Marty Rathbun raises his head, and starts squawking PART 2

Discussion in 'MartyWorld' started by Boson Wog Stark, Jun 28, 2017.

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  1. JustSheila

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    Women abused in the past who end up seeking exactly the same abuser-type.

    She'll work it out. She'll be alright. All Marty's female supporters will - they'll have a chat, I'll betcha, all of them together. :coolwink: That's what they need. Oh, Marty, you will rue the day you ever conned and betrayed those women.
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    I've seen the last several Rathbun looney-tunes attack videos.


    --What we've got is a broken down Scientology thug whose only "success" in life came as a fair game enforcer for the cult, attacking others.

    -- He tried to leave Scientology and ended up starting an Indie Scientology movement.
    Same auditing/training, same wacky Scientologists. The only difference between what Rathbun blew and what he quickly re-joined (as King of the Indies) is that the COS has more money and therefore is more organized and more capable of attacking its

    --Rathbun cycled through his "Indie Phase" and then resumed attacking. This time he didn't attack COS Scientologists, he attacked Indie Scientologists--and a multiplicity of other "enemies", just like his paranoid pals (Hubbard, Miscavige, G.O., OSA et al).

    --Then, after that war, Marty attacked the COS (again) with the "mother of all battles"--his piece de resistance law suit vs Miscavige, COS, RTC and every other sham entity in the Scientology network.

    --At some point Marty suddenly and inexplicably shut down the law suit and immediately began attacking virtually everyone associated with the COS in any way (except the COS/COB), including but not limited to: Scientology critics, Indies, journalists, ex-Scientologists, documentarians, journalists, whistleblowers, HBO, Pulitzer Prize winning authors, award winning film makers and more recently the producers/stars of a mega-hit tv series, The Aftermath--starring Leah Remini and Mike Rinder.

    --Now Rathbun's blogsite and videos are dedicated to attack videos, of which he has been the celebrity attacker of approximately 26 episodes. ​

    Is anyone beginning to see the common denominator of each of the above bullet points of Marty Rathbun's life as a "Scientology Warrior". Or is it a mere coincidence that the word "attack" surfaces as the controlling idea of every phase of Rathbun's life?

    Is there anyone he has not yet attacked?

    Yeah, there is. Two, in fact.

    His wife.


    He is already well under way dead agenting, disgracing and degrading himself and his own repute. That more than qualifies as a sustained attack by Rathbun against himself. Witness how 99.9% of all his former supporters, partners, collaborators, allies, friends, benefactors and well-wishers have fled--as far away as they can possibly get from his toxic volcanic spewings.

    How long would any normal woman with a baby to raise stay married to such a chronically attacking individual?

    If history repeats itself (which it has consistently done for all of Rathbun's adult life) the last act of his tragic opera is simple to predict.

    He will continue attacking himself (and those in his immediate vicinity) until he has a breakdown by whatever methods & means (e.g. mental, physical, spiritual, drug-induced, drinking, arrest, civil litigation, et al).

    Yeah, I'll refrain from describing the rest of my prediction for the moment. You can draw your own conclusions. Let's just say that the "third act" for Rathbun is not a good one, as his "attacks" fully spiral out of control and he ends up in a paranoid splat against all the walls he is now bouncing off off--exactly like Hubbard's last act.

    Marty "the attacker" Rathbun is almost there. And now that he is (once again) playing on the COS team that should dramatically hasten the speed of his demise.

    Sorry for observing the obvious--obnosis. It wasn't my idea--Ron said I should do that.
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  5. HelluvaHoax!

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    Re: Marty vs. Leah


    "It's so obviously scripted."
    - Marty Rathbun
    Full time cult liar & fair-gaming thug

    Small problem: That brand new "it's all scripted--it never really happened" doesn't work with anyone except zombie Scientologists serving their sentences out inside the cult's theme park-- Delusional OT BubbleLand!

    It doesn't work on anyone else because EX-SCIENTOLOGISTS WERE THERE! So, they know it's all true.

