LRH Sentenced to Jail for Child Endangerment! (1950)

Discussion in 'L Ron Hubbard' started by OSAOPS, Jan 18, 2017.

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    OSAOPS, I really appreciate what you are trying to do, I have a new browser (around 12 months old) and I couldn't see properly when I tried to read this post on your site (some of the colours just don't work well together) ... can I suggest you just post whatever info you have here, on ESMB?

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    Did you have a direct link to a newspaper article (doc) for this?

    I searched through some of the garishly orange-text links to some 1950s dianetics adverts. I saw the text
    But couldn't find an associated newspaper clipping.

    OSAOPS Banned

    Search for Meepthorp on Twitter.
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    That link isn't working for me. :coolwink:
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    Yes, update your browser!!! :angry:

    Using your OT powers, travel to the future and download Firefox 802.0.1 (current version is 50.1.0) and install it on your computer.

    It has special features that automatically update websites which look and feel like they were designed and built in 1992-5, the early days of the Internet, to more current user expectations and look and feel.

    Thank you site owner for the hard work finding these (fantastic and endlessly interesting) documents, but the website really needs to be fixed.

    It's never the visitor who's at fault but always the site designer. Website design 101. Sorry to be so blunt.

    Lisbeth :whistling:
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    Sounds like Hubbard was trying to blame the second wife he never had for leaving their child that wasn't his in their car alone.
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    Hubbard really didn't like babies and children did he?


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    See Next Post
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    According to LRH in October 1950, Alexis Valerie Hubbard was
    the world's first "Dianetics Baby" as described for the Oakland Tribune.


    (Click on above image for larger view)

    Later on, in spite of documented evidence to the contrary, LRH disavowed his
    marital oath to her mother (in 1968), and denied his paternity of Alexis (in 1972)
    (by confusing the story of her birth, with that of a son born to the wife of Jack Parsons).

    Additional details are at:
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    I don't think he didn't like them

    it's just that babies and children were things to be used as means of.... :confused2:
    and must not cost any $$$$ to maintain in proper use.

    It is likely he didn't know what like and love means ..just know ''want'' and ''have''

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