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    Jesse has started posting his story on Facebook and has kindly allowed me to post it here. These are the first two postings, they are long so I will break them into smaller posts. I will continue to add posts they come. :)

    Now it begins.
    Last December I remember feeling hopeful and excited about the coming New Year. How could anything be worst than 2010? I guess ignorance really is a bliss compared to how I feel now after discovering what I can only describe as unnerving and horrifying information that is very personal to me.

    For people who know something about me I am primarily known by most of my Facebook Friends for my involvement in, and subsequent activism against Scientology, in its various forms. I have written extensively about my experiences while I was a Scientologist, and Sea Org member! I know some people reading this may not understand some of the terms I use here because they are peculiar and exclusive to Scientology, such as the term” Sea Org Member”. As I write these “notes” or “chapters” I will make every effort not use any Scientology terms if I can. When I have to use a Scientology term I will define it, but not necessarily right away because it would make this writing a tough read and overly redundant, so please bare with me on that issue. I am trying to write and communicate concepts and issues for anyone to understand. Terms that I don’t immediately define or explain will be defined and explained later in the text.

    With a few minor exceptions, I’ve pretty much disassociated myself from the subject of Scientology for almost 10 years. The time off gave me an easy peace I deserved. Some time during the month of January, 2010, I received the following invitation from my good friend Ursula Caberta:

    Of course I accepted this great invite which marked my first public appearance back on point with exposing Scientology to a new generation of recent defectors and a new group who called themselves Anonymous. At the time I had no idea of how this gathering would ultimately affect my course in life. In my mind at best I was just making a “Cameo” appearance for history’s sake.

    Ursula and I have rich history together and I won’t get in to all of that right now, suffice to say we have had our own extreme experiences together and our friendship has survived the test of time. We chatted about the trial and tribulations of our mutual experiences on the way to my hotel after she picked me up at the airport in Hamburg. I can’t deny my affection for Ursula because she is such a strong and loving woman. There is a long list of people that can tell you Ursula helped them when no one else would.

    There was a basic program for the conference and it changed and evolved slightly, but here is a basic copy that I was able to retain:

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    At the conference I met up with Graham Berry, we have history working together to expose and defeat Scientology. And there was Amy and Mark Headley. Mark and Amy had both written books about their experiences. Amy suggested that I should write a book as well because I had information that could be useful in exposing Scientology. I told her I didn’t think I’d write a book but I’d figure out something to do to help. After the conference I felt encouraged about the possibility of some measure of justice being served against Scientology and its principles. I’d also met face to mask and then face to face with some members of Anonymous and I really enjoyed that, much more about that later.

    Amy and I talked and talked. I’ve known her since the early 1980’s. Back then, she was a young pretty girl and she worked as a messenger for L Ron in Clearwater, FL. She again tried to encourage me to write a book, my argument was I didn’t know what to say that hadn’t already been said. I remember telling her I didn’t think I’d write a book but I would figure something out. I do enjoy the challenge of writing even thought I’m not that good at it yet.

    When I got back home, I felt like writing something relevant about the conference itself and an overview of my opinions

    Here are two “articles?” I’d written shortly after the conference but never published. As I write this and present the information, anything that I’ve written before I’ve put in bold to distinguish it from what I’m writing about now, which appears as regular script. The following information should fill some gaps:

    New Soldiers!

    I don’t know the exact chronology of the resistance against the ideology called Scientology, but it sure preceded my entrance into the fray. Fortunately I documented the moment when I no longer felt so threatened by the movement and found the courage to fight back. This would be my way to release myself from the grip of my past involvement in the movement. All I did was enter a post on alt.religion.scn. In essence I said ...

    Immediately I began talking with lawyers who represented former Scientology adherents. It was at this point that I began to “publish” my story. Here is a series of links to declarations and articles I wrote about the Scientology movement while the information was fresh in my brain:

