Leak: LRH "Electropsychometric Scouting - Battle of the Universes".

Discussion in 'Scientology Technology' started by fisherman, Oct 30, 2009.

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    Leak: LRH Audio Tape -- "Electropsychometric Scouting - Battle of the Universes".

    From: WWP http://forums.whyweprotest.net/123-...psychometric-scouting-battle-universes-55423/

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    Excellent observation!
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    *someone* only went and dropped an audio enhanced version on page 2, set to trippy music :)

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    when it comes to Religion, what religion would not have to make its inner most secrets confidential, if it would start up today?

    Christianity... Jesus cruzified, resurrected few days after and now in another dimension with his "father" the great and only one who made everything in only 6 days and only 6000 years ago?? Well isnt this potentially confidential stuff..? not to talk about the lords supper with this semi-cannibal ritual.

    Mohammedanism... put your ass up in the air 5 times a day, wherever you are? Do NOT eat, drink, smoke fuck whatever in daylight for a complete Month. never eat pork because its "unhealthy" and thats just for the rituals, if you go for the believes...

    The Jews, they are the "chosen" people. They are so chosen that the amount of almost extermination of these people during their 5000 year history adds up to over a dozen times featuring highlights like the egytian "drive them into the sea", Medieval Ghettoizing, the German Endlösung and the contemporary palestinian constant death thread. Oh Yes, one must really be confident in being chosen if one is a target like them.

    So if You start A Religion in these days, how long do you think would it take someone to either threaten you, disqualify you or try to knock you out by means and because of con?
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    Targ you very much, good gravey what an extended load of poop that tape was/is, sheesh! *applies for brain transplant~sigh* :p
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    Does anybody have a copy of this they can post? I'm most interested in hearing it.
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    Please stand by.
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    Standing by...
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    Thank you Anonycat! You're the champ! :thumbsup:
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    You're welcome!
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    Wow! I have listened to this tape 5 times.. Anyone care to discuss this with me? Here are my observations.. I'd love to know if I'm missing the context or coming at all close..

    Is that research? Seriously, am I understanding this "research" correctly? Hubbard held the cans and talked through his sci-fi pulp on the fly and when Mary Sue says "drop" he takes that as some sign from a Thetan in his body that he is right and just goes from there? MarySue has such a sweet voice.. But seriously, this makes me think they might have actualy believed what they were doing was really happening???!!! I always assumed he was in on his own con with this shit.. Do you all think he believes what he is saying is true? It's as if he is a "medium".. Reminds me of what I've read about his Parsons days and channeling the spirit world (re: the letter Parsons sent to Crowley) and the crazy whack-off stuff I read those did together. But instead of conjuring up his "goddess" he is researching the creation of Universes?? HELP! LOL. I think this is the "method" used for research? I also listened to a David Mayo tape on YouTube and he describes conducting research with LRH the same way by riffing off ideas off the top of his head.

    In the beginning a theta is standing 20 feet away? Is it a theta "slopping" around?
    Theta are here to destroy MEST universe. Theta is spreading it's universe.

    minute 10.. You can hear them go back and forth saying different things trying to make the needle drop. Is that the method?
    13:30?? Huh?
    14:40 Starting to define what Entheta is?
    15:05 starts to talk about Sara Hubbard?
    16:40 guessing how many entities come and go in people?
    17:15 3 in the stomach, 1 is a theta being and thets is also in cells
    17:40 Entheta beings try to scape the body
    18:18 bodies are entities creations
    18:00 not getting many drops..something is wrong
    18:40 the body was created by Entheta beings and the theta occupying it
    --riffing on different theories and the numbers of different universes--
    Hypnotism and how theta, Entheta and entities exist together?
    25:25 struggle for powers in other universes and decide earth is a prison planet!
    --q&a with the needle about why they are in this sector of the universe, mutiny..king Solomon's conquest of the Jeanie's -
    28:50 something gets set and locked on earth until it can get straightened out
    29:12 then they will send someone down back to earth to straighten them out
    32:40 Mars is Theta operated
    32:50 Venus has both Theta and Entheta beings
    33:05 riffing on what the purpose of Theta beings is.. Run errands? Hold together bodies? Hold together MEST? NOPE, no needle for those ideas..
    But at 33:44 they hold together procreation and at 33:55 MarySue figures out the Theta secret?

    Am I hearing the beginnings of the OT3 story being "discovered" on this recording from 1952.. And the word "targ"? What is that? A BT?

    Is my question even making sense? :nervous:

    Thanks for any help here on what this is.. It's so early on in the whole story of Dianetics I'm just curious if this is research being performed as Hubbard would define it?
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    Well yes and no. He may consider it research. The scientific community not so much.
    That was my take.
    I have often wondered this. If you read the admissions as published by Gerry Armstrong, there are indications that he did have beliefs in Crowley's magic. At the same time, Bare Faced messiah makes it clear that he knew that he was conning people. Hard to know what he believed. I often wondered if he was working the cans in order to con Mary Sue.
    I think so. He did some other 'research' in BFM where he did a new auditing technique over the phone.
    I share your opinion of this. This preceeded the wall of fire by some stretch of time. My suspicion is that the number of body thetans was set and trillions so you would never run out of them. You could hardly keep people on the upper levels for 10 years with 20 Targs. I also read racism in the targs, they were a slave race...
  16. MissWog

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    Thank you so much oneonewasaracecar!
    I have read the affirmations/admissions but not Bare Faced Messiah.. Its on my list but I tend to dream about Scn when I read books so I'm taking a break on books for a little :melodramatic: :lol:

    The word research is thrown around so much! I've always wondered if he just locked himself In a room and wrote down his stories (as if he was writing a book) and came out saying "here is the latest results of my research!".. Now I kinda understand better what he was physically doing in that room and it lines up with the stories told by Nibs & Mayo. There is so much talk of "research" but I never understood how it was done. Certainly puts some perspective to it for me.

