Le Soleil: Narconon Expose - March 21, 2010

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    July 12, 2010 article in Le Nouvelliste: "Very bad memories"

    Translation of a French article in the Trois-Rivières daily Le Nouvelliste, July 12, 2010

    «De très mauvais souvenirs» | Mathieu Lamothe | Le Nouvelliste


    Caption: David Love was visibly disturbed to once again be
    standing outside the Narconon detoxification centre on Saturday.

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    Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Translation of a French article in the Trois-Rivières daily Le Nouvelliste, July 13, 2010


    Caption: Marc Bernard, director of Narconon.

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    Way to go Anonymous and David Love!!! So glad the media is reporting this.

    More proof that Narconon is Scientology = Stupid photo of Hubbard behind Bernard, lol
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    David Love radio interview July 16, 2010

    Cross-posted from WWP:

    David Love was interviewed for an hour on the hawkradio program "The Edge", Fri. July 16, 2010. Here is link to download a recording:
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    How journalist Emilie Dubreuil met David Love

    Translation of a French article from journalist Émilie Dubreuil's blog on MSN.ca, July 18, 2010. Émilie Dubreuil is a reporter for Radio-Canada.

    David contre Hubbard - Emilie Dubreuil - Actualités - MSN CA

    Gerry Armstrong and David Love, April 2010

    Émilie Dubreuil

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    Canada Competition Bueau - Misrepresentation/Conspiracy

    False Success Rate - Conspiracy:

    I completed two of the five complaints to the Canada Competition Bureau today. The next two are a little more complex; tying in the other Entities is going to be time consuming.

    Considering sending copies to local and other Federal Politicians/Governments. Media is on my doorstep for this one; too busy to even think of talking to them again,....Yet.