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Discussion in 'Gold Base, Freewinds, and FLAG' started by phénix, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. phénix

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  2. phénix

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  3. Div6

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    This looks to be the info supplied to the US IRS in response to requests prior to their granting tax exempt status.

    I'd be interested to see more recent info.
  4. StickbyMe

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    It's kind of surprising that DM would be making so little... but I guess 60k on top of never paying for rent, food, clothing or transport would be pretty sweet.
  5. Panda Termint

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    Lol, that's just his pocket-money and since when has scientology reported accurately to the IRS?
  6. Gottabrain

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    You have the right idea, but the wrong magnitude. You're not seeing all the financial tax-exempt games going on here. Nelson Rockefeller was once reported by the IRS to have NO income, yet was worth billions. He got anything he wanted through the Rockefeller Foundation.

    DM has a number of COS credit cards. These pay his expenses. He is the signatory on the COS accounts, which are basically unlimited. :omg: He has ordered staff to buy him gifts, then these become tax write-offs.

    If he pays money from a COS account to a non-profit or even a company owning a non-profit that he controls, it is not "income", it is a church expense, but he still gets to keep and use the money as he sees fit with little to no accountability because non-profit churches in the US don't need to account for their money to any great degree. Who is going to check? Nobody has to approve DMs spending on anything.

    He could have squirreled away millions, even billions this way. Get it?
  7. phénix

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    60K is way enough for me to be shoked! That's over 1K/week, we only got 40$/week
  8. Ogsonofgroo

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    No kidding! Holey-hell just reading how Larry B.'s restructuring of the money-pit is enough to boggle the mind (he has done some excellent explaining a while back, here and mostly on wwp I think), what a shellgame they have created and for one reason only, hide the money!
  9. StickbyMe

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    You got $40 a week? Too many weeks at CLO EUS where we didn't even get paid!
  10. La La Lou Lou

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    I can sort of understand top guys getting big money but surely Maureen Bugatti and Pauline Chatterton are hardly that special. Or are they special because they handle SOR and IAS money, surely they are just clerks who deal with banking. How could they look their fellow SO members in the eye, knowing they get paid so little, and only when their orgs are upstat and get bland and inadequate meals?
  11. Panda Termint

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  12. phénix

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    You're not the only one my friend
  13. johnAnchovie

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    These people were officially directors and managers of a string of international corporations, it would have looked very weird indeed to the likes of Grant Thornton, the cult financial auditors, if they were listed as having a wage that fell below the poverty line of Third World country.
  14. HelluvaHoax!

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    There is even "holy scripture" by Hubbard on dodging taxes with sham transactions and false (but "acceptable truth") ledger entries.

    He tries to re-characterize lying to the IRS by euphemistically re-positioning the fraud as a "game" where "imagination" brings about "wins".

    "The real stable datum in handling tax people is NEVER VOLUNTEER ANY INFORMATION .... The thing to do is to assign a significance to the figures before the government can .... I normally think of a better significance than the government can. l always put enough errors on a return to satisfy their bloodsucking appetite and STILL come out zero. The game of accounting is just a game of assigning significance to figures. The man with the most imagination wins."
    (L. Ron Hubbard, OEC Volume III

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