldn't even do them because they are not required to go up the Bridge. Even if they have done them, it is impossible to summarise this subject of homosexuality in relation to the courses. It is in the fabric of the whole subject of scientology and not necessarily specifically mentioned in all of the courses.

    Some scientologists hardly do any courses at all, they simply go up the processing side of the Bridge.

    I'm not sure you even understand the difference between the two sides of the Bridge because some of the things you mentioned aren't "courses" they are auditing actions.

    Sorry to be so vague but I think you are asking too big a question.
  3. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron

    What TE said. Ditto, in other words. Having said that......

    I did several of the courses you mentioned and I don't recall anything about homosexuality in them.

    If you want the official Hubbard take on that subject, you will have to get the book "Science of Survival" which details the Hubbard emotional tone scale, specifically the 1.1 band.

    Hubbard arbitrarily assigned numbers to emotions, and "covert hostility" was assigned the 1.1 designation. He went on at length about how anyone at this zone was bent on destruction, and this included "sexual perverts" like homosexuals. He pretty well demonized them. No one wanted to be seen as a 1.1. There was no worse label, except out-and-out SP.

    There are threads on this subject if you do the search.
  4. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    The "Bridge" or Grade Chart is here (cult link):

    You need to understand what "auditing" is. An auditing session consists of an auditor (practitioner, counsellor [sort of]) and the person being audited (the "pre-clear" [sorry for that terminology but there is no suitable word in English: "client", "patient" etc don't fit]), and the procedures being used in the session. This is a vast body of information. Courses in Scientology are mainly involved with teaching students how to be auditors, at different levels of skill.

    Getting into the details of any of these levels is a waste of time if you are missing a basic grounding of what Scn is all about, even at the public level without getting into the covert behind-the-scenes manipulations of staff and public that's been going on from the outset. With that said, Clearbird has a technically accurate, detailed rewrite of Scientology levels and procedures, both auditing and training, up to Clear on the Grade Chart:

    I'm not a Scientologist any more, and am not recommending doing any of this, by the way.

    Hubbard expresses intolerance of homosexuality in passing in books like the 1951 Science of Survival. It's really .0001% or something of Scientology.

  5. Churchill

    Churchill Gold Meritorious Patron

    Nora Crest has written and spoken out about the abuse she experienced as a gay woman in Scientology.
    You can easily get information about Scientology's intolerance of gay people using Google.
  6. EZ Linus

    EZ Linus BT-free since 2003!

    You'd have to ask someone here who is more trained than I was, or perhaps with a better memory -- on which courses reading Science of Survival was part of the course (checksheet), as well as which lectures Hubbard has made various points about gay people, not just where they are on the tone scale, but how their purposes are counter-intention to survival because of their assumed decision of not wanting to procreate. I know that was at least one point he has made. Therefore, they have covert intentions toward creation and survival on some level. That was the way it was drilled into my head in order for me to feel shame and stop thinking about my own gay proclivities. I also remember having to clay table what vectors were in regards to intentions.

    Years later, oddly enough, or maybe not so odd, when I did ARC Straightwire, I remember feeling great afterward. In fact, my auditor and I had planned on going straight on through, up the Grades after lunch, but I was still riding high in some kind of euphoria and we couldn't audit for the rest of the day. My needle was floating all over the place. My main "cognition" there was that I loved and accepted EVERYONE as they were, and no one was essentially "broken" or "degraded." But I didn't quite word it that way to my auditor. I think I was feeling compassion and empathy and I had to word it within the cult jargon to move forward. I remember thinking that compassion and empathy weren't their strong suits and they (Hubbard) were only interested in helping people that wanted to help themselves, but only if they had money. Otherwise they were degraded. From there on out, whatever I got from Scientology turned inward and personal, and it always came with something shady and inhumane or wrong about them.
  7. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    If a person is homosexual it's viewed as an aberration, first, and wouldn't necessarily be commented on so as not to evaluate or invalidate a "case". Later, after the person was fully indoctrinated and "in" it would be a case manifestation that may need to be "handled" with "tech", auditing, word clearing, etc.. Still later it would become an "ethics" issue with a gradient scale of punishment directed at the practise/person culminating in expulsion, blows and/or declares.

    None of the things you listed have any specific address to sexuality, homo or otherwise, that I remember.

    If so it certainly wasn't a salient point or I would remember it.

