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Discussion in 'Scientology Infiltrates Society' started by Lohan2008, Jun 23, 2014.

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    this news is six months old, I thought to post it...

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    I lean heavily small "L" libertarian (I'm not a member of the Ayn Rand fan club, that's what the small "L" means). One of the things that makes me small "L" is my distrust of their blind trust in local authority's responsiveness to the citizenry. Most capital "L" libertarians and all the extreme ones in the Sovereign Citizen* end of the crazy pool have this fetish about local cops, specifically Sheriffs, being the only legitimate law enforcement and a bulwark of defense against tyranny.

    That hasn't been my observation, growing up and living in rural America off and on for a total tenure of about 30 years. In my experience, local cops are often corrupt and exemplars of the kind of tyranny the Founders were thinking about when they wrote the Constitution. This has been the American Experience since the earliest Colonial days - the experience of Roger Williams with the petty fiefdoms of Massachusetts and Connecticut bears this out (can't recommend this book enough).

    From the time a small town cop gave the older brother of a friend of mine a ticket for having his rear bumper a half inch higher than regulations allowed (he actually got out a tape measure), I've been mistrustful of the unchecked powers of local police. That cop later got busted for shaking down, and using the services of, prostitutes while on duty, BTW.

    So I'm really glad to see some balance of power from the Feds in punishing local law enforcement antics like Bacca being on the take from everyone and their Auditor.

    The fact that he hurt so many people who were trying to escape the clutches of the Co$ just makes it even sweeter.

    * I read JJ McNab religiously, If you don't know who she is, find out, because no one else has a better handle on the cauldron of cray-cray that is the Sovereign Citizen movement.
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    Is ex-L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca, once one of the nation's most powerful cops, headed to prison?

    Ex-L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca's dilemma: Withdraw his guilty plea or face prison?

    August 1, 2016

    Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca returns to federal court on Monday facing a difficult decision: Withdraw his guilty plea for lying to federal investigators or accept the likelihood of a significant stint behind bars.

    Two weeks ago, U.S. District Court Judge Percy Anderson rejected a plea agreement Baca struck with federal prosecutors that would have limited his prison time to a maximum of six months. The judge said the punishment “would not address the gross abuse of the public’s trust … including the need to restore the public’s trust in law enforcement and the criminal justice system.”

    Baca’s attorney, Michael Zweiback, had tried to negotiate with prosecutors and present Anderson with a new deal — presumably for more than six months. Zweiback told The Times on Saturday that the negotiations had failed and that Baca had not yet made up his mind about what to do.


    ps sorry, I can't resist posting this photo to go with this story:

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    [TABLE="width: 630"]
    [TD]New federal indictment accuses ex-Sheriff Lee Baca of obstructing justice, lying to authorities

    Los Angeles Times | August 5, 2016 | 3:13 PM

    A federal grand jury today indicted former L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca on charges of obstructing justice and lying to federal investigators concerning operations at the troubled Los Angeles County jail system.

    The charges come days after Baca withdrew an earlier guilty plea to a charge of lying during an FBI investigation into the county’s jails, opting instead to take his chances at a high-stakes trial.

    Read more>>
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    Thanks for the updates, Little David. Maybe his attorney is starting to get dementia as well. Withdrawing a guilty plea to then be hit on the head with new charges like this is seriously ignorant. I guess he just didn't think Baca would get any prison time. Very foolish. Where one lie minimizing the truth is exposed, there are probably many more to be unearthed. The FBI and Dept of Justice is just not letting these local yokels get away with corruption

    Meanwhile, back in May the Los Angeles District Attorney declined to file conspiracy to obstruct justice charges against Baca because the feds were doing a fine job at their level. Sadly, the DA declined to officially file charges for alleged charity fraud and theftagainst Baca's long time Field Deputy and Scientology advocate, Bishop Edward Turner
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    Hi AnonyMary, good to see you back. If Baca ends of going to prison for a few years he will have plenty of time to study "The Way To Happiness". Maybe Criminon could help him put its 21 moral precepts into practice in his life. It will provide him with a moral compass to live by:p

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    It would appear that Baca's only path to possible sentence reduction would be to roll over on those who bribed and corrupted his office, by naming names. And organizations. The deep pocketed ones.
    If he's willing to turn states evidence, maybe he won't die in prison. What do you think, Mary?
  10. Little David

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    This is Baca's or his lawyer's rational for withdrawing his guilty plea:

    "Baca, 74, made the decision knowing federal prosecutors were likely to bring stiffer charges, but his lawyers said he didn’t have much choice when negotiations collapsed after a federal judge rejected a plea deal as too lenient. That deal would have put the longtime lawman in prison no more than six months.