    These are just a handful of links that describe what I was going through while publicly and aggressively exiting the Scientology ideology. I went on to speak with the European Press which resulted in articles and videos.
    Twelve years ago, I started asking Marty Rathbun to leave the Scientology movement. We would see each other in the many courtroom proceedings we were involved in. I would say, “Marty just walk away, you will be taken care of I promise. Just leave, walk away.” I have to admit my wanting Marty to leave the movement was not entirely rooted in just trying to save a fellow human being. Marty and I have had monster battles in court rooms and on the street by proxy. Marty, along with Mike Rinder and the backing of the conglomerate league of high priced lawyers owned by Scientology proved to be more adversary than I and the Lisa McPherson Trust could handle. Since Marty left the Sea Organization we have talked. I thanked him for leaving and having the courage to speak out the way he is. The rage ex-Sea Org members express against Miscavige seems to be common among all who knew him. I look at my writings about Miscavige when I first got out and see the parallels between what Marty is writing about now, with what I had written about 12 years ago.
    Mike Rinder was the corporate face of Scientology for many years. That he is no longer in the Sea Org and starting to speak the truth about his experiences is a step in the right direction for him. I look forward to hearing more from and about him, but his time may be short. I’ll explain what I mean by that in just a bit. Here is a copy of a video from Marty’s website showing Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun at the Ft. Harrison Hotel, one of Scientology’s many Clearwater facilities. Well the video speaks for itself:

    The former face of corporate Scientology, Mike Rinder is trying to visit with his son whom he just found out has cancer and according to the Sea Org people on site, Mike’s son refused to visit with his father. Looks like we will be hearing more about this from the BBC soon. Bravo! These guys have some guts to stand on what was once sacred ground for them, in defiance of disconnection, the very practice they vigorously defended not so long ago. See, there is a God watching and listening.

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    I feeled spoiled - we've got Face writing his fabulous, no holds-barred memoirs and now Jessie Prince . . . oh, yeah!!
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    Mark Headley is another new high profile soldier now involved in the struggle. We met on the other side of our previous Sea Org involvement as free men for the first time in Hamburg Germany at the 2010 Hamburg Conference. Instead of me try to write his history, here is his story in his own words:

    Mark is a very skilled contractor and he has filed a law suit against The Sea Organization for what amounts to a wage dispute. Seems the Federal Court in California agrees with Mark in that he was severely underpaid for his services as a contractor under the employ of the Sea Organization. If Mark prevails to a final judgment in favor of his cause of action of underpaid wages, with interest etc, he stands to win a nice piece of change. A final judgment by a USA Federal Court would open the door for compensation to others who have performed certain secular jobs for the Sea Organization, giving them the financial means to get on with their life as they see fit. Nothing like a big dose of back pay to smooth things out. Mark has an excellent legal firm at his back and there is very little in the way of drama slowing this case from moving forward. I quote our Vice President here in America, Joe Biden “This is a big fucking deal!”

    Amy Scobee was a Senior Executive of the inner circle organization within the Sea Organization called “The Watch Dog Committee”. The Watch Dog Committee is the top echelon of management for the Sea Organization. The woman can speak for herself about what she recently experience in the Sea Organization of Scientology.

    ""&HYPERLINK ""feature=related ""&HYPERLINK ""feature=related

    Amy gives inside information that reveals the mentality, and modus operandi of the Sea Organization at its highest levels. The Scientology Sea Organization seemingly knows no limits to its calculated deception of others.

    Bruce Hines, Shelly Corrias, Sinar Parman, Jeff Hawkins... the list is long of people who have left the inner circle of Scientology’s Sea Organization.
    Some ex Sea Organization members have created some magnificent websites chronicling the struggle in one way or another. Here are just a few links in no certain order:
    And of course here is the first website that started providing comprehensive information about The Sea Organization, Scientology and ex-members:

    There is more awareness on an International level of the problems within Scientology and the Sea Organization because of the testimony of those coming out. The only other time I was aware of strong international attention on Scientology and The Sea Organization was back in 1977 when the US Government raided its corporate headquarters and handed prison sentences to some of its leaders.
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    I also wrote this after I’d watched the Anderson Copper’s report on Scientology:


    As I sat and watched the Anderson Copper series “Scientology: A History of Violence” I thought that one of the more poignant segments involved the ex spouse’s of Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, plus the crown jewel Monique Yingling. These fine ladies were doing their best to debunk the concept of forced disconnection as practiced in Scientology. Anyone who has ever spent at least 6 months in Scientology knows the fact that very early in all Scientology doctrine, the fledgling Scientology adept is prepared and taught how to reject and disconnect from individuals, family, friends or even institutions deemed “undesirable, or low toned”. The new adepts are instructed on how to negotiate with friends and family deemed a potential threat by telling lies. Of course they don’t just out right tell you to lie. No one needs to be taught how to lie we already know how that goes. For most people in general there are moral implications associated with the act of lying itself. Scientology doctrine trains the adept not to lie, but how to tell an acceptable truth, thus sidestepping any moral hazard associated with the act of lying. As all new Scientology adepts progress up the ladder to spiritual enlightenment they become more sensitive to family, friends or people in general that may become antagonistic by questioning the authority of Scientology. Scientology doctrine trains the adept to systematically lie over time to the potential threat. The logic being to tell continuous lies to the potential threatening person for the greater good of keeping the peace for now.

