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Discussion in 'L Ron Hubbard' started by Veda, Apr 25, 2017.

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    Ralph Hilton: "The highest tone people who knew LRH say positive things about him, and the lower tone say bad things about him."

    Andy Nolch: "Yea."

    Ralph Hilton: "I mean, if one wanders over to a group like Ex Scientologists Message Board, it's just full of hate... nobody there is producing anything positive..."

    Andy Nolch: "Yea... Those low toned people are just ridiculous..."​

    6:25 to 7:32

    One of the ideas imbedded in the 1951 book Science of Survival, behind the seemingly benign idea of the emotional Tone Scale, is that a person's opinion of L. Ron Hubbard indicates his placement on the scale.


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  2. Knows

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    To disabuse any freezoners, Andy Nolch, Alanzo and other "ex Scientologist" haters - and wanna be L Ron Hubbardites

    L Ron Hubbard, by his own admission and CREATION of the Tone Scale, was a LOW-TONER!


    According to El Ron Hubbard's Tone Scale - he reached levels of HIDING never known to Homo Sap before.

    That is in the minus area of the Tone Scale.

    Tubbs could not communicate freely - lost those abilities gained.
    Ronnie Hubbard was a criminal - hiding from process servers - wanted for "fraud" and other sordid crimes.
    Ron the Nut was a bigot - married to 2 women at the same time.
    He ruined 3 families he "created"..
    As Ron says - "Some people don't take responsibility for the things they create" :whistling: and so forth and so on....



    Watch this You Tube Video - it explains how L Ron Hubbard uses mind control tactics and hypnosis in Scientology:

    WATCH THIS.....A NEW YOU TUBE VIDEO - on L Ron Hubbard and his "religion" Scientology.

    L Ron Hubbard's sordid crimes he kept secret.

    David Miscavige is following his foot steps, using Scientology "tech" to keep the secrets - secret.

    Eli Perkins - got HELP from Scientology - he killed his mother - stabbed her 77 times!
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    The key word in the video interview between "Loyal Officers" Hinton and Noitch is the identical key word that is repeated endlessly in all those cringey videotaped SUCCESS STORIES by garrulously grinning Geekologists (see Stupid Thread).

    Scientologists spend upwards of $500,000 and decades using that word in sentences, preparing for the big day they are asked to give their scholarly opinion on Scientology and Dr. Hubbard. I don't want to give anyone verbal data (nor feed them the EP), so I shall refrain from revealing the Scientology power word. You can perhaps discover it if you are uptone enough.

    It's not exactly verbatim, but here's what I most remember & cherish from the Hinton/Noitch video interview:

    So, like you were on the ship with LRH?

    Yes, it was like so amazing!

    Like what was LRH like?

    Like totally uptone!

    Like what was it like being around LRH?

    Like amazing--when he was off the ship and
    like when he was like returning to the ship,
    it was like I could feel his presence!

    Whoooooaaaaa! Wowwwwwww! That's like
    totally OT!

    You mean like I was OT to perceive it? Or like
    do you mean like LRH was like OT because
    his beingness like totally was like emanating
    "Hey, I am your Buddha Commodore and I
    am like returning to the ship now!"

    Wowww! That's like totally duplicating LRH's
    uptone isness! So, like how uptone was LRH?

    LRH was like totally uptone! Only uptone beings
    can even like have how uptone he was!

    Was it like a total win to be around LRH's uptone-ness?

    Like there are like not even any words to describe
    how like uptone LRH was!

    So, like is that why you keep using the word "like" because
    it's like there are no MEST words to like describe it?

    Like totally!

    So, like can you tell our listeners about just one like
    totally mind-blowing like uptone moment with LRH?

    Sure, like the times he was coming back
    on the ship, I could like feel it!

    Like, you said that before. I mean, like a personal
    encounter with LRH where you like really got to
    personally witness how like uptone he is!

    I never like met or like talked to LRH.

    Wowwwww! So, like you just
    like made all that uptone stuff up?

    No, it's like when you are on the same ship as LRH
    you can like telepathically just like
    know how like uptone he is.

    So, then like all the entheta on ESMB about LRH
    terrorizing a 4 year old by like throwing him in a
    like chain locker--where he was like totally like
    crying hysterically in the dark for days--that's like
    totally not true, right?

    Like totally. I was also like in theta com with that
    4 year old while he was posted inside the chain locker.
    It's like his little MEST body was dramatizing grief but
    like the being was like totally validating and flowing
    power to LRH for like being so uptone
    that he didn't like Q&A with HE&R.

    READERS NOTE: If you like liked learning about Scientologists' "key word", please like check the "like" button below.
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    I like, had to like that post, HH. :biggrin:It was so uptone, your uptone OTness like came through my computer screen just for being on the same forum with you!
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  6. HelluvaHoax!

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    In case anyone thought I was exaggerating Scientologists' repetitively hijacking the word "LIKE" in a feebly failing attempt to try and make Scientology "real" to smaller beings.

    It's a reality/arc thing. LOL.



    It's like. . . .

    Scientologists who are cringefully unable to express themselves--and then they do a clay demo of the word "analogy"--and suddenly cognite that they can use the word "like" and it will sound like they are describing something that really happened.
















    It's like. . .

    Ron ordered all Scientologists to always try to explain Scientology by always using the ARC Triangle (Analogyness - Ridiculousness - Cringeness).
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    Perfect clip for the occasion!

  8. HelluvaHoax!

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    Wait, I think they are talking about us! LOL.

    Wait, wait! I think they are talking about me too! LOL

    I wonder what got them so entirely bent out of shape about ESMB?

    Could it be--

    That highly trained formerly Scientology OTs (on ESMB) are revealing that Scientology didn't work and thereafter they all blew Scientology?

    What's that you say? Both Noich and Hilton also blew Scientology?!

    Whattt?! Then they must also think Scientology didn't work--or why would they have left OT superpowers, eternity and total freedom?

    What's that you say? They do think that Scientology works?

    How does that even work? Like the tech, it works--just not on Scientologists, forcing 99% of them to blow.

    Wait! That doesn't even make any sense! I know, that's because it's Scientology--it doesn't have to make sense.

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    Ah jeez, there's that high toned talk that I don't miss...


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