    Defense lawyer Michael Zweiback said Baca needed certainty about the sentence he would serve, and it appeared the judge was seeking several years behind bars. Judge Percy Anderson could have sentenced Baca up to five years in prison if he didn’t withdraw his guilty plea, though he never indicated what kind of sentence he would have imposed.

    Baca’s prognosis, which will factor into his defense, was a driving force for opting for trial, Zweiback said earlier in the week.

    “We have a very, very small window of time that we believe Mr. Baca’s life will be normal,” he said Monday. “There’s a good likelihood that he’ll be suffering very dramatically from the disease at issue. So if there was a possibility that he was going to go beyond his good years in prison, then he should go out and fight.”

    Baca, who withdrew his guilty plea to lying to federal authorities, now faces that charge in addition to obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice."

    I'm sure Scientology will continue helping him in return for all the help he has given them:
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca leaves federal court in Los Angeles on Friday.

    Not guilty plea:
    Former L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca pleaded not guilty Friday to allegations of obstruction of justice, conspiracy and lying. The charges came after a judge rejected a plea deal that Baca had reached with prosecutors. The case stems from an FBI probe into the county jails. Los Angeles Times


    Faced with the likelihood of a bruising criminal trial, Baca on Friday made a move to formally change attorneys, court records show. After months of being represented by Michael Zweiback, he has brought on Hochman, the former head of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Tax Division.

    In recent days Baca's wife has sent friends and supporters emails asking for contributions to help defray mounting legal bills that she wrote could top $1 million.

    In the solicitation, a copy of which was obtained by The Times, Baca’s wife said her husband had rejected a new deal with prosecutors that would have capped his time in prison at two years. The harsh stance Anderson has taken in the obstruction-related cases and Baca’s worsening dementia pushed him to go to trial, she said.

    “Knowing the judge, we do not feel comfortable to let him decide Lee’s fate without a fight … I cannot imagine having a husband who might not recognize me after 2 years separation because of Alzheimer’s.”
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    Will we ever learn how much $$$, if any, of Lee Baca's legal bills have been paid by Scientology?

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    [TABLE="width: 630"]
    [TD]Competency hearing sought for former L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca

    Los Angeles Times | August 24, 2016 | 7:52 PM

    Prosecutors in the case against former Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca have asked a federal judge to determine whether he is fit to stand trial.

    The request for a finding on Baca’s competency came late Wednesday, after a morning court hearing during which Baca’s attorney made the latest in a series of comments meant to cast doubt on the mental acuity of Baca, who has Alzheimer’s disease.

  14. Dave B.

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    How is that $cientology working out for you now, Lee?
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    Ex-Sheriff Baca wants doctor who specializes in mental illnesses to testify in his corruption trial

    With his criminal trial just weeks away, former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is locked in a legal battle with prosecutors over whether a key witness can testify about his mental health.

    In court filings, attorneys for Baca have argued Dr. James Spar, a psychiatrist at UCLA, should be allowed to take the stand during the trial, which is scheduled to begin on Dec. 6.


  16. Demented Hubbatd

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    The first deal was favorable to him, but the judge rejected it. Baca knew that he's not going like the second offer. In cases like this one defendants prefer to have a jury trial in a hope that their attorneys will persuade the jury to choose non-guilty verdict. This strategy works well for the people with deep pockets who can assemble a dream team of lawyers. But Baca doesn't have that kind of money, so his defeat is almost guaranteed.
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    Looks like Baca's lawyers are trying the old Mafia boss trick. I forget what Mafioso did it, but the guy would wear his bathrobe in public everywhere and say crazy sh*t all the time in a bid to get off from charges.
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    Wasn't that Junior Soprano? :coolwink:
  19. Dave B.

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    A case of art imitating life. lol. There was a real mafioso that tried it back in the 70's.

    It's good to see a few of the $cientology mafia goomba's like Baca catching some heat.
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    In real life, his name was Vinny (the Chin) Gigante.