    And never-ins reporting on or following it know it's true because they: 1) Can Read. 2) Are not terrified of losing their eternities if they look at the internet. 3) Are able to do both #1 and #2 because they are not in a coma.

    So, this is all quite obviously done to:

    * Publicly humiliate Rathbun and destroy him utterly.

    * Demonstrate that Rathbun is a whore chasing nothing but money.

    * Show to still-in cult zombies so they can nod their heads up and down in agreement and say "Oh My God!"--after which they can be ordered to donate some money, go home and shut up.

    One pretty interesting thing about all this ugly mess swirling around Rathbun. He is demonstrating what a "Type III" and a real "SP" looks and acts like.

    Plus, he is the one reading Hubbard's and Miscavige's "SCRIPT". All Scientologists are acting and being fed their lines of dialogue that way. Yet, Rathbun tries to pretend that cult victims are "reading a script" See what I mean about him being fully "Type III" and "SP"? LOL

    Honestly, Rathbun is the perfect expression of the core Scientology value. Intentionally overwhelming others with confusion, madness, crazy ideas and evil inversions of the truth. I believe that Hubbard called that "IMPLANTING".

    That's the simple truth of what Scientology IS and DOES. Rathbun, like the Commodore and COB before him, has graduated to pure evil.
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  6. rickybobby

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    Re: Marty vs. Leah

    Yeah, this is exquisitely clear to any rational, thinking individual. It mystifies me how anyone can seriously come to a different conclusion at this point. It is so in-your-face obvious that his Flying Monkeys look completely delusional.
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    Re: Marty vs. Leah

    That is the "simple truth about Scientology is and does". Implanting.
    It begins with TRO.

    I don't know how I posted those photos, and they won't edit out.. The 1st one is me being implanted.
    The 2nd one is a mistake, it was me in 1955. LOL. You should see me now.
    (I am pretty Clear, though.)

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  8. Jenyfurrr

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    Re: Marty vs. Leah

    Well, you're pretty darn gorgeous in both of them!!!
  9. Jenyfurrr

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    So this morning's video, Marty-Mark pronounces Season 2 of Aftermath as "pure satire and comedy." That's disgusting and revolting. Whether he filmed this before last week's episode aired or not, he made a conscious choice to post this video today AFTER two courageous women went on and described being sexually abused repeatedly, then abused/victimized again by the CO$ by being told to keep quiet and making them do amends. In one case; trying to tell someone appropriate she was being abused and therefore "nattering", and in the second; her father admitting it during auditing to get onto upper levels and her not being forgiving enough over time...

    there is NOTHING comedic or satirical about what they shared. The "church" themselves released an affidavit demonstrating there was awareness about the father admitting his abuse, no authorities were called and these girls lost their childhoods! That Marty can, as a father & husband, still release this video then go back to his life, his family (not to mention - as a woman, mother, wife... if my husband were to make light of something this serious - I'd be disgusted!) and feel this was ok to put out, something is beyond wrong with this man! Yep narcissist, yep callous and cold hearted, but most of all - poor excuse for a human being! I sincerely hope those two amazing young ladies do not see this video!
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  10. Tanchi

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    I hope so. Since I got away from "the beater" I never picked another one like that. Talk down to me? I'm out the door. Try to emotionally blackmail me? Ima call you on that before I show you the door. My whiskers are ultra sensitive. I do understand it, i see my sissy doing it, over and over again.

    The flyers do seem very intelligent. A sit down. Gosh, that would be a great unscripted reality clip hmm?
  11. HelluvaHoax!

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    Re: Marty vs. Leah



    Wow, nice photos. Gorgeous gal!

    If I had been "onlines" back in that day, we would probably now be exes and you would have really awesome house(s) like my other exes. I always "donate" lovely parting gifts. lol lol lol.
  12. HelluvaHoax!

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    Re: Marty vs. Leah


    Whoa! I just posted that same adjective! This freakin' PROVES what Rathbun has been saying all along! We must both be (unknowingly) reading from the same SCRIPT!

  13. HelluvaHoax!

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    Your post contains many wise observations, including one essential thing missing from Scientologists' priceless "Bridge To Total Freedom".

    Moral clarity!

