INSANITY: Not able to tell the differences between:

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Idle Morgue, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. Idle Morgue

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    This man and

    David Miscaivage


    L Ron

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  2. still here

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    I agree! A good definition.

    I thought today that someone should make a film about SCN - with Tom C a member there should be enough interest and films were made about WACO and Manson cults...
    I am open to a good title...anyone any ideas?
    and who would play Miss Cabbage and Tom??
    If anyone wants to write a screen play (all the research you need is right here on the board) and come up with a cast list - then anyone from PAC or CCLA could find us a contact to get it made!

    All the non-Scn families would watch it....and then try to influence the staff (friends and family) still in.
    Some onlines public would just have to watch it (it gets too embarrasing to friends to not be allowed to see a movie!)
    Maybe Tom could play DM...and invite him to the premier?
    What fun!!!
  3. Dave B.

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    Tom Cruise as Tom Cruise, Barry Pepper as David MisCarriage, Gene Hackman as LRH. And a cast of thousands.
  4. Lurker5

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  5. Man de la Mancha

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    Barry Pepper would play Miscavige, just like he did in Battlefield Earth. Miscavige would play Cruise, just like he does in real life.

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