    TWTH stresses faithfulness but I don't think it yaps about sexuality. It's a hook, afterall, and not a hammer. The hammers come later after the money is squeezed out.
  8. Hypatia

    Hypatia Pagan

    I'm with the others on this. But I will say this: Scientology has courses and it has other stuff-namely "auditing" which is their "counseling". Most of the things you name above are not courses. They are auditing programs. The one exception being Personal Values Aand Integrity. That one's a course.
  9. Knows

    Knows Gold Meritorious Patron

    Obectives - Hypnotism and Hallucninations - give you that POP, BAM - POW. Happiness Rundown - Brush your teeth and don't STEAL unless it is for Scientology. Route to Infinity - bullshit - did it and have no recall....Straightwire - thought stopping proocesses,.. Personal Values and Integrity - You get yours in whilst the Organization fucks with you head and punishes you for everything wrong you did and takes credit for anything you do right. Int Rundown - more smoke and mirrors - you will get sick because Scientology is going to change your identity and turn you into a Robot...that is will feel like you are dying - so Hubbs made up this shit to convince you it is something else. New Life Rundown - regraded shit you already did. New Era Diamental - go crazy on this one,..,..Grades - mind control shit where you may have some value obtained but you will lose abilities and skills for sure - guaranteed!:yes:

  10. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    In response to your first paragraph:

    Back in 2007 something known as The Basics came out. Here is an explanation of it and I can verify the truthfulness of this reporting by The Tampa Bay Times as I was a member at the time and experienced it, go to part two of the first link:

    As far as what happened to Marion (see links 3-7), a similar thing happened to myself & spouse, we ended up with several sets of The Basics ( a complete library of all the books and lectures). Magically money was found on our accounts and debited and the books/lectures sent to us.

    from link two:

    Back then, all staff and public were ordered to do The Basics, they had to drop any course or auditing they were on, do the The Basics which also consisted of courses in the course rooms of each scientology organization and including Sea Org. Staff got it for free, public paid for it. In the grand scheme of things, we are talking millions of dollars the Scientology raked in. Staff were given a time target to complete all 18 books and 280 lectures, I forget the time target, maybe something like 6 months. Public no time target per se.

    I managed to escape the "go on course and do The Basics" pitch for 4 years. My excuse was I read a complete library of 1987, and it's true I did, and I'm glad you guys are catching up to me. But, they finally got to me in 2010 and I started rereading all the books and lectures since they were updated. In 2012 I got the Debbie Cook email and rest is history.

    In a nutshell, anybody doing The Basics slowly becomes indoctrinated (brainwashed) into being a scientologist and believing in the never never land or an imaginary utopian place or situation.

    What I mean by "anybody" is a person who does not know critical thinking, rhetoric and scientific method firmly in hand. But if you do know those things or somewhat, why you will be weeded out in the beginning thru Hubbard's PTS/A-J technology as all new people have to get PTS/A-J checked. I'll let somebody else explain that one.

    They still push The Basics on anybody they recover or new folks who have "see the light".
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  11. Amber62

    Amber62 Patron

    Sorry if I wasn't clear. I know about Scientology; I already know all that - origin, about the founder, abuses, special treatment of celebs, long hours, courses and auditing sessions, process to reach "Clear" and then OT levels, etc. I'm only asking details on those courses and auditing sessions (what each of their purpose is and what a scieno is asked/asked to do in them), and whether "sexual perversion" / disapproval of homosexuality is mentioned and asked of scienos in those courses & auditing sessions.
  12. Amber62

    Amber62 Patron

    Thanks for the links, I will read through them. I understand what auditing is, and the what Scientology is about. I've cleared up what I'm specifically asking about.
  13. Amber62

    Amber62 Patron

    Thank you for sharing this. Very helpful info. :)
    As I understand, and correct me if I'm wrong, in ARC Straightwire a person talks about anything they may be upset about or a problem they may have as in any audit session, and then talks about any personal relationship problems and recalls positive memories that are significant to them.

    Btw, were all ex-scientologists here in the Sea Organization?
  14. Amber62

    Amber62 Patron

    Thank you. All very interesting. At which point would a person be "fully indoctrinated"? After a certain number of courses or auditing sessions? Or depends on which particular courses/sessions they've done?
    And how specifically would it be handled in future auditing? Do they ask them point blank, or would they work up to it with peripheral cues and what not?

    So, if it becomes an 'ethical' problem for the person within the organization, they're declared or expelled from the organization. Can I ask, how does this become a bad thing for the person in this position? I would imagine that a person who is gay/lgbt knows or realizes that the organization or those they are working with in sessions aren't ok with their sexual preferences, so wouldn't the person want to stop or leave? Why wouldn't they just stop taking courses or going to sessions, or just leave? The organization is keen on declaring and expelling individuals who they consider to be against CoS, against scientology practices, who are enemies of them, and whatnot, so why wouldn't an lgbt individual practicing scientology find it beneficial to just leave? And if they've found scientology concepts and processes useful, why not just go do it independently? I'd like to know more about this from lgbt ex-scientologists.
  15. phenomanon

    phenomanon Gold Meritorious Patron

    I wish I had a nickel for every hour I spent on these things you mention. I have done them all. Done all the Courses. Delivered all the auditing.
    Where are you getting your list of references?
    Is your interest specifically in the subject of Homosexuality?
  16. Amber62

    Amber62 Patron

    Thanks. I'd appreciate a more serious-sounding response as your tone or the language you use makes me think you're not being entirely accurate, which is what I'm interested in. Can you give a little more detail into these courses or auditing programs?