    Just an afterthought. I had to pause a moment to reflect on what kind of human being would label pedophilia and serial sexual abuse of children "pure satire and comedy". And I came up with the identical answer I have many times before, as expressed in this recurring thought:

    "To try Scientology is a simple mistake that (under certain circumstances) any normal person might make. However, to remain in Scientology for the rest of one's life requires being a sadist--or, to some unhealthy degree, a masochist."
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  14. HelluvaHoax!

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    How perfectly hypocritical is it for Rathbun to "go off" against his "enemies" who have dared to endanger his wife and child. Remember that? When suddenly, out of nowhere in 2016, Rathbun began a bizarre unprovoked ATTACK against Tony Ortega and others for what was described as a vicious assault on what Marty The Martyr screamed was against all that is sacred--his wife and CHILD!!!

    Rathbun's outrage was so over the top (against non-existent "attacks" by others on his family) that the only seemingly normal response was to screw up one's face and mutter: "WTF is all this sanctimonious shit?!"

    Now we know WTF all that sanctimonious shit was.

    Fanatically toxic hypocrisy. Sadistic pleasure by feeding upon the unthinkably evil suffering, pain and nightmarish torturing of innocents.

    Less than a year later, Rathbun now blithely jokes about victims of REAL child abuse.

    Are you reading this Mosey? Same advice the internet gave to Katie Holmes when she was married to the world's most dedicated scientologist. "Get out!"

    Yeah, I said that. Somebody needed to.
  15. Jenyfurrr

    Jenyfurrr Patron

    As for the script - dangit Hoax - you're supposed to get permission for what words to use from at least TWO troika members - they ALL think they're the boss, so it's the only way to confirm we're not stepping on eachother & risking those big checks! (But it's truth so 2 gorgeous comments prove it - I was there!)

    Thanks for the compliment - that just hit a chord w/me watching him spew that!

    Lastly - I'm glad you said it! If he's willing to turn on every friend and supporter he's had, how long before he gets some wild idea OR is told to make a choice (just to watch him squirm) "family or continue to get paid" and based on his track record I wouldn't put my money on Marty sticking through no matter what! Based on what? His word? His past?... Nope was raised by a parent like this and now in my 40's the amount of times I've retrusted & gotten burned can't be counted.

    Certainly hope she's smart enough to get her arse out of there. Unless she's in on "the plan" whatever it is (& even if she is...) is this the model any of us would want for our child? Harsh thing to say, but today crossed a BIG line & I'm quite certain he's not even close to done!
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  16. anonomog

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    I think it is just wrong for someone to film a patient in the psychiatric hospital recreation room, talking to himself, waiting for his meds. What kind of sick bastard does that and puts it on YouTube?
  17. JustSheila

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    The other day I drove my old truck that I hadn't used in a while, went to put gas in it, opened the tank, only to get stung by a surprised hornet that had decided to build a nest between the outer gas lid and the inner seal.

    The incident immediately made me think of Marty.

    A hornet will lose a chunk of its body along with its stinger to attack its perceived enemy and die in the process. A surprise is enough to get that reaction, or a sudden move, or even coming against something it doesn't understand. In fact, anything that interrupts its automatic responses will pretty much get a sting reaction. Hornets are expendable or they wouldn't have a reaction that makes them die so easily for any stupid reason.

    It's not that the hornet is a masochist, it just reacts aggressively without thinking. If it had the ability to think, it wouldn't die just to make a small section of your skin swell for a day. That's pretty pointless, dying to cause a mild inconvenience to someone who surprised you or interrupted your routine.

    Everything Marty does is pointless. A hornet and Marty are both warriors. See ya! :laugh:

  18. JackStraw

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    I just watched a bunch of videos of Dick Marcinko (SEAL Team 2 and 6 and Red Cell) and Marty is NO kind of warrior.:no::duh:

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  19. JackStraw

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    Well, maybe an imitation warrior...:eyeroll:

  20. Martin-O

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    Sorry, but this is not true. Under normal circumstances a hornet does not lose its sting during an attack. A bee does, but not a hornet.

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