Kate Bornstein on Life After Scientology

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  1. Smilla

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    Kate Bornstein on Life After Scientology

    " I reviewed Kate Bornstein’s memoir A Queer and Pleasant Danger for the recent Sunday Zest section of the Chronicle. You can read the review here for a basic rundown of the book and a few of my thoughts about it.

    The book has stuck with me, however, and I think I’ve figured out what I find so compelling about Bornstein’s story. It’s not so much the details of it, although those are certainly interesting enough. I mean, really – a Jewish boy from New Jersey grows up, spends 12 years in Scientology as a staff member, leaves it and undergoes a transition to become a woman – this is quite a story. And this only hits the high points."

  2. Extaff Fenix

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    The person who told me about it knew nothing about my past with Scn when she was telling me about it. She's a gender-queer femme and in MY pan-determined world, pansexuality is just fine. I was of course riveted by both aspects of her story.

    LOVED IT! three snaps up in a Z!
  3. Vittorio

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    I've just ordered two copies of this. One for me and one for a friend who I know will love it.

    We're also reading it at my book group in August. Can't wait to sink my teeth into it.

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