Jan Eastgate wipes out Psychs in Australia (1990)

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  1. OTBT

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  2. Type4_PTS

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    A psychiatrist won an award recently as "Australian of the Year" or something like that. Doesn't seem the CoS is doing so well over there. :no:
  3. Carmel

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    I have disdain for what Jan E is supporting and contributing to, as well as for things which she has done.

    However, what she did in exposing the abuses at Chelmsford, way back then, was admirable. I knew her then - She wasn't motivated by orders or things that forwarded the agenda of the CofS. She was motivated by a strong purpose to end very real psychiatric abuses happening at a hospital in Sydney, and in effect, she did.

    It would seem that somewhere along the line (not too long after that and since), that things changed for her, but what she did in this instance is nothing to be slagged at.
  4. Cherished

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    This was an actual benefit to the public, thanks in large part to CCHR.

    If only they could restrict themselves to exposing actual abuses and not exaggerating and distorting facts, as they do.
  5. Alanzo

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    But the psychs invented evil on the whole track!

    When you begin with that premise, you are bound to careen off the road in your clown car, and land in a big pile of fertilizer.

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