London march 14th post raid

Discussion in 'Europe Pickets and Protests' started by UkAnony, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. UkAnony

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    Reports so far

    I myself was not able to go, cos I had no money, but I was able to send up a small batch of fliers.

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  2. Terril park

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    There was about 40-50 attending. Most people thought numbers slightly up.

    Dancing, music, caek as usual. Someone gave out Kazoos which were enthusiastically performed with by the London Anon amateur Kazoo band
    which formed spontaneously.

    Also a free guillibility test was offered.

    Many leaflets given out.

    Spoke to one nice copper who said that COS were always looking for ways to set up anon to be complained about. Seems the police are a bit fed up with this.

    One of the favoured local hosteleries appears to have an OSA volunteer working undercover as a barmaid. A free dance performance was put on outside for the benefit of passing tourists and shoppers, accompanied by the London Anon amateur kazoo band. The barmaid was incensed and told the dancers to bugger off. This is rather odd as the anons
    certainly contribute to the cash registers, and the dancing is sure to attract other clientele. Not sure if the issue is that dancing and fun is "other fish to fry" or doctrinal abhorrence for not charging for the performance.
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    Great work Anons,

    You make me want to :dancer:


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