    Objectives -> what is the purpose? What do they ask of a person? Hypnotism - do they actually hypnotize? Hallucinations - a result of a something taken, or psychological stress?

    Route to Infinity -> what is bullshit about it? Do you not recall anything you did/said or was asked of you?

    ARC Straightwire -> a little more detail on what are "thought stopping processes"?

    Personal Values and Integrity -> I read it's an introductory course, plus I've readsome celeb scientologists took it. So I would imagine it's not a hard-hitting program. I'm then curious why you characterize it as "You get yours in whilst the Organization fucks with you head and punishes you for everything wrong you did and takes credit for anything you do right". What happens in the course?

    Int Rundown -> "you will get sick because Scientology is going to change your identity and turn you into a will feel like you are dying - so Hubbs made up this shit to convince you it is something else". How does this process present itself in the program, with the person practicing scientology?

    New Era Diamental - "go crazy on this one". Any details of the process or purpose?

    Grades - "mind control shit where you may have some value obtained but you will lose abilities and skills for sure". Grades refers to Grades 0, I, II, etc? Would appreciate details on the mind control process (what they ask, what you're meant to do/say), and what kind of abilities and skills are you referring to?
  17. Amber62

    Amber62 Patron

    You quoted someone else, but if you're asking me: as I said I'm interested in what happens in these courses, programs, auditing sessions - what each of their purpose is, what their process is, what is asked of the person, and I'm also interested in knowing if the disapproval of homosexuality manifests itself (through the excercises, questions, etc) in any of these or other programs.
  18. phenomanon

    phenomanon Gold Meritorious Patron

    TWTH says nothing about Homosexuality. Neither do Objectives contain any reference, nor the Grades, nordoes ARC Stwr mention it.
    The most specific reference in in Science of Survival, where you will find the word on the Chart of Human Evaluation.
    What is your interest?
  19. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    When a person starts calling themselves a Scientologist and doing things like a Liability formula to the org for being late or insufficient sleep, etc. At that point there's a subconscious acceptance that they're there on the same terms as the rest of us in a win or die in the attempt of planet Clearing. That means the hooks are firmly set and the hammers can start being applied. You must realize that this occurs at a subliminal level where the crabs in the bucket recognize another crab, who now identifies as a crab, and the whole dysfunctional mess starts up.

    The Bridge is formulated with the idea that every being (thetan) is waaay below body death on the Emotional Tone Scale. In fact, the 1965 Tone Scale defines death as being a body. That is to say that a spirit "dies" when it begins to identify itself as a body. It begins to BE a body instead of to HAVE a body.

    With this in mind all case manifestations are generalized and the best way to handle things is to do the Bridge and raise the being up the Tone scale. It is expected that any and all aberrations finally lift from doing the major Bridge steps. Homosexuality is never specifically addressed.

    Occasionally an aberration may be so problematic that it is considered as interferring with normal Bridge progress and would require specific address with things such as prep checking, sec checking, False Purpose Rundown (FPRD), etc.

    If a person goes up the Bridge they are expected to emulate the case gain of this progress and this is when Ethics would get involved. There's a close action paralled in Qual where there might be "hatting" actions like False Data Stripping (FDS), cramming, Word Clearing (W/C), Exchange By Dynamics, etc.

    Ethics also may play this role so that Ethics are applied only long enough to get a person in session so that Tech goes in, blah, blah, blah.

    Ethics isn't supposed to resolve anything. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how one looks at it ) most staff don't know that. This means it's applied ever more forcefully as a hammer until the target is an enemy. Probably why most of us are here.

    Everything above assumes the Tech works.

    An astute observer might view it as a scam that over promises and cannot deliver. Once all the expensive things are done that thoroughly squeeze all of the money off of the mark then the goon squad is released to keep them quiet long enough so that the refund policy expires and then all of their dirty little secrets either blackmail them into a fade away silence or are published with broad exposure so as to do the maximum damage to their repute so that "those in good standing" can feel morally justified to drop them like a hot potato.
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  20. phenomanon

    phenomanon Gold Meritorious Patron

    Mostly the subject will come up in Rudiment questions, which are routine in auditing sessions. Think about how being gay would come up as a problem.
    There's nothing specific in the materials you reference. The book Science of Survival is a reference, on the Chart of Attitudes.

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