Ireland hosepipe ban: Scientology sprinkler use sparks anger

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    Irish Mirror
    Ireland hosepipe ban: Scientology sprinkler use sparks anger
    And turns out it's legal

    The Church of Scientology has been using its sprinklers to water their sports pitches despite the hosepipe ban.
    The current heatwave that has gripped the nation has led to water shortage and a nationwide hosepipe ban is to be in place until July 31.

    Residents in Dublin’s Firhouse area have expressed anger that sports pitches at the Church of Scientology and Community Centre are being watered despite the ban.

    "The Water Conservation Order, commonly knowns as the hosepipe ban, is for domestic users; the ban doesn’t apply to commercial use except for a number of specific prohibited uses such as watering gardens,” they told the Irish Daily Star.

    They also said that many sporting facilities like GAA grounds, golf courses, and racecourses have their own water sources for watering sports grounds as the “water does not need to be potable”.
    The sports pitch in concern is a part of the IdealOrg centre which opened last year and is estimated to have cost €6 million.
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    Trust co$ to do the thing that will garner outrage in any given situation! They should be out of bullets by now!!:footbullet:
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  4. triumph

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    the Staffer,who Is in charge of the water bill. Is going to ethics..
  5. screamer2

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    All Staffers are sooner or later going to ethics..

    All publics are sooner or later going to ethics..

    All raw meat will be sooner or later disposed of quietly and without sorrow..

    If $cientology prevails..
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