    Masking the truth and telling lies (acceptable truths) is institutionalized in Scientology and starts at the very beginning of the indoctrination. The primary emphasis is to “protect” Scientology against any type of scrutiny what-so-ever in part by lying or masking the real truth. The Sea Org members take the concept of lying to a higher level and no longer need the crutch of telling acceptable truths. Sea Org members in general will outrageously lie with a straight face and conviction in their eyes.

    The practice of institutionalized lying and deception is not a concept lonely to Scientology. Our United States military, along with any other military on the earth we live on trains’ new adept soldiers very early on how to lie and deceive in case of capture. They also learn how to deceive and attack targeted enemies. The adept soldier learns how to effectively communicate with his enemy while giving his enemy the least amount of information possible thru deception or outright lies. As an adept soldier moves up the ladder of privileged information and activity they become more proficient through training in the practices of deception.

    Government Military’s around the world practice deception as a means to protect the nation or to undermine and/or conquer another or other nations and entities labeled as enemies of the state.

    In an effort to end the “Who else practices this?” discussion, I think it would not be a leap or stretch to see the same principles of deception as it is applied by other organizations and institutions.

    Again I apologize for the long preamble. The point I am trying to establish is this. Any Sea Org member who has left the movement readily admits to lying in the misguided effort to protect Scientology from scrutiny and/or to protect their place in the movement itself.

    So what is Monique Yingling’s excuse? Here is an excellent example of a professional doing a professional job. What’s her profession, deception and lies. She is not motivated by an allegiance to the Scientology Doctrine, she is not a Scientologist. The fact of the matter is the only difference between Monique Yingling and her fellow Sea Org handlers is she is a paid for liar and deceiver the others are not paid.

    Haggis also said he was “shocked” that the Church of Scientology was publicly denying that it adheres to a policy of disconnection — of severing ties with a friend or family member who’s antagonistic toward Scientology. Haggis said that his wife, Deborah Rennard, was given precisely those orders and didn’t speak to her parents for more than a year. – Paul Haggis

    In the mist of all of this denial of Scientology’s disconnection policy as a final gesture, when a person decides to leave the Sea Org Movement, two things happen. They are either summarily declared a suppressive person which means they have forfeited the opportunity for spiritual enlightenment and they are denied any connection to others who remain true to the movement. The other choice, which in most cases seems to be a more acceptable penalty is to pay in access of $100,000.00 for the pleasure of being underpaid and working like a slave for the movement. Paying the cash is the first step to continue on the quest to spiritual enlightenment as administered in Scientology. The other required steps are even more humiliating. My personal chosen path when I left was to leave the movement without any promise of payment from me to the Sea Org for anything past, present or future. I willingly and happily renounced any opportunity afforded me by my Sea Org handlers to continue my journey up their ladders or across any of their bridges. Given these circumstances, Scientologist or Sea Org Member are not permitted to associate with me in any way or on any level and I accepted my fate.

    Today I am happy to say that I have more direct contact to and with Sea Org Members who were involved in the movement during my Scientology sojourn and Sea Organization tour of duty than I ever have.
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    Shortly after that March conference in Hamburg, I reluctantly started reading Marty's blog "Moving on up A Little Higher". I was reluctant because I had disassociated myself from any concern regarding the Scientology world, along with any it’s influences, good or bad.

    At first I was only interested in reading about how Marty and Mike Rinder were being harassed and persecuted by Scientology Private Investigators. It was just awful to read how those mean P.I's were trying every trick in the book in an effort to cause Mike and Marty to violate their integrity. With all the Private Investigator activity that Marty and Mike were reporting, in my opinion what they were reporting seemed lame and tame. In my experience with the same activity perpetrated by the Scientology conglomerate legal and intelligence disabler mechanism (Which Marty and Mike were a significant part of), my experiences with Private Investigator activity were far more extreme. Comparatively speaking, it seemed to me that Marty and Mike were having more of a lovers spat as opposed to a real showdown. As we go along here I will provide you with evidence of my seemingly strange conclusion here.

