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Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by cleared cannibal, Jul 19, 2018.

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    Last I heard they were being manufactured for about forty bucks a copy.

    There's nothing outrageous about calling it a religious artifact and assessing a significant donation. Serious critics might note the profit margin but only the gooks insist it is a bone of contention.

    But contemporary standards for religious organizations is that all things manufactured are produced by workers receiving either market or union wages, preferably the later. The sea org sweatshop at Hemet is not well regarded by many respectable observers
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    It's a microcosm of scientology itself. Overrated and hugely expensive.
  4. I'm not impressed with my old wooden Mark 5 (bought for curiosity, I'm a never-in). Germanium transistors that sit at least one inch above the circuit board, I mean, who does that? Solder them right down on the board, and cut the excess lead poking through the hole. That's what I do when I solder computer stuff!

    And why weren't the batteries in a plastic holder inside the meter, for easy replacement? They had to know Nickel Cadmium batteries wouldn't last forever. And since Scientology's popularity was going to explode and take over the world (and obliterate the psychs) they would need every E-meter they could get, and the old ones would still be in use for years, auditing many hours per week and booming Scientology.

    (By the 1970s, portable radios were made of plastic and the battery space was molded into the back of the radio under a removable cover. Did they mold battery space into the plastic E-meters? I don't have time to view the "playwithjunk" Youtube video).