Leah Remini to Star in Rob McElhenney, Rob Rosell Fox Comedy Pilot

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    From Variety.com

    Leah Remini has joined the untitled Rob McElhenney-Rob Rosell comedy pilot at Fox, Variety has confirmed.

    Remini will play Jean, who considers herself a patriot who loves her country and firmly believes in everyone’s right to be left alone. Jean in many ways fits the stereotype of a typical conservative. However, she leads a very progressive lifestyle as she is now married to a woman, Betty. Together, they’re raising Jean’s two boys with the help of the boys’ father and Jean’s ex-husband, Richie, who currently lives in the garage.

    Full Article: https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/leah-remini-rob-mcelhenney-rob-rosell-fox-pilot-1202847084/