    My phone rang more than it usually does after videos from the conference were posted on the internet. Mentally I was still digesting all that had happened at the conference when I started to get that old feeling again, wondering when Scientology would get the kick in the ass I thought it deserved. I read stories on Marty’s blog of high profile Scientologist publicly leaving the movement. A simple thing to say now but until just a few short years ago this was not the case. Oh just like Tommy Davis says today, you can leave Scientology (When they are ready to let you go) but there are terms and none of the terms involve publicly leaving. Scientology members are made to stay quiet about leaving and the Scientology Public at large doesn’t hear about anyone leaving until they are handed a proper copy of a Suppressive Person Declare, such a unique document in its own right. In the twinkling of an eye a member can be in the mist of fellow members carrying on as usual until he or she is handed the uniquely potent and dreadful SP declare. Just like that, all of their sins are exposed and mightily condemned to the persons peers. They are condemned to a life without hope of spiritual freedom and are suddenly void of any contact with any part of the only life they knew and worked so hard for. That is the Scientology disconnection ritual in a nutshell. Before becoming an active Scientology member and practicing this ritual, only in reading Science Fiction had I ever considered such a notion even being a possibility.

    While browsing the Moving on up A Little Higher, blog site I did feel encouraged by the stories of people publicly leaving the Scientology movement. While each person’s story varied according to their individual circumstance, the theme of why they finally departed the Scientology movement was consistent. Just like in Hollywood movies, it's the same old story told over and over with a unique individual circumstance. The same timeless themes: “boy meets girl” or “the little engine that could”. The reoccurring theme in the stories from people that had recently departed the Scientology movement was they all suffered a Crisis of Conscious and could no longer deny the obvious.

    Here is a good link that describes what Crisis of Conscious means in the context that I use it above:

    Nothing special about this concept because it’s also synonymous with “The Last Straw” concept. Each person had their fill of the madness and decided to move on. All of this also causes a vision change! “I once was blind but now I see!”.

    The one thing that disturbed me as I read Marty’s blog was the fact that some of the people who were publicly leaving the Scientology movement were being corralled by Marty for more “auditing” (Scientology rituals). If you’ve read any of the links provided in this story so far, than you know my opinion about auditing and the practice of Scientology rituals in general. Be that as it may, I’ve learned to be patient with that issue. I’m patient with it not because I’m smart, or have secret insider knowledge. Nope those aren’t the reasons. The reason I have patience is because I gone through the experience with people who have left the Scientology movement itself but still desire and practice the rituals they learned while in Scientology. So I have hung in there and remained friends with those that insist on practicing the Scientology rituals after departure from the movement. In most cases, the reward for my patience was paid to me in spades. Within a maximum of a two year period, more than 90% of the people that I was able to observe and maintained contact with no longer felt they needed the crutch of auditing or any other Scientology ritual they may have learned and paid dearly for. In my mind I couldn’t ask for a better reward. I learned that it takes time to unravel and discard the Scientology experience, some longer, others not as long.

    Back in the day there was no physical location in the United States where people could go to get information about, and help with the Scientology problem as it relates to family members who had been “disconnected from”. The only other place on earth this service was being provided that I knew of was located in Hamburg, Germany under the leadership of Ursula Caberta.

    A fellow out of Boston named Bob Minton had become intrigued by information he’d read on the internet concerning the subject of Scientology. He learned that Scientology had a reputation for having a formidable ability to systematically destroy or eradicate most forms of decent from past or current adherents. The methods and length the Scientology movement employs against its own adherents and enemies real or imagined, lack any concept of mercy or forgiveness. That this could even be tolerated in America vexed Bob to no end and he vowed to fight Scientology with the great financial resources he’d accumulated as an Investment Banker. Bob’s money didn’t fold and his pockets were hundreds of millions of dollars deep.

    There were many people that Bob Minton gave financial aide to for legal cases being fought against Scientology and he helped people internationally. An instance of Scientology’s extreme disregard for human decency caught his attention when he learned about a now dead Scientologist named Lisa McPherson. Please refer to the attached link for specific information concerning what happened to Lisa McPherson. This will also give you an idea of what the risks of being unwillingly subjected to one of Scientology’s many rituals. The ritual that Lisa McPherson was unwillingly subjected to is in known in Scientology as the “Introspection Rundown”. Lisa’s introspection ritual was supervised by none other than the most high priest and leader of Scientology, David Miscavige. The fact that the images of Lisa McPherson’s dead body looks as if it may have been literally run down is purely coincidental:
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    This is terrific, FTS! I just love that Jesse has been speaking up again :)

    BTW, what does he meant by this comment at the beginning:

    "Last December I remember feeling hopeful and excited about the coming New Year. How could anything be worst than 2010? I guess ignorance really is a bliss compared to how I feel now after discovering what I can only describe as unnerving and horrifying information that is very personal to me."
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    Jesse Prince's declaration in McPherson case

    Jesse Prince's declaration in McPherson case
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    From what I have read this info is still to come. :coolwink:
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    7 Jesse Prince's declaration in McPherson case cont

    Jesse Prince's declaration in McPherson case cont
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    I'm dying to know what he means by saying Mike Rinder's "time may be short." :omg: He then states he will be explaining this statement but the suspense is killing me.