    If anyone else wants to chime in with their thoughts please please do!

    So LRH is SOURCE, got it:unsure:.. No one else can be SOURCE, got it:unsure:
    But what I have not read is: LRH was a prophet and the theta universe only spoke through him? Does that sound about right? Because I never thought or read of LRH being a prophet is there anything in Co$ or other followers that I can read about him being a prophet? I always read about him being a scientist (I use scientist loosely here to ask the question) my take away, that silly emeter was a whiz bang gadget back in the day and made it all look so high techie ohhh ahhhh..

    But then again.. It's all shared incidents so maybe he wasn't a prophet he was just the first to remember the incidents and the bridge is to get you to also remember the shared incidents??!! :omg:

    It's like which came first, the chicken or the egg..the majik or the science...the con or mental illness. Or maybe they all came at the same time.
    I'm starting to think they all came at the same time :bigcry:
    All the lives ruined by this perfect storm of charisma, crazy and cruelty.
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    It makes sense, and isn't the only place where he talks about what sounds like OT III years before he "discovered" it. There were many.

    "Now, how do you get rid of an entity? You simply find where that
    entity is located geographically in the body. You do this with an E-
    Meter. Your next step is to find out where the entity is stuck on the
    time track. And you'll find out that it's some sort of an incident
    having to do with a body in pawn, it'll be a between-lives implant;
    it'll be something on this order." ("SOP8A - The Role of Earth" 5210C30A)

    " ...people wishing to get rid of troublesome characters, captives, anybody
    you can think of... You know, around city dumps, you know, they always
    have trouble around cities because people start using certain areas of the
    city for dumps, you know? And they take -- use it as a dumping ground for
    the ice cube and for other thing: unwanted beings, unwanted people,
    unwanted personnel.

    Like you overthrow the old regime, you see, and you throw them through a
    good, stiff implant that mixes them up so they can't tell north from west and
    you throw them into an ice cube capsule of some kind or another."
    ("Helatrobus" lecture from '63)

    So yeah, he had the whole thing with people being stuck into ice cubes, implanted and dumped on Earth, 15 years before OT III. In that way, he was kind of like, oh, HP Lovecraft, where after you've read a few stories, you pretty much know how the rest will go. Ron's one original contribution to literature seems to be the implant, and he recycles that idea all the time.

    The tape you listened to is also a great example of how Ron did his "research." If it reads on Ron, that's good enough to proclaim it eternal truth.
  18. Hatshepsut

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    From the gathering minds website. The Pilot had said that OT III was an implant also received through a body in pawn. So it was possibly not even a real first hand incident for the entities either. It would be auditing thru a lie not to acknowledge this if you DID come across it fiddling around with your psychometers.

    I love The Pilot. This is apparently what read for him. Just sayin. :biggrin:
    Snipped from FZA Pilots postings # 67

    This is regarding what different invader forces use as tools and psy ops to supposedly keep each other pinned down in this area.

    I don't think scouting came up with a sameness in Incident One. It seems to just be 'start of track' whenever your butt is shoved back into this physicality and time stream. :confused2:
  19. Idle Morgue

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    Hubbard traps people in Scientology because he copied and pasted other philosophy's that others wrote about - that are true for most people. He made it simple and easy to understand. The powerful truth's from other philosopher's and religious leaders are copied and they work because they are simple. This is where the "help" ends! The rest is a covert and complex system to charge you a lot of money and take up all of your time so you can invest heavily to get yourself trapped!

    There is no science behind Hubbard's research. The actual shit he wrote - not the stuff that was copied. If there was - we would be able to test it like any scientific test. What a load of crap! What a con man! The e-meter is a hoax. His Org Board is ridiculous and insane. One can run a company very successfully without his stupid green vols and Morgue Board.

    Then - Hubbard slowly become a narcissist and a psychopath - and starts believing his own mind - his deluded "I am God" thoughts that whatever he thinks - is true for everyone and if they don't believe it they have:

    Reactive Mind - this is what the newbies strive to reduce. The truth is the clear cognition is: "you are mocking up your own reactive mind". That is not what your con book Dianetic's says - so you should throw it away!
    Misunderstood words

    But the truth is: The truth as L Ron Hubbard saw it and sold his belief to others for tons of MONEY. So you invest first and then are fed the lies. What a scammer - El Ron Hubbturd.
    BT's and Cluster's

    Scientology is such a scam - getting you to think that your reactive mind is the cause of all problems - but the truth is - Hubbard thinks it is BT's and Clusters - demons. They should tell the truth up front instead of selling you the bullshit about Dianetics - and having you go on a 30 year road to find out you have demons attached to you and you have to talk to them to get them off...and after that...still have problems but we can't release the solution until we bleed everyone dry of all money and family - it is all your fault!

    Why don't they just reveal this upfront? $$$$$$ and slave labor has been the goal in Scientology. If they gave you the truth up front - there would be no paycheck for Hubbard and now MisManagement aka David Miscavige aka Slappy McSavage.