    I've been dying to hear his opinions of M&M ever since Marty made a big show of trying to claim him as a friend - going to visit Jesse, posting photos of the together etc.. - but I never heard a peep from Jesse proclaiming any reconciliation or new found friendship. I'll be extremely interested on his insight to Marty, indicators make me think it has the possibility of being explosive.
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    Yes, the Rinder comment got me, too.
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    8 Jesse Prince's declaration in McPherson case cont

    Jesse Prince's declaration in McPherson case cont

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    9 Jesse Prince

    When this document was submitted and accepted by the court the panic that set in the Scientology conglomerate was virtually palatable. I could taste the fear and distain oozing from my Scientology adversaries. David Miscavige, Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder must have felt like they were in a storm being threatened by multiple lightning strikes and this sent the Scientology apparatus into overdrive.

    The shear amount of banker boxes full of false and imaginary information submitted to the court on behalf of David Miscavige and his henchmen, Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder in opposition to my declaration was staggering. Oh for sure reading their opposition to my declaration seemed to confirm that I was the real Lucifer, not L Ron as he professed at the end of his life. The Scientology legal conglomerate fought valiantly and fearlessly against it, but in the end the judge allowed my testimony.

    Only after many year and tears did Marty leave the movement and tell some of the truth about the murder of Lisa McPherson. The link to his revelation was reported in the St. Petersburg Times in a article appropriately titled “Death in Slow Motion”:

    This is what I meant when I commented earlier about after a member leaves the Scientology movement they readily admit to lying and deveining others and even institutions in an effort of protect Scientology from any form of scrutiny or accountability.

    Anyway, back to the “Coming into existence” of the Lisa McPherson Trust.

    By the fall of 1998, Bob had already decided to help the surviving members of Lisa McPherson’s family pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against Scientology and some of its affiliate organizations.

    There is so much I could say about the character of Bob Minton and I’ll tell you about that as the story unfolds The point I want to make here is Bob was in no way shy about how he felt about Scientology’s bully behavior and in some instances he proved to Scientology principles, great and small that he was a force not easily deterred . Due to the horrific nature of Lisa McPherson’s death, Bob decided to create an organization at the scene of Scientology’s crime against Lisa in Clearwater, Fl.

    In the fall of 1999, along with a few others, I found myself making plans to move to Clearwater, Fl the last place on earth I wanted to be! I reluctantly decided to go because it felt like the right thing to do. Stacey Brooks was the head of this new organization. As per standard usual, I was the number two principle of our new organization. We proceeded to scout out a location for what would become known as the Lisa McPherson Trust and here is a report that gives a glimpse of the opposition we encountered as reported by Stacey Brooks. Someday perhaps, Marty Rathbun or Mike Rinder may want to add to this account:

    After much back and forth, we were able to secure a building. Along with Bob and a handful of others we went about the business of making our location a shelter for distraught family members of those in and lost to Scientology and Scientologist in or out of the movement.
    So far this is what I had ready for you to read. The story is complete in many ways with the exception of editing and major rereading. The next part of this story will include the many lessens I learned through my association with Bob Minton and I promise to move the story along and get the crux of what has me so disturbed.

    To be continued...
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    Oh boy :drama:
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    This calls for lots of popcorn.

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    Scientology appears to be having a bad week. :D
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    I am SO happy to see Jesse Prince back in action after a deserved break. This is a man of the utmost integrity. Without being vindictive, DM treated him like dirt and deserves what he is getting.

    Seemed to me that this could tie in with what Jesse says about 90 per cent of Exies finding they can do without auditing within two years.

    If Jesse is right, since Marty and Mike exploit this segment, their following will naturally fade away over a relatively short time. Can anyone confirm this trend?
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    Great thread!!

    Wouldn't it be excellent if this series of postings from Jesse Prince jars the followers of Rathbun & Rinder into action to demand they be more forthcoming to the authorities about their role in Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, Destruction of Evidence and Manslaughter or worse?

    From Princes' McPherson deposition:

    From Princes' current posting via Free to Shine:

    Isn't it about time R & R quit parsing a la Bill Clinton and deliver the WHOLE truth?